Party Personality QUIZ: What's Your Perfect Venue?

Take this quiz to find out the perfect party venue for your personality.

Chelsea Pellegrino


You’re having a party—the real question is, where? Does your vision work best for a banquet hall? Do you need an outside area so guests have room to run around? Or, are you someone who prefers to celebrate from the comfort of your own home? 

Take our Party Personality quiz (not to be confused with the infamous TikTok birthday party personality test) to determine which venue will work best for your event! 

Answer the following questions by selecting the choice that most closely matches your style. Make sure to keep track of the point value next to each answer you choose!

Q1. The parties you tend to throw are:

A) Huge! (70+ guests) [4 points]

B) Fairly large (51+70 guests) [3 points]

C) Moderate sized (21-50 guests) [2 points]

D) Fairly small (under 20 guests) [1 point]

Q2. Your parties typically have a theme. True or False?

A) True, I love themes! [3 points]

B) False, I don't usually go with a theme. [1 point] 

Q3. You would best describe your guests as:

A) Loud and energetic- they love to play games. [4 points]

B) Different groups of people who don't really know each other—the perfect chance to mingle! [3 points]

C) Reserved, but sociable— they enjoy good food and great conversation. [2 points]

D) An even mix of family, friends and their young children. [1 points] 

Q4. You envision your event to be:

A) The definition of P-A-R-T-Y! Music, dancing, the works! [4 points]

B) A celebration with a balanced mix of entertainment, meal time and socializing. [3 points]

C) An elegant affair where guests can enjoy a delicious sit-down meal. [2 points]

D) A casual get together for friends to relax, eat, drink and chat. [1 point] 

Q5. How much do you tend to spend on parties?

A) I'll splurge on food and decor, but not on venue. [4 points]

B) A reasonable amount- I want every aspect to look great. [3 points]

C) As much as it costs to host the party of my dreams! [2 points]

D) The more affordable everything is, the better. [1 point] 

Q6. When it comes to decorations, you:

A) Would rather let the entertainment & menu steal the spotlight! [4 points]

B) Want everything to match with the theme, from table settings to lighting! [3 points]

C) Would love for someone else to take care of them! [2 points]

D) Plan to use some decorations, but nothing over the top. [1 point] 

Q7. When it comes to entertainment, you love:

A) Big fun! Like a bounce house, carnival games or even a photo booth! [4 points]

B) Putting on a show! I’m thinking a comedian, dancers or even a hypnotist would be a blast. [3 points]

C) Party music. My guests would love a live band or DJ! [2 points]

D) Interactive activities, like a caricaturist, magician, face painter or balloon twister- Something all ages can enjoy! [1 point] 

Q8. When hosting a party, you prefer to be:

A) A part of the action! No host should have to miss out on the fun. [4 points]

B) In control of every last detail, making sure everything goes according to plan! [3 points]

C) Stress-free! I tend to use an event planner or venue coordinator if possible [2 points]

D) Behind the scenes, but still making time to mingle with guests. I tend to recruit friends and family for help! [1 point] 

Now it's time to add up the points and find your perfect venue! Drumroll please... 

8 – 13 points = Home Sweet Home

There’s no place like home, especially for this party! Hosting at your own house means you’re in control of every last detail-perfect for staying within a smaller budget.

14-19 points = Private Room Party 

Photo: Crave Fishbar (Upper West Side)

For a classy venue to match your elegant event vision, book a private room. Whether it’s at a restaurant, country club or other local facility, this option is perfect for your intimate affair; especially if it’s a sit-down dinner. Private rooms usually come with in-house catering, wait staff and event coordinators, which means less stress on the host (you!)

20-25 points = Banquet Hall Bash

Photo: Peli Peli (Vintage Park) - Arcadia Room

You can’t go wrong with a banquet hall, especially for your party plans. It’s the ideal setting for mid-size to larger functions, andthe open layout is customizable to fit your vision. The best part? It can house the widest variety of entertainment options. Party on!

26-31 points = The Great Outdoors

Photo: Madera Kitchen - Cahuenga Patio

Let’s take this outside, because that’s the perfect setting for your party! Whether it’s a campground, pavilion or your own backyard, using an outside venue means you and all your guests will have plenty of room for activities. 

Ta-da! You're officially ready to get started hunting for your venue. Begin your search for the perfect venue on The Bash.

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