30 Bachelorette Party Theme Ideas for Every Type of Bride

Let's go girls!

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If you’re reading this you’re probably searching for a fabulous and unique bachelorette party theme idea that isn't stereotypical and overdone. Don’t worry, The Bash is here to help you find the perfect bachelorette party theme ideas that are totally Instagram-worthy!

Bachelorettes are constantly evolving. They’ve turned from one night parties to weekend long celebrations. If you’re going this route and can’t choose just one theme, a multi-day bachelorette getaway allows for different aesthetics for both day and night.

Whether you’re a passionate maid of honor or an eager bride, we have the perfect and trendy bachelorette party theme ideas for you and your squad. Use our helpful bachelorette party checklist to keep on track with planning, but first things first, you’re going to need a theme.

Keep reading for 30 unique bachelorette party theme ideas…

Mamma Mia! She’s Getting Married

Mamma Mia - bachelorette party theme ideaPhoto: Etsy

Is there any better bachelorette party theme to celebrate the Dancing Queen than Mamma Mia? The story line is all about getting ready for a wedding! Plan a celebration that Donna and the Dynamos would approve of by booking an ABBA tribute band, dressing in 70s bohemian beach style, and snacking on delicious Greek eats.

Mamma Mia Theme Party Guide

Let’s Get Nauti

Let's Get Nauti - bachelorette party theme ideaPhoto: Kamelevska Tetiana/shutterstock.com

If the bride and her friends are feeling a little nauti, set sail before the veil for the ultimate bachelorette celebration. Charter a boat for the day to party under the sun, get matching bathing suits, and end the festivities with a lobster dinner, clambake, or coastal social happy hour.

Princess Diaries Bachelorette

Princess Diaries - bachelorette party theme ideaPhoto: Access

Mia Thermopolis’s story to royalty makes an ideal bachelorette party theme, especially since she was getting married in the second movie! For your Princess Diaries themed bachelorette party, you’ll definitely want to take inspiration from both films. We’re thinking a fortune teller, paint balloon darts, Genovian pear food and drinks, and maybe even some mattress surfing!

Princess Diaries Theme Party Guide

Tropic Like it’s Hot

Tropic Like it's Hot - bachelorette party theme ideaPhoto: StrDr stock/shutterstock.com

Bring the heat to this bachelorette bash by using palm tree accents, bright pink flamingo decor, and planning an epic pool party. To “Tropic Like it’s Hot” the bride and her friends can have a relaxing day by the pool sipping piña coladas from the tiki bar, take surfing lessons in the ocean, and book a steel drummer to help bring the island vibes to life. Whether you’re traveling for this bachelorette bash or staying local, a “Tropic Like it’s Hot” theme gives the perfect opportunity to soak up the sun.

Tropical Theme Party Guide

2000s Throwback 

2000s Throwback - bachelorette party theme ideaPhoto: Anna Martyanova/shutterstock.com

No matter how old you were in the early 2000’s, everything was iconic. The styles, snacks, and celebrities from this time period provide the perfect inspiration to plan a Y2K bachelorette party. Dig out your old Juicy Couture velour tracksuit, order butterfly clips on Amazon, and crimp your hair to achieve the look of the early 2000s.

Channel the theme in other party details like food and entertainment, too. Fruit Gushers, Dunkaroos, and Lunchables were the snacks that everyone had stockpiled, so you’re going to want to include these in your spread. Book a local airbrush artist to customize t-shirts, hats, and other clothing items so everyone can rock this 2000s staple during and after the party.

2000s Theme Party Guide

Last Splash

Last Splash - bachelorette party theme ideaPhoto: Oriental Training

Mermaidcore is in for the summer, so give the bride a trendy and unforgettable last splash before the wedding with a mermaid themed bachelorette. Shop shiny mermaid bathing suits on Amazon, sip on delicious seashell spritzers, and book a henna artist to paint intricate mermaid inspired designs on guests.

To plan a party under the sea that will round off this theme perfectly, browse costumed characters on The Bash to make an appearance during the festivities including magical mermaids and rugged pirates.

