57 Unique Party Themes for Adults

Get the party started with these awesome party themes for adults.

Lauren Miolene


When it comes to party planning, it seems like kids get to have all the fun. Not anymore! It’s time you host an unforgettable celebration for you and your friends that’s over the top and fabulous. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, bachelorette, or just a fun Friday night dinner party, you can easily incorporate these themes into your event. The tip for hosting a great party for adults starts with fun party themes for adults, and we’ve got you covered.

If we’ve officially persuaded you to put your party hat on, you’re probably wondering what goes into hosting epic theme parties for adults. We have a comprehensive party planning checklist that features everything from choosing exciting entertainment to delicious food and drinks, and a recommended timeline of when everything should take place. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite themes ranging from Coachella to Old Hollywood, and even Harry Styles, so you can get your next party started.

Keep reading for 35 party themes for adults…

1. Coachella

Party Themes for Adults: CoachellaPhoto: gpointstudio/shutterstock.com

Book a DJ, hire a few unique food trucks, and prepare to recreate your very own music festival for an upcoming celebration. Coachella consists of all things trendy, bohemian, and Instagram-worthy—can you even think of a better party theme? Encourage guests to wear festival attire, set up a DIY flower crown bar, and feature lounging tents throughout the space to enhance the desert vibe.


2. Old Hollywood

Party Themes for Adults: Old HollywoodPhoto: Jari Hindstroem/shutterstock.com

Channel the glitz and glamour of all things vintage Hollywood for an elegant and chic celebration. Party like the stars by booking a professional pianist to serenade guests, setting the scene with moody lighting, and having a guest appearance by Miss Marilyn Monroe! Book a Marilyn Monroe impersonator to help bring Old Hollywood to modern day and charm guests with her authenticity.


3. The One Where…

Party Themes for Adults: FriendsPhoto: Krzysztof Stefaniak/shutterstock.com

Host the ultimate 90s throwback party with details from the classic sitcom, Friends. Whether the theme is “the one where Rachel gets married,” “the one where Joey turns 30,” or “the one where they have a dinner party,” a Friends theme party is one of the best pop culture themes. Book a live band to play 90s music, hire a bartender to serve coffee cocktails, and refresh your card skills for a poker night.


4. Euphoria

Party Themes for Adults: EuphoriaPhoto: Lina Vanessa Merchán Jimenez

If you’re like us, you’ve probably already binge watched HBO’s hit series Euphoria and are waiting patiently for the newest season. The students of East Highland High threw the most iconic parties with live music, finger foods, and bold outfits with matching makeup. If booking a DJ for this Euphoria themed party, request to play songs from the soundtrack including the theme song “All of Us” by Labrinth and Zendaya. Incorporating the show's music will really  make the party come to life. 


5. Trendy Western

Party Themes for Adults: Trendy WesternPhoto: Zolotarevs/shutterstock.com

This isn’t your typical shin-dig with flannel shirts and line dancing; swap the dark and drab color scheme with bright and bold for an upcoming milestone birthday or bachelorette theme. Incorporate cow print accents with pink party decorations, book a talented western band, and serve espresso martinis, just like the cowboys drink.


6. Color Theme Party

Party Themes for Adults: Color PartyPhoto: Cast Of Thousands/shutterstock.com

One of the most popular party trends on TikTok is a color party. Pick a color, any color, and only use that throughout the celebration. If you choose pink, decorate with shades of pink balloons, streamers, and roses. Instruct guests to wear only pink outfits, and serve food and drinks including pink lemonade and pink pasta. Choose any color you’d like and don’t be afraid to go all out.


7. The Parent Trap

Party Themes for Adults: The Parent TrapPhoto: Hey Alma

Disney’s version of The Parent Trap starring Lindsay Lohan has become one of the most popular bachelorette party and birthday themes on social media. Party guests can take inspiration from the character’s styles, try your hand in Camp Walden themed activities like fencing or tie dye, and eat movie classics like Oreos with peanut butter. Use this fun theme to celebrate a 30th birthday, movie night, or other special occasion.


