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Hiring a Wedding Soloist

Marta Block


Last week, Nicole talked to some of our top performing soloists to find out what you needed to know about hiring a soloist for an event. One of the most popular events for which people hire a soloist is a wedding ceremony. Having a touch of live music at your ceremony can make the whole event sing (pun intended). So, we thought we'd share what Nicole learned here as well.

Envision your Event

Classical flute soloist, Michelle Brick (Cranford, New Jersey) advises how you should start your search: “When looking to hire a soloist, you should imagine the type of music and setting they are trying to portray and seek out the best instrument or voice that sets that tone. Once you narrow down the type of music you are looking for it is important to hire someone with great experience and knowledge with that particular kind of music.  For example, when hiring a soloist for a wedding, you should find out if the soloist is familiar with the type of ceremony you are having, get a feel for their general expertise and personality, and inquire as to what selection of music they offer. When planning any event, you should feel comfortable that the soloist you choose will be able to capture the mood you want.”

Get the Specifics

Jennifer Corday, acoustic guitarist (Long Beach, California) suggests some questions to ask any potential soloist. They will help you get a better understanding of their act and abilities:

  • What is on your song list?
  • Do you know and will you play the style of music I want?
  • Would you learn any special requests?
  • Do you have a professional sound system?
  • Will you play break music?

Consider the Details

Passionate Pianist Claudia (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) let us know that you should also do your research on a performer’s press kit to learn more about their professional background:

  • Credentials: Really look at what the soloist offers, and what they have to share about their career. Be sure to compare all the specific features he/she offers with the competition.
  • Experience: How long has this artist been performing as a soloist, and in what type of venues and events has he/she has performed.
  • Feedback: This is probably the #1 item to check. Look and see what former clients have said about this artist, make sure these testimonials are provided by a neutral third party, like the ones that GigMasters show in the specific section of the performer’s kit. Actual client feedback is essential.
  • Price: The customer is not buying a price but a whole package. Compare prices between performers, and look out for any performer that request a fee that seems alarmingly low.

Remember, if you need help finding a soloist, you can reach our Customer Experience Team by calling 866-342-9794 or emailing info@gigmasters.com.