Be Our Guest with Beauty and the Beast Party Ideas

Get inspired by a timeless classic with a Beauty and the Beast themed party.

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“Be our guest! Be our guest!” Throw a bold and daring kids’ celebration with these Beauty and the Beast party ideas Princess Belle would love. Get inspired by the dazzling dinner party that takes place at the Beast’s castle when Belle realizes she could do with a little something to eat. 

Lumière, Cogsworth, and Mrs. Potts all team up after years of collecting dust to do what they love most: host enchanting parties with a whole lot of singing and tons of food! Whether it’s a Belle inspired birthday party, or just a fun kids’ party, throw a Beauty and the Beast themed party everyone will enjoy.

Here are 25 Beauty and the Beast party ideas to help you host a memorable celebration:

Visit from Belle

Children with Belle and the Beast charactersPhoto: MyLove4Art/

Nothing brings the enchanted world of Disney right to your doorstep better than costume characters.This is a fantastic way to immerse your child and their lucky guests into the Beauty and the Beast universe. A chance to meet Belle, the Beast, and the whole crew would be a treat for everyone!

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Bouncy House Castle

Bounce House CastlePhoto: Paul Velgos/

While the Beast’s enchanted castle might not be the easiest to recreate in real life, you can always hire a fun bouncy house that’ll get all the kids ecstatic. These come in almost every shape, size, or theme, so you’ll have no trouble finding the perfect castle-themed bouncy house for your Beauty and the Beast event. 

Find a Bounce House

Mobile Petting Zoo

Mobile Petting ZooPhoto: All Animal Events

Any fan of Disney productions knows that adorable animal characters always make the cut. And Beauty and the Beast is no exception. From the fluffy sheep that come to watch Belle read her book to Maurice’s trusty steed, cuddly animals are an iconic addition to this enchanting tale. With a trusted mobile petting zoo, they could be a wonderful addition to your special celebration. 

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Grey Stuff Cupcakes

Grey Stuff CupcakePhoto: cowandpiggie/

Though years and years have passed, our imaginations still run wild, wondering what this “grey stuff” might actually be. As long as it’s delicious and grey, it can be anything you want it to be. One way you can integrate this iconic “grey stuff” into your Beauty and the Beast party is with this scrumptious grey stuff cupcake recipe by Pink Cake Plate. 

Invention Contest

invention contest - crayons and paperPhoto: izzet ugutmen/

Maurice is known for his wacky and creative inventions. From a funny-looking, self-automated wood-chopping machine to a gigantic telescope that allows you to see who’s at the front door, the possibilities seem endless for this starry-eyed creator. You can invite your guests to do the very same. Hand out some paper and crayons and give everyone time to draw their invention. 

Paint Your Own Mrs. Potts

Paint Your Own Mrs. Potts Photo: Marina Andrejchenko/

One of the most sensible and treasured members of the Beast’s staff, everyone would love to have a real-life Mrs. Potts by their side, telling them what to do and what not to do while serving piping-hot tea. You can get the kids to create their very own. 

All you’ll need are some small, white-colored ceramic teapots, acrylic paints, and different-sized paintbrushes, and you’re good to go! This can also double as a take home party favor.

Fairy Tale Workshop

kids writing fairytalesPhoto: Ground Picture/

Here’s a chance to get everyone’s creative juices flowing. If you know Belle, you know she loves a good story. Now you can get all the kids to create some fairy tales of their own. Hold an awesome fairy tale workshop by dividing everyone into small groups. 

Hand out some paper and pens and slowly go through these six steps on how to write a fairy tale, one by one. Once each group has decided on their hero, villain, magical element, setting, and happy ending, get them to read their story with the other groups or even act it out if that’s easier. 

All the kids can cast votes on the tale they think Belle would love the most! 

Beast Tag

kids playing tagPhoto: fizkes/

Everyone loves a good game of tag. And you can put a Beauty and the Beast movie spin on it. This game is called ‘Beast Tag,’ inspired by Val Event Gal. Bring all the kids to a spacious area safe for running around and designate one corner as “the dungeon.” 

Next, pick one person to be the Beast. Just like a regular game of tag, everyone has to run away from the Beast, and once the Beast tags someone, they go into “the dungeon.” As the game progresses, you can add new rules to shake things up.