8. Hawaiian Luau

Party Themes for Adults: Hawaiian LuauPhoto: Norbey Tarazona/shutterstock.com

Tried and true, a pool party luau makes one of the best party themes. Invite guests over for a backyard BBQ with tiki torches, palm trees, and lawn games for an afternoon of fun. Browse The Bash to find Hawiian inspired entertainment including hula dancers, ukulele players, and even fire eaters. Don’t forget to decorate the space with hibiscus flowers and serve drinks in pineapples and coconuts that will transport guests to the golden beaches of Hawaii.


9. Casino Night

Party Themes for Adults: Casino NightPhoto: Studio Romantic/shutterstock.com

Channel your inner James Bond and take a trip to Las Vegas without having to pay for a flight. Bring the Vegas strip directly to your guests with casino game rentals so people can play all their favorite party games like poker, black jack, and of course, the slots. Consider hiring a professional bartender and waitstaff for this party to feel like you're actually on the casino floor.

If you really want to shock your guests and create a one of a kind celebration, book a visit from an Elvis impersonator to mingle, interact, and even perform at your casino style party.


10. Harry Styles

Party Themes for Adults: Harry StylesPhoto: British GQ

During Harry Styles’s concert tour, fans around the globe were inspired to dress in their brightest and most sparkly outfits, sip on creative cocktails, and turn the singer’s persona into an experience. From the love on social media, we couldn’t help but start to plan a Harry Styles themed party! This event has three details to make it a success; listen to Harry’s albums, sip on “Watermelon Sugar” inspired drinks, and BYOB: bring your own boa.

11. Disco Cowgirl

Party Themes for Adults: Disco CowgirlPhoto: Haute Off The Rack

It seems like every bachelorette party on TikTok recently has been disco cowgirl, and we’re obsessed! Combine the traditional western vibe with a fun and sparkly disco aesthetic for an extremely fun party theme for adults. Pull off this theme with glitter cowgirl hats, bejeweled fringe jackets, and tons of metallic pink accents.

12. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Party Themes for Adults: Harry PotterPhoto: Ekaterina Soldatenko/shutterstock.com

Calling all Potterheads, this one’s for you! If you’ve dreamed about receiving a Hogwarts acceptance letter in the mail, why not throw a Harry Potter inspired get-together? Start by booking magical entertainment ranging from magicians to ballroom dancers. Then, create a wizarding world backdrop using floating candles and Hogwarts house color decor. Finish off the celebration with plenty of butterbeer and you’ve got yourself a magical soirée.


13. Murder Mystery Party

Party Themes for Adults: Murder Mystery PartyPhoto: EWY Media/shutterstock.com

If you binge watched The White Lotus you should consider hosting your own whodunnit murder mystery themed party. Choose a theme or setting to help set the scene, assign guests their character roles, and plan a delicious food and drinks menu to match. Everyone will enjoy the guessing game of who’s guilty and it will test everyone’s acting skills! This is sure to be an extra special addition to your group’s game night rotation.


14. Taylor Swift

Party Themes for Adults: Taylor SwiftPhoto: ako photography/shutterstock.com

If you’re a swiftie and are celebrating an upcoming celebration, plan a gorgeous Taylor Swift themed party. Using her songs and albums as inspiration, hang a mirror ball, host a “picture to burn” bonfire, and serve Lavender Haze martinis. Use this Taylor Swift party theme for any occasion or excuse to celebrate.

She Found Her Lover Bachelorette

If your bestie is a fan of Taylor Swift and is newly engaged, host a bachelorette party using the theme, “she found her Lover.” Fill the space with dreamy pastel colors, assemble a Champagne Problems prosecco tower, serve “this night is sparkling” apple cider, and complete the party with Swiftie karaoke.

I’m Feeling 22 Birthday Party

Celebrate a new year in your twenties with the ultimate Taylor Swift inspired birthday party. Dress in your best hipster-chic attire, play pin the red scarf on the Taylor, and dine together for breakfast at midnight.


15. Bridgerton

Party Themes for Adults: BridgertonPhoto: Duke Chronicle

Celebrate the social season (or any other special occasion) with a Bridgerton inspired party Lady Whistledown is going to want to write about. Host the soiree in an elegant banquet hall or garden space, book a performance from a string quartet, and sip on delicious tea and cocktails. Don’t forget to play tea party music while guests arrive to set the tone for the Bridgerton bash.


