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16 Bar/Bat Mitzvah Party Entertainment Ideas Your Guests Will Love

Create an unforgettable experience at a bar/bat mitzvah with an exciting party entertainer.

Lauren Miolene


bar/bat mitzvah is not an ordinary birthday, it is a special day to celebrate a Jewish child entering adulthood when they turn thirteen. While a bar or bat mitzvah is an important day for the birthday boy or girl, it is also important to keep guests in mind when selecting entertainment. This is to ensure that there is something for everyone. Although it is a teenage birthday, a good question to think of is, “what will all the guests want to do or see?” Turning thirteen is a big milestone and is a day that should be remembered by everyone! Here at The Bash, we have a huge selection of entertainment vendors that will have your guests talking about the birthday party for years to come! Let’s get this party started! 

Here are bar/bat mitzvah party entertainment ideas your guests will love.

Photo Booth

Who doesn’t love photo booths? Getting dressed up in silly outfits and accessories with friends is fun in itself, and having a way to capture it makes the memories last forever. A photo booth is the perfect way to keep guests of all ages entertained, and is a party favor all in one!


A bar/bat mitzvah is a time for celebration! Keep your guests entertained all night long by booking a DJ and having a dance party. Finding the proper DJ for any event is very important because the music sets the tone for the entire party. While booking, make sure the DJ can play the Hora! (Pro tip: if you have room in your budget, you can hire live musicians for the Hora to make this moment even more exciting).


Photo: Michael Jurick Photography


Ensure bar/bat mitzvah guests will dance the night away with the help of actual dancers! They’ll lead the crowd and make everyone feel comfortable getting out of their seats and onto the dance floor.


Literally put your guests in a trance by booking a hypnotist for your child’s bar or bat mitzvah. With the use of hypnotherapy, the hypnotist will amaze any group of people by heightening their sense of awareness to block out everything else around them.

Circus Performer

Bring entertainment from the big top to your bar/bat mitzvah party! With options including clowns, contortionists, and sword swallowers, booking a circus act will make your party anything but ordinary.


Photo: Michael Jurick Photography

Party Robots

Charge up the bar or bat mitzvah with the help of some party robots. Standing anywhere from 8-12 feet tall, party robots will dance, take pictures, and even offer unique performances using LED lights and lasers. Party robots are sure to WOW guests and will be unforgettable entertainment for all ages.

Live Music

If live music is more fitting for the bar or bat mitzvah, check out our huge selection of different bands and musicians available on The Bash! Hire a cover band of your child’s favorite musicians to make their day even more special and memorable!

Temporary Tattoo Artist

A perfect and exciting 13th birthday party entertainment idea! Guests of all ages will definitely enjoy getting a new and creative look for the day by a Henna or Airbrush tattoo artist.


It is safe to say that everyone likes getting their caricature drawn! Having an artist to draw guest’s customized caricatures only takes a few minutes and is a fun, personalized souvenir to bring home!


Food Trucks

One of the biggest culinary trends right now is food trucks, and they are perfect for a bar or bat mitzvah! Hiring a different selection of food trucks allows guests alternative choices of what they want to eat during the party—way more fun than an ordinary buffet! With available options ranging from pizza, to tacos, or ice cream, whatever you choose, just make sure it’s kosher!

Magicians and Illusionists

No one is too old for a little bit of magic! Nowadays, there are even options between comedic or stunt magicians and illusionists. Guests won’t be able to believe their eyes with tricks performed by world-class professionals.


Your guests will laugh until their stomachs hurt by booking a comedian! You can find the perfect age-appropriate comic for a bar or bat mitzvah on The Bash.


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Bring party games to the next level by booking through The Bash for your bar or bat mitzvah! With classics ranging from Pinball to RC racing, guests will feel like they are spending their day at the arcade.


Wow your guests and show off your singing abilities! People of all ages enjoy karaoke or even turning it into a battle. From old classics to today's top 40, there is something for everyone to sing along to.

Airbrush Artist

Guests will be able to customize their own party favors with an airbrush artist. Designs can be made on t-shirts, hats, and sweatshirts—a great idea for any birthday party!


Photo: Michael Jurick Photography

Glam Bar

Glam up your guests with glitter and sparkles at a glam bar. Not only will it give everyone cool festival vibes as they get made over, but it will also make them look dazzling on the dance floor and in your photographs.

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Published on 5/29/2020