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Ten Questions Vendors Have About Your Event Venue

Chelsea Pellegrino

It's no secret that event planning can be hectic, especially when it comes to coordinating with vendors. The best way to avoid potential mishaps? Tackle troublesome situations before they occur. By discussing these ten questions with your vendors, you'll bypass the problems and skip straight to a successful event! ... MORE

Posted January 11, 2016

Party Personality QUIZ: What's Your Perfect Venue?

Chelsea Pellegrino

You’re having a party- the real question is, where? Does your vision work best for a banquet hall? Do you need an outside area so guests have room to run around? Or, are you someone who prefers to celebrate from the comfort of your own home? Take our Party Personality quiz to determine which venue will work best for your event!... MORE

Posted July 23, 2015

Ask the Experts: Small Wedding Venue

Marta Block

Question:I'm having my wedding at a small venue but I still want my guests to be able to dance. What can I do?  A: Not knowing the exact layout of your room, I can't give specific advice, but I can offer some general suggestions. For starters, make sure to talk to the venue manager and see if she has any ideas. You'll want to double check to make sure they don't require that a portable dance floor be put down, or if they do, that you can afford it. You'll also want to ask about any space in the building that you haven't seen. ... MORE

Posted July 09, 2014

Venue Spotlight: Denver Botanic Gardens

Chelsea Pellegrino

When you think Denver, you probably picture the majestic Rocky Mountains and ski resorts. Take a trip to York Street, however, and you'll forever remember Colorado as home to the most beautiful flower gardens you've ever seen! That's all thanks to the beautiful Denver Botanic Gardens.... MORE

Posted April 14, 2014

Venue Spotlight: The Chicory

Chelsea Pellegrino

Since it’s almost time to break out those Mardi Gras beads, it’s only appropriate to spotlight a venue in good old New Orleans! Whether you’re looking to host a Mardi Gras celebration, a wedding reception or anything in between, look no further than The Chicory.... MORE

Posted February 17, 2014

Venue Spotlight: Burr Mansion

Chelsea Pellegrino

Imagine arriving at your event venue to see George Washington at the reception desk, or Samuel Adams strolling through the garden? What if you were told John Hancock and Dorothy Quincy booked the room across the hall for their wedding reception?... MORE

Posted November 18, 2013

Venue Spotlight: Signature Grand

Chelsea Pellegrino

Florida is often known for its sunshine, sandy beaches and orange trees. But if you travel to the Signature Grand, you’ll think of Florida in a whole new light. Since 1996, this elegant event venue has been transporting guests back to the Renaissance era. The mansion hosts 40,000 square feet of space, and can seat up to 1,800 guests! Alternatively, it can be subdivided into up to 13 private areas, perfect for hosting a range of smaller events.... MORE

Posted October 14, 2013

Venue Spotlight: Westbury Manor

Chelsea Pellegrino

Ever wondered what it would be like to live in the elegance of the Victorian Era? If so, the Westbury Manor is the ideal location for your next event. One is instantly transported back in time when greeted by the driveway lined with gas street lamps and pillars of brick and limestone. While the manor has been meticulously restored to emulate its 1880s roots, it has also been enhanced with many amenities that make it perfect for hosting weddings, corporate functions and other events.... MORE

Posted June 10, 2013

Venue Spotlight: The Westlake Village Inn

Lindsay Megale

Conveniently located halfway between Santa Barbara and Los Angeles, The Westlake Village Inn extends over 17 beautifully landscaped acres in Westlake Village, CA. Its many on site accommodations make this venue a perfect location for any special event. Whether you are planning a wedding, corporate, or social event, the Inn offers a variety of options to ensure your event is like no other. ... MORE

Posted April 24, 2013

Venue Spotlight: Ceresville Mansion

Lindsay Megale

The historic Ceresville Mansion boasts nine thousand square feet of beautiful architecture and has been the location for thousands of weddings, business events, private parties, banquets, and picnics. Located on twenty-five riverside acres with lovely mountain views in Frederick, MD, the Mansion offers a breathtaking Grand Ballroom which seats as many as two hundred guests. The Grand Ballroom also offers high ceilings, double parlors for smaller parties and a garden terrace with reflecting pool and pergola for outdoor gatherings. ... MORE

Posted March 11, 2013

Venue Spotlight: The Waterview

Lindsay Megale

Belonging to the Elegant Banquets family of facilities that have been hosting exquisite events for over 25 years, The Waterview has established a reputation for elegant and sophisticated events, repeatedly receiving five star reviews for its service.... MORE

Posted February 25, 2013

Venue Spotlight: The Primrose Cottage

Nikki-Lynn Boath

With historic and southern elegance, Primrose Cottage, situated in Roswell, Georgia, is a picture perfect location for any of life’s special celebrations. Primrose Cottage is one of five venue locations in Georgia operated by Magic Moments Inc., a full service catering company. Kendall Collier and Theresa Day founded Magic Moments in 1987 and have been creating charismatic memories for their clients ever since.... MORE