16. Costume Party

Party Themes for Adults: Costume PartyPhoto: Kzenon/shutterstock.com

Theme parties for adults usually entail some sort of costume or dress code, but think out of the box for this special occasion. Invite everyone to dress up as something that starts with the first letter of their name, their favorite TV show character, or duos that rhyme. The possibilities are endless when you host an adult dress up party.

17. Princess Diaries

Party Themes for Adults: Princess DiariesPhoto: Radio Times

Birthday, bachelorette party, weekly movie night, regardless of the reason to celebrate you're going to want to use our Princess Diaries party ideas at your next get together. Host a princess pajama party with mattress surfing, Genovian pear cocktails, and plenty of singing with the help from a karaoke DJ. If you’d rather take the party outside, host a Princess Diaries beach party with a fortune teller, corn dogs, and paint filled balloon darts.


18. Black and White

Party Themes for Adults: Black and WhitePhoto: Dean Drobot/shutterstock.com

Black and white is a classic and chic color combination that makes a great theme for an upcoming celebration. Invite guests to dress in their best newspaper print dress, zebra striped pants, or traditional suit and tie for this celebration. Serve black and white cookies, decorate with balloons, and add a disco ball for a touch of sparkle.

19. Trendy Disco Aesthetic

Party Themes for Adults: Trendy Disco AestheticPhoto: oneinchpunch/shutterstock.com

If you haven’t heard by now, the disco aesthetic is in. This party theme consists of all things silver, shiny, and sparkly, just like a disco ball. Think of a 70s decade party but without all the cheesy outfits and over the top hair. A trendy disco party is meant to be chic and glamorous, giving you perfect content for your Instagram feed.


20. Great Gatsby

Party Themes for Adults: Great GatsbyPhoto: Stock Holm/shutterstock.com

Whether you’re a fan of the classic novel or the film starring Leonardo DiCaprio, The Great Gatsby is a popular party theme for a reason. An elegant soiree filled with live jazz music, swing dancers, and commemorative photo booth adds all the glitz and glamor to this party theme. Over the top parties with flappers were the basis of the story line, so it only makes sense to host a Jay Gatsby approved soiree.


21. Y2K

Party Themes for Adults: Y2KPhoto: Buzzfeed

A 2000s throwback event complete with the iconic fashion trends, an R&B singer, and Jell-O shots creates the perfect upbeat setting for a celebration. Host this get-together in a loft space, play classic video games, and don’t forget to capture everything on film with a Polaroid or disposable camera. Bonus points if oyu can get your hands on discontinued snacks like Pepsi Blue, Hershey's Kissables, or Dunkaroos.


22. Superhero

Party Themes for Adults: SuperheroPhoto: BLGKV/shutterstock.com

Who doesn’t love the world of DC Comics or Marvel Universe? Invite a few costumed characters including Spider-Man, Batman, and Captain America to mingle and interact with guests, host a heroic movie marathon with all of the classics, and serve comic inspired treats and drinks for everyone to enjoy. Even adults will love the thrill of meeting their heroes!

23. Kentucky Derby

Party Themes for Adults: Kentucky DerbyPhoto: Jules1601/shutterstock.com

Whether you’re actually watching the Kentucky Derby or want to use it as inspiration for a spring party, we’ve got everything you need to get your party off to the races. Start by booking a bluegrass band to bring the southern culture, decorate with plenty of fresh roses, and invite guests to wear their best hats and headpieces. If you don’t plan on betting on any horses, play a few rounds of poker while you enjoy refreshing mint juleps and sweet tea.


24. Toga Party

Party Themes for Adults: Toga PartyPhoto: Dallas Morning News

If you were in a sorority or fraternity during college, you probably attended at least one toga party. If you loved this idea back then, it makes a perfect adult theme now. Party guests will enjoy the tradition of attempting to turn a bed sheet into a creative and flattering toga ensemble that will last throughout the event. Serve medieval inspired food and drinks like turkey legs and wine for guests to feel like they are in ancient times.