Mermaid Theme Party Guide

She Found Her Lover (Bride's Version)

Taylor Swift - bachelorette party theme ideaPhoto: Etsy

Your bestie is getting ready to tie the knot, are you ready for it? Celebrate the bride-to-be with the ultimate Swiftie experience by dressing as Taylor’s various eras, singing Taylor Swift karaoke with the help of a karaoke DJ, and of course making themed cocktails like a “Lavender Haze” martini or building a “Champagne Problems” tower.

The best part about a Taylor Swift themed bachelorette party is that you can choose a specific album or song to celebrate this “Love Story,” or plan a “Gorgeous” bachelorette bash with details from every era.

Taylor Swift Theme Party Guide

Après Ski

Apres ski - bachelorette party theme ideaPhoto: MarcinK3333/shutterstock.com

Hit the slopes before the wedding by celebrating with the best part of skiing, après ski! The festivities that take place after a day on the mountain are arguably the best part of the experience, making it an ideal bachelorette party theme idea.

Whether you actually ski or not, a ski resort or a log cabin Airbnb will help create the cozy vibes. Get the shot ski ready, dress in warm and retro winter attire, and book a party bus to bring the bridal party to and from their destinations for the weekend.

Après Ski Theme Party Guide

Margaritas & Matrimony

Margaritas & Matrimony - bachelorette party theme ideaPhoto: Arina P Habich/shutterstock.com

A twist on the “Final Fiesta” bachelorette theme is margaritas and matrimony! Get the tequila, tacos, and maybe even a mariachi band ready because this party is going to be the ultimate celebration to kiss the miss goodbye. Use a bright and bold color scheme and maybe even book a few salsa dancers to make this fiesta unforgettable.

Dazed & Engaged

Dazed & Engaged - bachelorette party theme ideaPhoto: Etsy

Typically, traditional decades parties like the 1960s are overdone, that’s why it’s crucial to put a unique twist on this throwback theme. Rather than the typical gogo boots and glasses, celebrate the future Mrs. with a “Dazed and Engaged” bachelorette party theme. To pull this off you’ll want all things Woodstock inspired; bright colors, smiley face and flower decor, and a live 60s band to sing the decade's top hits.

Last Rendez-Veuve

Last Rendez-Veuve - bachelorette party theme ideaPhoto: Look Studio/shutterstock.com

Toast the bride-to-be with the ultimate champagne-centric bachelorette party theme. As a play on words for everyone’s favorite bubbly, the bride and guests will adore the Veuve Clicquot details. Of course this means having a champagne tower, using a champagne color scheme for decor, and having plenty of metallic balloons in the event space.

Coastal Grandmother

Coastal Grandmother - bachelorette party theme ideaPhoto: Etsy

As a last toast on the coast, the bride will love a coastal grandmother themed celebration that is all the rage on social media. To achieve this aesthetic you’ll need plenty of white wine, delicious pasta with fresh garden vegetables, and live acoustic music for all the chill and relaxed vibes. The coastal grandmother aesthetic is ideal for the laid-back bride who wants a casual get-together.

Coastal Grandmother Theme Party Guide

Bridal Barbie

Bridal Barbie - bachelorette party theme ideaPhoto: Studio Lucky/shutterstock.com

Skip the white for the bachelorette party festivities and think pink! For this celebration you’re going to want to channel your inner Barbie. For example, you can book a pink limo to bring the bridal party to and from their destination, serve glittery pink food and beverages, and rent a photo booth to capture all the Barbie fun. Of course this theme isn’t complete without Barbie inspired outfits including dresses, tutus, and all things glitter.

Barbie Theme Party Guide

White Lotus Theme

White Lotus - bachelorette party theme ideaPhoto: HBO

If you binge watched HBO’s White Lotus like us, you can easily turn this murder mystery series into an exciting party theme. First things first, which season are you looking to emulate? So far you can go for the tropical vibes of Hawaiian beaches or the chic and rustic atmosphere of Sicily.

Once you’ve picked a season for inspiration, now the fun can begin. Assign guests to different character roles (or create your own) to play the ultimate murder mystery game for a classic whodunnit. White Lotus makes the perfect bachelorette theme for an adventure seeking bride.

