'50s Party Theme

Rock around the clock tonight.

About the Theme

The 1950s introduced a whole wave of new trends to American culture. Drive-ins were the hottest spot in town to see and be seen, fashion got a rebellious makeover with fitted dresses, slicked back hair and edgy leather jackets, and music influenced social culture like sock hops. Travel back in time to the “Happy Days” of the ‘50s by decorating your party space with old vinyls, photos of hot rod cars and throwback cuisine.

As any '50s party should, this celebration has all the glitz and glamour of the time: poodle skirts, chiffon scarfs, vintage jeans, red lipstick and lots of rock ‘n’ roll. The couple-of-honor (celebrating an anniversary of 60 years together!) arrived in an all-American LaSalle vintage car. The party theme is complete with a candy shop, yo-yos and hula hoops, and each table has chocolate-glazed floral arrangements topped with sprinkles, looking as delicious as a diner milkshake.

OCCASION: 60th Anniversary Party

VIBE: Retro


Venue Settings


A traditional diner will send guests back to the 1950s with its old school interior. This venue makes party planning a breeze, as there’s little to do for decorating and you don’t need to hire a caterer.

No diner in your area? You can DIY a diner-like atmosphere easily enough with the right decorations, like checkered tablecloths, neon-colored uplighting and vintage touches like glass Coca-Cola bottles and napkin dispensers.


Dance Band

This era was booming with new dance moves, such as the Jitterbug, the Jive and the Bunny Hop. Book a dance band to cover popular tunes from the ‘50s and put your moves to the test.

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Lucille Ball Impersonator

Who doesn’t love Lucy? Lucille Ball was a comedy powerhouse in the ‘50s and graced family televisions across America weekly. Invite a Lucille Ball impersonator to charm guests with her unsurpassed humor and pose for photo ops.

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Dessert Bar

Set up a candy and dessert station with nostalgic favorites and modern crowd pleasers. Stock your "candy shop" with cookies, cotton candy, taffy, Double Bubble chewing gum, mini boxes of Cracker Jack, lollipops and candies. If you include to-go bags on the table, this candy station can double as a take-away favor.

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Diner Food

Remember back when hotdogs only cost a quarter? And a refreshing soda pop was a dime? A full meal for less than a dollar—imagine that. Have fun with your food menu and craft it into a restaurant-style pamphlet complete with 1950s pricing. Opt for diner favorites like fried chicken, mac and cheese, hot dogs and sliders with sides of french fries or onion rings.

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What better accompaniment to a '50s party theme than a milkshake bar? Combine a selection of classic flavors like chocolate, vanilla and strawberry, with a few candy mix-ins to complete the setup. Make sure to have an attendant monitoring this station—or better yet, preparing the shakes entirely. (Ice cream gets messy fast.)

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Creative Detail

Themed Costumes

Encourage guests to come dressed in ‘50s style. Poodle skirts, leather or old varsity jackets and cateye-frame glasses capture the look.

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