25. Après Ski

Party Themes for Adults: Apres SkiPhoto: View Apart/shutterstock.com

Après ski or 80s in Aspen parties have become extremely popular on social media. Wear your brightest, puffiest winter jacket, sip on hot toddies by the fire, and of course dance to the upbeat music of a professional DJ. Après ski is all about the party that comes after a day on the slopes, so let’s cut to the chase and get to the party for a unique adult theme idea. 


26. Awards Show Viewing Party

Party Themes for Adults: Awards Show Viewing PartyPhoto: Dean Drobot

If you’ve ever wanted to host a party during awards show season, what’s stopping you? Roll out the red carpet and choose from The Oscars, Grammys, MTV Music Awards, and beyond to plan an upcoming academy award winning celebration. Host the Hollywood event in pajamas on your couch, or get glammed like the stars for a black tie event at a fancy venue. Book a comedian to provide entertainment during commercial breaks and serve plenty of champagne to create your very own awards show gala.

27. Mardi Gras

Party Themes for Adults: Mardi GrasPhoto: Drazen Zigic/shutterstock.com

You don’t need to wait until February to host a Fat Tuesday inspired celebration, Mardi Gras makes a perfect party theme no matter what time of year. Get themed decor on Amazon, book Mardi Gras inspired entertainment, and eat Louisiana favorites including King Cake, gumbo, and New Orleans style beignets with ice cream. Don't forget to play songs from our Mardi Gras playlist while you set up and prepare.


28. Star Wars

Party Themes for Adults: Star WarsPhoto: GTS Productions/shutterstock.com

This is the adult party theme you are looking for. If you’ve wanted to host a Star Wars inspired meal complete with Grogu’s bone broth and wookie cookies, take this as your sign. To plan an out of this world Star Wars party, you’ll want to add classic cantina music, movie inspired costumes, and maybe even a friendly lightsaber battle. Project your favorite films and shows like The Mandalorian or Star Wars Rebels throughout the space for an immersive galactic experience.


29. Mexican Fiesta

Party Themes for Adults: Mexican FiestaPhoto: Kobby Dagan/shutterstock.com

Start planning your taco and cocktail party with a fun fiesta for your next celebration. To begin, you’ll want to book a mariachi band, make other traditional Mexican food and drinks, and have a piñata filled with plenty of candy and treats. Decorate with vibrant colors, paper chains, and lanterns to make this fiesta  extra special.

30. Prom

Party Themes for Adults: PromPhoto: Roman Samborskyi/shutterstock.com

Whether you loved it or hated it, prom makes an iconic party theme idea for adults. For your next birthday or even a wedding reception, consider hosting a retro prom themed party for a memorable milestone event. Book a professional limo driver to transport guests, serve a catered meal, and book a photographer to capture people’s prom attire during this creative party theme.


31. Wine Tasting

Party Themes for Adults: Wine TastingPhoto: View Apart/shutterstock.com

If you’re racking your brain trying to come up with theme party ideas for adults, you can never go wrong with a wine tasting. Keep the festivities as minimalistic or as over the top as you wish, just make sure there is plenty of vino for the wine connoisseurs. Pair a number of bottles of wine with small bites including cheese, dried fruit, and nuts. Elevate the wine tasting experience even more by booking an acoustic band or even a caterer so you can sit back and relax.


32. Pajama Party

Party Themes for Adults: Pajama PartyPhoto: Dragon Images/shutterstock.com

Who says adults can’t have a slumber party? Release your inner child by wearing matching pajamas, watching rom-coms, and sipping on delicious cocktails. That sounds like a perfect night to us! Consider renting an outdoor movie screen, booking food carts to serve popcorn and snacks, and hosting a traditional pillow fight.

33. Stranger Things

Party Themes for Adults: Stranger ThingsPhoto: Anton_Ivanov/shutterstock.com

Take guests to the Upside Down with the ultimate Stranger Things themed party. Take inspiration from the show by hosting this party in your basement space, playing favorite 80s throwback games (maybe Dungeons and Dragons), and setting up an Eggo waffle bar.

Don’t forget to incorporate mystic and spooky decorations featuring rainbow Christmas lights, vintage posters, and plenty of beakers and test tubes just like Hawkins Lab. Have all the fun of the Upside Down without having to worry about escaping the Mind Flayer!


