20 Bluey Birthday Party Ideas Every Child Will Love

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If you've got a little one who's absolutely smitten with Bluey, Bingo, Mum, and Dad, then a Bluey themed party is a paw-some way to bring their favorite characters to life! We've got you covered with all of the Bluey birthday party ideas you'll need right here.

Creative planning is the key to ensuring the Bluey themed birthday party is a paw-sitively flawless celebration! From themed entertainers and activities, to food and decor, this Bluey themed party is sure to be a howling success from start to finish.

Here are 20 fun and creative Bluey birthday party ideas…

Bluey Themed Party Entertainment

For extra special Bluey birthday party ideas, consider hiring additional fun! Get ready to embark on a paw-some adventure that will bring the spirit of the Heeler family to life with these Bluey themed party entertainment ideas! 

Bluey Characters

Bluey birthday party ideas - Bluey charactersVendor: LOL Costume Easter Bunny, Paw Patrol, Bluey & More 

To start the list of Bluey birthday party ideas off right, you’re going to want Bluey and the gang there! Bring the magic of the hit Disney show to life with costumed characters. Invite everyone from Bluey and Bingo, to Bandit and Chilli, so your child and their friends can interact with their favorite pups.

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Pawsome Photo Booth 

Bluey birthday party ideas - photo boothVendor: CUITM - Photo & 360 Video Booths 

Allow guests to unleash their inner Heeler, strike fun poses, and snap some memories with an interactive photo booth! Consider hiring a paw-fessional photographer or renting a photo booth with a Blue inspired backdrop for your Bluey themed party. 

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Face Painter 

Bluey birthday party ideas - face painterVendor: Balloon Art And Face Painting By Irina 

For an artistic twist, consider hiring a face painter to transform the kiddos into their favorite pups. Face painters can transform guests into Bluey, paint paw prints, and other fun designs that will be a fun touch to the Bluey birthday party ideas.

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Bluey birthday party ideas - DJPhoto: Roman Samborskyi/shutterstock.com

Book a DJ for this Blue theme birthday party to play all of the songs from the show! They can curate a playlist featuring the opening song and tunes like “Dance Mode” and “Magic Xylophone.” Browse local DJs on The Bash to find the perfect one for your child’s Bluey birthday party.

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Balloon Twister

Bluey birthday party ideas - balloon twisterPhoto: StoryTime Studio/shutterstock.com

What kid doesn’t love getting a balloon animal or character? Book a talented balloon twister on The Bash to turn the Bluey characters into beautiful balloon creations. They’ll be able to recreate Bluey, Bingo, and the rest of the gang, as well as other fun animals and props.

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Bluey Themed Party Food

Step into the world of your kiddo’s favorite Aussie pups by serving treats and hearty meals. Keep reading for Bluey themed party food ideas.  

Bluey and Bingo Cupcakes

Bluey birthday party ideas - Bluey and Bingo cupcakesPhoto: Africa Studio/shutterstock.com

A Bluey theme birthday party obviously needs cake or cupcakes! Add some extra charm to your dessert table with Bluey and Bingo inspired cupcakes for a delicious sweet treat to blow out the candles. This Bluey themed party food will be the focal point of your spread.

Bandit’s BBQ


Bluey’s dad, Bandit, loves to barbecue, so incorporate the classics for a fun food option. Your kiddos will love the grilled favorites like cheeseburgers and hot dogs served with sides like macaroni and cheese.

Paw Print Sandwiches

Bluey birthday party ideas - paw print sandwichesPhoto: Canva

Sink your canines into delicious sandwiches the younger guests will love too. This Bluey theme party food is simple; all you’ll need is a paw print cookie cutter. Whip up your child’s favorite combinations like peanut butter and jelly or ham and cheese, and transform these snacks into fun paw shaped sandwiches. 

Muffin’s Mini Muffins

Bluey birthday party ideas - Muffin's mini muffinsPhoto: MSPhotographic/shutterstock.com

Incorporate Muffin’s sweetness into your Bluey theme party with delicious mini muffins. Obviously, you can whip up blueberry muffins to stay as on-theme as possible, but you can also bake batches of chocolate chip, lemon poppy seed, and other favorites. 

