The Top Wedding Trends for 2022

Brittany Anderson

Brittany Anderson


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Can you believe 2022 weddings and events are on the horizon? With that being said, it's never too early to start planning! We’ve rounded up some of the top wedding trends for 2022 from a variety of event professionals and vendors within the wedding industry.


Here are 15 of the top wedding trends for 2022:

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Smaller Guest Counts

“A trend that was mandated in 2020 and 2021 is now one of choice in 2022. Some of our couples are opting for intimate celebrations in which they can spend time spoiling their guests,” shared Nora Sheils, Founder at Bridal Bliss.

And when it comes to inviting guests who can’t attend, Sheils predicts that the digital trend will continue. “The digital invite to those guests who are unable to attend in person will continue on as a must-have in 2022.” Bring on the Zoom calls and live feed for the wedding day!

Intimate Weddings

 According to Jenna Miller, Creative Director of Here Comes The Guide, “Having a smaller guest list is a great way to minimize Covid concerns, so we expect to see the tiny wedding trend continue in 2022. Although having a pared-down guest list may save couples a good bit of money, some are opting to splurge!” 

“Being a bit extravagant with fine catering and luxurious décor becomes much easier when a smaller guest count frees up a chunk of the budget, so we can expect to see some mighty fancy micro weddings this year.” 

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Outdoor Weddings

But make it modern! “We’ll continue to see weddings being held either partially or entirely outdoors—but looking beyond the traditional garden! 2022 couples are thinking outside the box when it comes to their outdoor event spaces. Adventurous couples are choosing treehouses, festival-style sites, and good-old-fashioned summer camps, as well as locations that take their guests off the beaten path,” shared Jenna Miller.

“Contemporary couples are going for chic industrial rooftop venues with a view of the cityscape, or upscale private estates with a pool. And since year-round outdoor weddings are of the utmost importance, we’ll see venues upping the ante on their outdoor event spaces through the use of tenting, outdoor heat lamps, and upgraded rentals to bring the “indoors” out.”

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Outdoor Receptions

“Outdoor receptions will be more popular than ever. The mindset of having more space and fresh air to breathe when there's a large gathering of people will be at the forefront of couples' minds when wedding planning,” predicts Lisette Gatliff of Lisette OC Photography.

Scenic Outdoor Wedding Ceremonies 

“As we continue to move towards pre-pandemic normalcy, outdoor weddings will continue to be popular in 2022. There are still many people who are uncomfortable with large group settings and holding your wedding outside gives a scenic view and offers some safety measures. Gorgeous sunsets, beautiful landscapes, and nice weather are here to stay!” says Taylor Brione Ballard, CWP at Experiences by Taylor Brione.

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Live Entertainment 

“Couples are opting for fun live entertainment such as dueling pianos taking requests for dinner and dancing, as well as live string trios and quartets playing contemporary selections for their ceremony and cocktail hours! We are definitely seeing more outdoor receptions whether under a tent or taking a gamble and planning for dining al fresco under the stars,” shared Valarie Falvey.

Hybrid Entertainment 

“With everything going hybrid, so is entertainment. We have seen an increase in hybrid bands and we have added these highly interactive solutions to our events. The DJ’s not only mix house music beats with top 40 or 80s music or the style you prefer, but they also ignite the audience with the addition of musicians,” shared AJ Williams, Founder & Creative Director of AJ Events.

“Now known as the hybrid DJ or band—the musicians can include guitar, percussion, horns, drum set, violin and/or singers. This electrifying entertainment impresses and keeps them on the dance floor every time.”

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Neon Signs and Custom Monograms 

“For decor for 2022, we are seeing the neon sign trend sticking around and not going away anytime soon! Couples love incorporating this in creative ways behind the head or sweetheart table or photobooth backdrop. We are also using custom wraps/stickers of patterns, monograms and other personalized ideas on the dance floors and bars,” predicts Valarie Falvey, Kirkbrides Wedding Planning & Design.

Unique Photography Styles 

When it comes to wedding photography, Daria, Creative Manager at Precious Pics Production had a few trends she expects to see in 2022. “We see how 2021 wedding trends are gradually letting go of the “perfection” concept and revealing themselves in individuality & bold self-expression.”

“Classical photography and its posing are stepping aside in favor of photojournalistic and fine-art wedding style. We see an increasing interest in the art approach in photography and spreading requests to capture vibe & emotions over “just beauty & perfection.” 

“This phenomenon has also found its reflection in editing trends where “no-edit” editing becomes a signature style of premium wedding photography. “No-edit” retouching style doesn’t work with harsh saturation and appearance modifications — all the alterations are concentrated on removing temporary skin imperfections and background noise-triggers.” 