34. Oktoberfest

Party Themes for Adults: OktoberfestPhoto: KarepaStock/shutterstock.com

Going to an Oktoberfest celebration is an event like no other, so why not host one yourself? Put together a German inspired Oktoberfest celebration any time of year with help from The Bash. Decorate your own beer garden with the traditional blue and white Bavarian flags, serve homemade soft pretzels with beer cheese, and don’t forget your favorite bottles of beer. Transport quests to the streets of Munich with a polka band or songs from our Oktoberfest playlist to add a festive touch.


35. Mamma Mia

Party Themes for Adults: Mamma MiaPhoto: Playbill

The love of the hit movie and musical, Mamma Mia, isn’t slowing down anytime soon. This bohemian and 70s inspired story combines classic and trendy details for an unforgettable party theme. Put on your disco pants, book an ABBA tribute band, and spend all night on the dance floor to channel your inner Donna and the Dynamos for your next theme party


35. Around the World

Around the World Theme PartyPhoto: I am Kulz/shutterstock.com

Who says you have to leave your house to be a globetrotter? Explore diverse cultures and cuisines, and immerse yourself in international fun with an around the world themed party! Set up rooms or areas to represent different countries, with themed decorations, music, and cuisine from the different cultures. 


36. Woodstock

Woodstock Theme PartyPhoto: Radharani/shutterstock.com

Throw it back to the summer of ‘69, grab your bell bottoms, and get ready for a party to remember with a Woodstock themed party. Most importantly, you’ll want to book a 60s cover band, because it wouldn’t be Woodstock without music.


37. Mob Wife 

Mob Wife Theme PartyPhoto: Getty Images

All the rage in 2024, the mob wife aesthetic makes for a fun party theme. Grab your girls, add some cheetah print, a martini bar, and a murder mystery party and you’re good to go.


38. Margaritaville

Margaritaville Theme PartyPhoto: oneinchpunch/shutterstock.com

It’s 5 o’clock somewhere! When you think of Margaritaville, the one thing that comes to mind is paradise. Combine island vibes, tropical cocktails, and live music, and you’re on your way to hosting a true Margaritaville themed party that Jimmy Buffett would approve of.


39. 13 Going on 30

13 Going on 30 Party ThemePhoto: Columbia Pictures; Marianne Ayala/Insider

A 13 Going on 30 party is full of music throwbacks, Jennifer Garner inspiration, vibrant colors, and even a touch of magic. This party theme for adults will dazzle when you grab a box of Razzles and party the night away. 


40. 24k Gold

24k Gold Party ThemePhoto: Lysenko Andrii/Shutterstock.com

A 24k gold theme is the perfect theme when you don’t really know what you want to do to celebrate your birthday. This glam style party combines a DJ, champagne tower, and all things gold to celebrate any special milestone.


41. New York, New York

New York, New York Theme PartyPhoto: Karlos West/Shutterstock.com

If you’re looking to celebrate in a big way, a New York theme party is the one for you. Get inspired by the city that never sleeps and host a celebration full of pizza, live music,  cosmos and graffiti decor.


42. Karaoke

Karaoke PartyPhoto: Jacob Lund/Shutterstock.com 

Bring your popstar dreams to life with a karaoke party! First things first, a karaoke DJ is a must. Add in a bartender to mix cocktails (and mocktails) for a little extra courage, prepare your favorite bar snacks, and don’t forget inflatable musical instruments for rockstar party guests to jam out with.


43. 80s

80s Party Theme for AdultsPhoto: Izusek/Shutterstock.com

Nothing screams a party theme for adults like a throwback 80s party. Go big and hire an 80s band, wear neon, and be sure to have a big dance floor set up. You’ll want to have signature drinks like Purple Rain or Material Girl Martinis, and a nostalgic candy bar where guests can make a bag of their own favorite treats. 


44. Barbie

Barbie Theme PartyPhoto: Roman Samborskyi/Shutterstock.com 

Fewer things have been more popular than Barbie in the past year. When it comes to a Barbie theme, obviously pink is key. Hire a bartender to craft pink cocktails and mocktails, set up a bright pink balloon arch, and learn the iconic dance from the live action movie.