Bluey Themed Party Drinks

Offer a delightful array of Bluey themed party drinks, each as exciting and fun as the characters and adventures from the show. These beverages are sure to add an extra dose of birthday fun to your wag-tastic celebration.

Bluey's Coconut Water

Bluey birthday party ideas - Bluey's coconut water

Photo: Brent Hofacker/shutterstock.com

Bluey was thrilled to learn that coconuts do have water in them! It's only right to serve up some chilled coconut water at your party or incorporate this ingredient into other fun drinks. This simple drink allows guests to savor the tropical taste and hydrate like the Heeler family.

Bingo’s Berry Blast

Bluey birthday party ideas - Bingo's berry blastPhoto: 5PH/shutterstock.com

This burst of fruity flavor, inspired by Bingo's love for adventure, is the perfect drink for your Bluey party theme! Bingo's Berry Blast can be made using anything blue like a sports drink or fresh berry juice. No matter how you choose to make it, this fun drink will add a colorful twist to your Bluey theme party.

Chili’s Coolers

Bluey birthday party ideas - Chili's coolersPhoto: Fusionstudio/shutterstock.com

Chilli's Coolers are the epitome of refreshing, inspired by Mama Heeler’s calm and collected personality. For the adults in attendance, this drink can be a delicious wine cooler, or a refreshing juice pouch for the kiddos at the Bluey themed birthday party!

Bluey Themed Party Decorations

Get ready to celebrate with Bluey birthday party ideas that will bring the magic of the show to life! Create a paw-some atmosphere by incorporating these themed decorations that will help set the tone. 

Bluey Coloring Tablecloths

Bluey birthday party ideas - Bluey coloring tableclothPhoto: HalynaRom/shutterstock.com

Transform your party space into a canvas of creativity with Bluey coloring tablecloths. These interactive tablecloths not only add decoration but also entertain the kiddos while they enjoy their Bluey themed party food !

Bluey and Bingo Party Favors

Bluey birthday party ideas - Bluey and Bingo party favors

Send your young guests home with a cuddly reminder of the fun-filled adventure they had at your child’s Bluey themed birthday party. Bluey and Bingo plush toys will ensure the fun continues even after the celebration ends. Display these toys on a table propped up because  they’ll make for an adorable decor touch. 

Bluey Tableware

Bluey birthday party ideas - Bluey tablecloth

Welcome guests to your Bluey themed party with a vibrant Bluey tablescape! Use Bluey inspired plates, napkins, and servingware to create a fun display with all of your favorite characters, which is a simple way to carry out the theme of the party. These decorations will surely be the focal point at the party. 

Bluey Balloon Arch

Bluey birthday party ideas - Bluey balloon arch

Balloons are one of the best ways to decorate for any type of party because they come in so many different colors, shapes, and patterns. Assemble a display using various shades of blue balloons and paw prints to create the perfect backdrop for your celebration.

Bluey Themed Party Games and Activities

Get ready for the ultimate Bluey birthday party ideas with this collection of games and activities that will keep all partygoers entertained! So, gather your little adventurers and let the wag-tastic fun begin! 

Balloon Keepy Uppy


Get ready for some games of Keepy Uppy at your Bluey themed party! This classic game is as simple as it gets: keep a balloon from touching the ground. The kiddos will love recreating this game inspired by the iconic “Keepy Uppy” Bluey episode.


Bluey birthday party ideas - copycatPhoto: Rawpixel.com/shutterstock.com

In this episode, Bluey mirrored Bandit’s every move, almost like a game of Simon Says. Take this game as an excuse to bring that episode to life and organize a classic and fun game of copycat! 



Let the fun shine through the Bluey themed birthday party ideas with a game of Shadowlands. Recreate the game that Coco, Bluey, and Snickers played together where you can only step in the shadow to navigate through the play area.

Dog Bone Cookie Decorating

Bluey birthday party ideas - done bone cookie decoratingPhoto: RoJo Images/shutterstock.com

For a fun Bluey themed party food that doubles as a party activity, provide the makings for your child and their friends to decorate special dog inspired cookies. Bake a few batches of dog bone shaped sugar cookies and mix up different colors of icing. You’ll also want to make sure to include sprinkles, edible markers, and other fun decorating supplies.

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Published on 3/29/2024