Beauty and the Beast Sing-Along

kids singingPhoto: Pixel-Shot/

The kids will love nothing more than a good old Beauty and the Beast sing-along to stretch out those vocal cords. You can play the songs nice and loud in the background to get everyone singing along. An excellent addition to this activity would be a children’s karaoke machine with some microphones to get everyone excited to sing their favorite Beauty and the Beast tune. 

Rose Apple Tart

Rose apple tarts for Beauty and the Beast PartyPhoto: New Africa/

Another indulgent addition to your Beauty and the Beast themed party is these mini rose apple tarts by Simply Inspired Meals. An ode to the sacred enchanted rose that awaits in the West Wing, these flower-shaped pastries not only look good but taste divine. With some pre-made puff pastry, thinly sliced apples, and a little time and dedication, you can craft these tangy bite-sized desserts, all sure to leave a lasting impression on your guests. 

Gaston’s Five Dozen Deviled Eggs

Gaston's Deviled EggsPhoto: LeeAnn White/

Gaston eats a whopping five dozen eggs a day to become as large as a barge. While your delicious deviled eggs may not have that immediate effect, they certainly make for a filling, easy-to-eat, Gaston-inspired snack for your Beauty and the Beast themed party. 

Pink Lemonade 

pink lemonadePhoto: Elena Veselova/

Pink lemonade is perfect for a Beauty and the Beast event on a hot summer’s day. Its pinkish colors are a fantastic ode to the iconic West Wing rose, while its tart and tangy flavors pack all the sweetness children love into a single drink. Not to mention, it’s also pretty easy to make. 

Apple Juice

apple juicePhoto: minadezhda/

Though a simple beverage, apple juice really packs a punch with the kids and is also inspired by Gaston’s musical number in the tavern, where all the men clink their beer glasses in honor of his greatness. You can get all the guests clinking their glasses to the party celebrant in a kid-friendly way with some refreshing glasses of apple juice!

A Children’s Library

Photo: Johnathan21/

Just as the villagers say, there’s nothing Belle loves more than her village library, full to the brim with books that tell tales of dragons, castles, and handsome princes. If your child loves books as much as Belle does, your local children’s library would be the perfect place to host a unique Beauty and the Beast themed get-together. 

More Beauty and the Beast Party Ideas and Decorations

Magic Mirrors

Photo: Mikhail_Kayl/

One of the most iconic details of the Beauty and the Beast film is the Beast’s enchanted hand-held mirror, his magical window into the outside world. You can get all the kids’ imaginations running wild by giving each of them their own mystical mirror, designed to look just like the one in the movie. You can either get some plain hand-held mirrors that you can decorate yourself or purchase toy replicas anywhere online. 


Candelabras - Beauty and the Beast Themed Party DecorPhoto: MsMaria/

Reminiscent of the ever-so-charming Lumière, golden candelabras are fantastic party decor ideas. Candelabras come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, so it shouldn’t take you long to find the perfect match for your enchanted party. While you can certainly opt for traditional candelabras, you can also purchase ones that are designed to look just like Lumière for an authentic Beauty and the Beast experience.

Don't forget to add in the occasional clock, for his trusty sidekick Cogsworth.

Book Stacks

Photo: Billion Photos/

Embellishing your party with books is another great way to celebrate the spirit of Beauty and the Beast. All you need to do is grab some books, pick a few spots in the room where you’d like them to go, and stack them there! The piles don’t need to be neat, and you can combine books of all sizes, big or small.

Rose Domes 

Rose Dome - Beauty and the Beast Party DecorPhoto: casaucao/

Directly inspired by the enchanted rose, roses encased in miniature glass domes are another key party decor idea that’ll really bring the magic of Beauty and the Beast to life. If you’d like to DIY your rose dome, all you’ll need are some small glass domes, artificial red roses of the same size, and a knack for arts and crafts. You can also find plenty of pre-made rose domes online. 

Vintage China

Vintage ChinaPhoto: Holly Anne Cromer/

Another way to integrate the magic of Beauty and the Beast into your Bash (see what we did there?) is by using vintage china instead of regular plates and cups. Not only is vintage china a stunning visual addition to your party, but it’s also a great way to make all the kids feel like royalty as they dine to their heart’s content. Plus, a fairytale soirée at the Beast’s castle only calls for the best everything - that means tableware, too!

Anyone who knows about this timeless tale has wondered what it must be like to attend a gala as magical and marvelous as this. And that’s what Beauty and the Beast is all about; opening the eyes of both the young and old to a boundless world where magic really does exist.

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