45. Clueless

Clueless Theme PartyPhoto: IMDB

A party without a Clueless theme—as if! This theme is perfect for a house party, complete with a DJ (how else would you hear Rollin’ With My Homies), an iconic themed costume contest, and a mobile bar. Cher would never make her own drinks.


46. Mean Girls

Mean Girls Theme PartyPhoto: Paramount Plus

Get ready to turn up the pink, sprinkle some sass, and transport yourself into the captivating world of North Shore High School with a Mean Girls themed party that's sure to make your guests say, "That's so fetch!" Throw a party Regina George would approve of when you host a Mean Girls themed party.


47. Jersey Shore

Jersey Shore Theme PartyPhoto: NJ.com

Looking to party like it’s 2009? Revive the days of fist-pumping, muscle-toning, and bronzing like a golden god with a Jersey Shore theme party. Obviously a DJ (Pauly D style), is a must. Don’t forget the pickles, jell-o shots, and of course, Ron Ron juice. 


48. Neon

Neon Party ThemePhoto: Unai Huizi Photography/Shutterstock.com 

Dance the night away under glowing lights and let the vibrating music and vivid colors of a neon theme party wash away all your worries. When it comes to a neon party, you’ll need a high energy DJ, tons of glow sticks, and black light backlighting.


49. Top Gun

Top Gun Theme PartyPhoto: Vox

Picture this, it's 1986, and Stinger has just called you to pack your bags as you and all your friends have been chosen to fight for your country and join Top Gun. Host this party at the beach, set up a jukebox, and make sure there’s plenty of beer.


50. James Bond

James Bond Party ThemePhoto: Dmytro Voinalovych/Shutterstock.com

It’s always the right time to enjoy a 007-themed party. Encourage guests to dress up in classic suits and long gowns, for a fancy night full of poker, a live band, steaks and martinis.


51. Champagne Brunch

Champagne Brunch PartyPhoto: Chiociolla/Shutterstock.com

Add a bit of bubbly to elevate a classic brunch when celebrating a special occasion. Hire a live musician to add to the ambiance, use different shades of champagne for decor, and set up a champagne tower to kick off the party. 


52. Olympics

Olympic Theme PartyPhoto: Kovop58/Shutterstock.com

Whether or not it’s an Olympic year (hello Paris 2024!), this type of theme party is always a fun one. Invite all of your friends and family to enjoy an Olympic themed party. This theme calls for teams dressed to represent their favorite countries, field day style games, and lots of gold decor.


53. Golf

Golf Themed PartyPhoto: Thaninee Chuensomchit/Shutterstock.com

Hit a hole-in-one when you host a golf themed party. Set up a mini putting competition, dress in your favorite preppy gear, and serve some Arnold Palmers (perfect for cocktails and mocktails!). This par-tee is sure to be a hit with all of your guests.


54. Coastal Grandmother

Coastal Grandmother Theme PartyPhoto: Vitalii Matokha/Shutterstock.com

Thanks to TikTok, the Coastal Grandmother aesthetic became all the rage (or rather, not the rage). This type of theme is perfect for a birthday party, book club session, or a wine night with your best friends. Grab your white linen, bucket hats, and casual beach vibes.


55. Dad Theme

Dad Party ThemePhoto: Perfect Angle Images/Shutterstock.com

Dads. You know them, you love them, and sometimes you’ve just got to let them take center stage. What better way to do this than to host your very own dad-themed party? Dress as your favorite dads, have dad-jokes ready to go, and some beers in a cooler and you’re good to go.


56. Country Club

Country Club Theme PartyPhoto: PeopleImages.com - Yuri A/shutterstock.com

When life calls for a celebration, why not go for a country club themed party? Whether your idea of a country club is a fancy gathering or chilling after a round of golf, you’ll find everything you need for a Country Club theme party here in our guide. 


57. Tailgate

Tailgate Theme PartyPhoto: Hero Images Inc./Shutterstock.com

If you’re a sports fan, then a tailgate is the perfect adult party theme for you. Set up your favorite backyard party games, hire a face painter, set up a big screen for viewing, and a grill station.


Find more themed party ideas and inspiration here on The Bash.

Published on 3/5/2024