Posted January 28, 2013

Venue Spotlight: Greentree Country Club

Lindsay Megale

Located along Long Island Sound, the Greentree Country Club is a majestic mansion that dates back to the early 1900’s. This unique venue features stunning high ceilings, glistening chandeliers, and shimmering marble floors throughout. The history and beauty of this gorgeous venue has made it a popular special event location for weddings and private functions.... MORE

Posted December 10, 2012

Venue Spotlight: The Hudson Gardens and Event Center

Nikki-Lynn Boath

The Hudson Gardens and Event Center located in Littleton, Colorado is an exquisite setting for virtually any occasion during any time of the year. Each season enhances the striking natural beauty of the Hudson Garden’s grounds. Since their opening to the public in 1996, their mission has been to share the ever-changing beauty of nature with guests.... MORE

Posted November 19, 2012

Venue Spotlight: Calamigos Ranch


Nestled in the Santa Monica Mountains, Malibu Conference Center Calamigos Ranch offers over 130 acres of stunning grounds for weddings, corporate functions, and special events. Established in 1947, Calamigos Ranch has emerged as one of Malibu’s choice event locations and features exquisite views with natural elements such as waterfalls and meadows. The website describes the venue as, “the most visually stunning special event location in the Malibu Wine Country.”... MORE

Posted May 14, 2012

Venue Spotlight: Castle Green

Nicole Steeger

The historic 1898 estate known as Castle Green is a Southern California landmark. Located in the middle of Old Pasadena, Castle Green was once the premier hotel during a time when Pasadena was the winter resort of choice for visitors from the East Coast. Although the Castle Green has now been transformed into a luxury condominium complex, this venue still retains its elegance.... MORE

Posted April 23, 2012

Venue Spotlight: The Brownstone


The Brownstone is a historic venue that embraces the artistry of its early 1900s style and natural surroundings. This New Jersey resort offers unique conservatories, craftsman-inspired architecture, and rugged décor, as well as a wonderfully warm ambience.... MORE

Posted March 12, 2012

San Francisco Greek Orthodox Wedding

Marta Block

We'll admit it, we're suckers for a wedding with a sense of drama. That's why we love this San Francisco wedding from Steven Branstetter Photography. The Greek Orthodox cathedral, the placing of crowns, the dramatic staircase spiral. What's not to love?... MORE

Posted March 12, 2012

Classic Barn Wedding

Marta Block

We love the rustic chic aesthetic because of what it connotes about the couple. They're relaxed and comfortable, but still recognize the importance of their wedding day. This classic example courtesy of Lauren Fair Photography exemplifies the trend. Stained glass windows IN a barn? What's not to love!... MORE

Posted March 05, 2012

Country Club Wedding with Golf Theme

Marta Block

I am not a golfer. I have never been golfing, unless of course you count Putt-Putt. So, "golf" as a wedding theme wouldn't occur to me. But I love the way that Kate and Jim managed to fully commit to the theme, without letting it overtake their wedding. It helps that their wedding was held at Oak Pointe Country Club, a great Michigan wedding location that also has beautiful greens. Take a look at these pictures from Paul Retherford Wedding Photography and see if you think they hit a hole in one.... MORE

Posted February 13, 2012

Glass Wedding Venue

Marta Block

They say that people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones but what about people who marry in glass chapels? The stunning glass chapel featured in these gorgeous photos from Melissa McCrotty Photography is located at Garvan Gardens on the grounds of the University of Arkansas. We're in love with the view, and the amazing time this bride and groom seem to be having!... MORE

Posted February 06, 2012

Venue Spotlight: Rancho Las Lomas


Everything about the Rancho Las Lomas seems rooted in history: the gardens that remind owner Jeannie Lawrence of her mother’s roses, the tile murals found during a trip to Portugal, and the zoological collection of wild animals that are reminiscent of her stay at a tiger sanctuary in Nepal. The unique details of this rustic private estate, conveniently located in Silverado, Orange County, California, has provided the ideal outdoor setting for all types of special events.... MORE

Posted December 12, 2011

Wedding Venue Dilemma

Marta Block

An article in yesterday's Chicago Tribune described an interesting dilemma some Chicago brides are having this summer. These brides have booked the pricey and highly sought after terrace at Chicago's famed Art Institute as a wedding venue. The terrace costs $5,000 for a wedding, or $10,000 to rent the entire third floor of the museum.... MORE

Posted May 19, 2011

Top 10 Questions Your Vendor Has About Your Event Venue

Roni Shapira Ben-Yoseph

Whether it’s a wedding, Bar Mitzvah or retirement party, entertainment is the centerpiece of your event and you want things to run as smoothly as possible.  Circumvent last-minute confusion by getting the answers to these questions ... MORE

Posted May 14, 2010