Neon Nights

Neon Nights - bachelorette party theme ideaPhoto: dubassy/shutterstock.com

Go bright and bold for the bride by decorating the event space with glow sticks, colorful streamers, and even blacklights to make the party pop. Take this theme to the next level by booking a DJ to play the bride’s favorite tunes and upbeat music to create the perfect party atmosphere. Of course this means you’ll need neon cocktails and desserts to match.

Neon Theme Party Guide

Last Rodeo

Last Rodeo - bachelorette party theme ideaPhoto: Amazon

Let's go girls, we have a bachelorette party to plan! This theme is an oldie but a goodie, so of course we had to include it. Just because it’s become extremely popular doesn’t mean there isn’t room for a creative twist.

To set this bachelorette party apart from the thousands you’ve seen on TikTok, you’re going to want to liven things up—literally. Book a live country band to line dance the night away, make plenty of cowgirl inspired espresso martinis, and don’t forget a balloon banner that says “[Bride’s name]’s Last Rodeo” for the perfect photo opps.

Western Theme Party Guide

On Cloud 9

On Cloud 9 - bachelorette party theme ideaPhoto: Shift Drive/shutterstock.com

The bride’s head is probably already in the clouds, so Cloud 9 makes a dreamy theme to celebrate the upcoming nuptials. Using white drapery and balloons you’ll want to create a clean and bright atmosphere, serve a delicious meal from a catering team, and book relaxing spa services for this bachelorette.

Sex and the City

Sex and the City - bachelorette party theme ideaPhoto: Vogue France

Grab the girls and head to the city for a weekend of bachelorette festivities. If going to New York isn’t in the cards, bring the Big Apple vibes to you. Glam up like Carrie Bradshaw and her gal pals, book a professional bartender to whip up plenty of cosmopolitans, and find local food trucks to serve hot dogs and pretzels. Shop until you drop, dine at your favorite restaurant, or dance the night away at your favorite club, just like the Sex and The City characters.

The One With the Wedding

The One With the Wedding - bachelorette party theme ideaPhoto: Etsy

If your friend finally found her lobster, celebrate the bride with the ultimate Friends themed bachelorette party. This 90s sitcom is loved by people of all ages, making it an ideal theme if the bride is a fan. For the party you’ll want to decorate the event space like Monica’s purple apartment, whip up Central Perk inspired coffee cocktails, and book a 90s band to pull everything together. Bonus points if they play “I’ll Be There For You!”

Friends Theme Party Guide

Last Disco

Last Disco - bachelorette party theme ideaPhoto: oneinchpunch/shutterstock.com

The disco aesthetic makes the perfect bright and sparkly theme for a bachelorette party. Follow the call of the disco ball with all things 1970s inspired including platform shoes and bell bottoms, a roller disco, and a 70s band to complete the vibe of this decade. Sip on cosmopolitans and martinis while enjoying fondue to further channel the 1970s energy.

Disco Bachelorette Theme Party Guide

Bride or Die

Bride or Die - bachelorette party theme ideaPhoto: Etsy

If the bride prefers a more hardcore and edgy vibe, this take on “until death do us part” is the perfect bachelorette party theme idea. Invite guests to dress in all black, use skull shaped decor, and book a temporary tattoo artist to achieve this party aesthetic. This way, no matter what the bride and her friends get tattooed, it will wash off before the wedding.

Great Gatsby

Great Gatsby - bachelorette party theme ideaPhoto: Stock Holm/shutterstock.com

A little party never killed nobody, that’s why the Gatsby era of the roaring 20s is such an iconic bachelorette party theme! Dress like Daisy Buchanan, decorate the space in glittering gold and black decor, and book a 1920s band or swing dancers to bring this Gatsby-inspired soirée to life.

She Found Her Main Squeeze

She Found Her Main Squeeze - bachelorette party theme ideaPhoto: Etsy

For a spring or summertime bachelorette get-together, we love the theme of “She Found Her Main Squeeze!” To pull off this theme you’ll need plenty of lemon decor (real and fake), delicious lemon treats like chicken piccata and iced lemon cake, and of course you’ll want to keep the lemonade and limoncello flowing. This theme channels all things bright and happy to achieve the perfect bachelorette party or bridal shower.