“We expect to see a splash of creativity and a riot of colors in wedding color schemes. Bright accents, bold solutions, game of contrasts, and wedding dresses that will give brides all the freedom of movement.” 

“This creativity wave will inspire the wedding photography and videography industry to experiment with lighting and angles, conceptuality, and geometry framing. Get ready for dynamics and a burst of event ambiance in photography.”

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Multi-day Wedding Events 

“If there’s anything the pandemic has taught us, it’s the importance of being physically together—and not taking social events for granted. We’ve missed gatherings, so couples in 2022 are going to make the most of the opportunity to bring their nearest and dearest together,” shared Jenna Miller.

“From hosting a casual “welcome party” at a local brewery to inviting whoever wants to come to the rehearsal dinner and setting up a super-fun after party, we’ll see couples stretching out their wedding to a multi-day celebration with their loved ones.” 

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Reinventing Traditions

“Engaged couples are no longer bound by "rules" and "expectations" when it comes to their big day. And while we're seeing plenty of couples skip traditional formalities altogether, we're also seeing them come up with creative ways to modernize these traditions—and make them their own!” shares Jenna Miller.

“From weekday weddings and gender-blind wedding parties to rethinking the traditional children's roles and opting for confetti men and ring pups, we're excited to see what creative customizations 2022 couples have up their sleeves.” 

Mix and Match Styles 

“Mix and match bridesmaid dresses will be a trend in 2022. And not just different styles in the same color, but actually having different colored dresses that complement each other and the wedding colors.” predicts Lisette Gatliff. Gone are the days of puff sleeved dresses on all bridesmaids (this isn’t the 80s or 90s!)

Creative Catering 

When it comes to wedding food trends, Melissa Wilmot, CEO, WedBrilliant predicts, “Food trucks, ethnic cuisines, small bites but with more choices.” Food trucks create the ability to serve something totally niche and unique to the couple. Whether it’s a donut truck, taco truck, or a fancy ice cream truck, you know your wedding guests will love this treat.

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Colorful Balloon Garlands and Rentals 

“Also on the decor side, we are seeing colorful balloon garlands sticking around, as well as incorporating colorful rental pieces to add to a bar decor or backdrop as well.” shared Valarie Falvey. Bold colors for wedding decor are here to stay for this special day!

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Bright Colors 

“We're all so happy that these celebrations are taking place, so what better way to show that than with lots of colors. Pops of purples, oranges and yellows are some of our favorites!” shared Melissa Wilmot.

Colorful Menswear

“Colored suits and tuxedos are big this year and will continue into 2022. Blue is a favorite with a lot of couples going with the Mystic Blue Suit, or Slate Blue suit for a slightly more formal feel. And when you’re working with color, the accessories are an opportunity to create a unique look,” shares Matt Ramirez, SVP of Marketing at Generation Tux.

“We’re seeing earthy metallics like Copper and Gold ties and pocket squares as two of the most popular colors, and gold cufflinks. Finally, dried florals will be big in ‘22 and we could see an increase in boutonnieres. Whatever you go with when it comes to your suit or tuxedo, there are almost endless options to make the perfect look for your wedding.”

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Unique Centerpieces

“While we love an amazing floral centerpiece, we're seeing couples on WedBrilliant thinking outside the box a little. That includes photos of friends and family (and furry loved ones!), and shots of the happy couple as kids, framed and displayed nicely,” says Melissa Wilmot.

“It also includes artifacts that represent a couple and their adventures or lives together so far. That might be sand from the beach they got engaged on in sweet mason jars, or arrangements of truffle chocolates to showcase their love for all things dessert!”


“What is so unique about next year is that it is somewhat of a non-trend trend year. Whether our couples are focusing on what truly is important to them, or a push towards individuality, we are seeing more of our couples marching to their own drums, picking colors they love, flowers that they are drawn to, and celebrating with their favorite people,” shares Nora Sheils, Co-Founder of Rock Paper Coin.

Earthy Tones & Smaller Footprints 

“The color palette which we are seeing emerge (and not totally a new one) is earth tones - nude, beige, soft white, dusty rose, and rust (a big one!). Pretty in its own right, it has been rumored to be making more of an appearance due to an increased focus on the environment post-pandemic,” predicts Nora Sheils.

“This sentiment also is being echoed in our couples' desire to have a smaller footprint, whether that is through sustainable catering, digital invitations, or a desire to utilize local vendors.” 

Personalized Details 

According to Nora Sheils, “Big or small, our couples are on a mission to give their guests an event, or even a full weekend to remember. They are splurging on personalized details, ‘wow factors’, and different ways for their guests to be made to feel special.”

“Tablescapes will be full, lush, and very detailed. Escort walls will continue to be a big trend, as well ceiling installations, although looser than in years past. Above all, couples want a big fun party celebrating love and the return to normalcy.”

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