Gatsby Theme Party Guide

Drunk in Love

Drunk in Love - bachelorette party theme ideaPhoto: Etsy

A Beyoncé themed bachelorette party is an unforgettable celebration of the bride-to-be's last hurrah as a single lady. From the decorations, to the music and activities, everything can revolve around Queen Bey and her iconic music and style. 

Guests could dress up in Beyonce-inspired outfits, learn some of her iconic dance moves, and sing along to her biggest hits. This “Drunk in Love” bachelorette party is a fun and energetic way to celebrate the bride-to-be and her love for all things Beyoncé.


Bridgerton - bachelorette party theme ideaPhoto: Sweet Moments/shutterstock.com

You’ll burn for these Bridgerton bachelorette party theme ideas! For a regal party before the royal wedding, you’ll want to channel the Regency era with elegant and refined details. This bachelorette can include a high tea, dance lessons before the big day, and a silhouette artist to capture guest’s profiles in a unique way. Bridgerton is a perfect bachelorette party theme idea for the hopeless romantic bride to celebrate her love story.

Bridgerton Theme Party Guide

PJs and Prosecco

PJs and Prosecco - bachelorette party theme ideaPhoto: Sergii Sobolevskyi/shutterstock.com

PJs and prosecco, can you think of a better combination? If you’re celebrating a multi-day bachelorette, this is the perfect option for a relaxed night in. Invite guests to wear their favorite loungewear or provide matching pajama sets for everyone (white for the bride, obviously!). Play rounds of prosecco pong, eat cheesy pizza, and end the night with wedding related movies like Bride Wars, Bridesmaids, and 27 Dresses for the ultimate girls night.

Glitz, Glitter, & Gambling

Glitz, Glitter, and Gambling - bachelorette party theme ideaPhoto: Netfalls Remy Musser/shutterstock.com

Take the bachelorette festivities to the bride’s favorite casino in Las Vegas, or you can bring the casino vibes to you! To channel everything glitz, glam, and gambling, invite the bridal party to dress in chic evening wear, sip on martinis, and book entertainment to keep the party going all night long. 

Some of our favorite casino inspired entertainment for a bachelorette bash includes Elvis impersonators, comedy magicians, and even casino game rentals. Book classic games like roulette, black jack, and even a few slot machines if you’re feeling lucky!

Casino Theme Party Guide

The Final Rose

The Final Rose - bachelorette party theme ideaPhoto: Etsy

For all the brides in Bachelor Nation, this one’s for you! Bring the excitement of ABC’s hit reality show, The Bachelor, to the pre-wedding festivities by recreating group dates, having a cocktail party, and decking out the event space with plenty of red roses. 

Have re-runs of the bride’s favorite season in the background, dress to the nines, and play pin the rose on the bachelor to celebrate the journey to love. If you feel like the bride could use some encouraging words before starting her journey, bring the Jesse Palmer and Chris Harrison speeches to life with a motivational speaker on The Bash.

Luxury Picnic

Luxury Picnic - bachelorette party theme ideaPhoto: AS photo family/shutterstock.com

If you’ve ever seen one of those Instagramable picnics in the park or on the beach, this is your chance to host a bachelorette picnic. Find a location and a picnic planning company near you to put together a luxurious spread for the bride to be. Consider booking a florist to create fresh floral arrangements and a photographer to capture all the memories.

Picnic Theme Party Guide

Ooh La La Bachelorette 

Paris - bachelorette party theme ideaPhoto: Anastasiya Ramsha/shutterstock.com

If you can’t travel to the city of love for the bachelorette festivities, easily bring the Parisian vibes to you with a Paris theme. Decorate with french inspired accents including string lights, tulle, and vintage Eiffel Tower pictures to create a dreamy aesthetic. You’ll want to have plenty of macarons, baguettes and cheese, and possibly a French wine tasting to transport you to this beautiful city.

The bachelorette party will look, taste, and smell like Paris, the last thing is to make it sound like the city. Consider booking a french band to serenade guests while they wine and dine.

Paris Theme Party Guide

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Published on 4/28/2023