26 Best 70th Birthday Ideas To Celebrate A Wonderful Milestone

Get the ball rolling with these fun 'n' fresh ideas.

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When it comes to celebrating a 70th birthday, there are countless 70th birthday ideas to make this milestone birthday celebration one to remember. From intimate gatherings to epic parties, you’ve certainly got options. 

Coordinate with family and friends to organize surprise elements (like live music), special activities (like outdoor games), or heartfelt tributes (like a video montage) to make the occasion truly memorable. Remember, the key to planning a 70th birthday they’ll love is to personalize every aspect for the guest of honor.

Here are 26 of the best 70th birthday party ideas and themes for a memorable celebration:

Brunch Extravaganza

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Celebrate a happy 70th birthday by throwing a brunch party! You could reserve a table at their favorite local brunch spot, host at home, or find a venue to decorate with flowers and balloons.

Select a menu that offers a delectable spread of gourmet pastries and fresh fruit platters, with beverages like bloody marys and mimosas. If you decide on the at-home or venue route, consider spicing it up with some entertainment like live music, too. 

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Lawn Bowling 

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Turn your 70th birthday celebration into a sunny affair by organizing a lawn bowling party. Reserve a rink to play on, or set up your own charming lawn bowling green with colorful flags.

After the games, gather around for a picnic with easy finger foods, refreshing drinks, and, of course, a 70th birthday cake.

Rent a Movie Theatre

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Make the 70th birthday celebration extra special by renting out a movie theatre for a private screening.

Consider treating them and their loved ones to a nostalgic experience with a favorite classic — or even showcase a collection of memorable moments from their life by including a slideshow or home video screening. 

Turn 70 with a 70s Party

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Get wild with a disco-themed 70s party! Transport the 70-year-old birthday celebrant and their guests back in time by decorating your venue with vibrant colors, disco balls, and lava lamps.

Encourage guests to dress in their best disco attire, so they can groove along to iconic 70s hits. Instead of making a playlist, book a 70s decade band to play live and enjoy a dance party they'll never forget. 

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Cocktail Party

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Say cheers to 70 years with a sophisticated cocktail party. Create an elegant ambiance with dimmed lighting, soft music, and stylish cocktail stations, and hire a professional bartender to really elevate the experience.

Serve a variety of handcrafted cocktails, including timeless classics and a unique signature drink to personalize the evening. Don't forget to tighten up the dresscode and encourage guests to come in their snazziest outfits, too!

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Hot Air Balloon Ride

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If riding in a hot air balloon has always been on the birthday celebrant’s bucket list, then why not take their 70th birthday celebration to new heights by doing just that?

Soar above picturesque landscapes as the honored guest and their loved ones enjoy breathtaking views.

Surprise Party

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Give this milestone birthday some pizzazz by making their 70th year around the sun a surprise. Consult with the celebrant’s closest friends and family while creating the guest list, and send out invitations as discreetly as possible.

Make sure to designate someone to guide the guest of honor to the party's location, ensuring they enter the venue at the perfect moment for the surprise. Don't forget to capture the big reveal on film! Designate someone to take photos as the celebrant arrives, or hire a photographer to do it all for you.

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Decades Theme

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Throw it back to the good ol’ days with a charming vintage-themed party. Create a nostalgic party environment with vintage decorations from the decade of their choosing, including antique furniture, retro signage, and old-school dinnerware.

Encourage guests to embrace the era by dressing in vintage attire, and don’t forget to serve classic dishes and beverages reminiscent of the celebrant's youth.

Garden Party

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Choose a scenic venue with ample outdoor space for guests to mingle and enjoy nature. Decorate the garden with string lights, cozy seating areas, and plenty of florals.

Consult a caterer and a bartender and curate a menu of refreshing drinks, light bites, and a delish 70th birthday cake. Depending on your location, you could even organize getting a food truck instead!

You might also want to consider musical entertainment, like a jazz band or a soloist, to help set the tone of the celebration.

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Destination Birthday

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What better 70th birthday gift could there be for a travel-lover than an exciting trip abroad? Consider where in the world the guest of honor has always wanted to visit, and plan a 70th birthday adventure.

Coordinate travel arrangements, accommodations, and activities that cater to their interests, and don't forget your passports! 

Wine Tasting

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If your birthday celebrant is into wine, host a fancy-shmancy wine tasting and celebrate in style. Coordinate with a sommelier to set up a tasting station with a variety of wines, elegant glasses, tasting notes, and palate cleansers.

Encourage guests to engage in a guided tasting experience, exploring the flavors, aromas, and nuances of each wine. Think of appropriate food pairings for each vino, and don't forget to raise a toast to the birthday guy or gal.

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Family Reunion

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A 70th birthday is the perfect milestone birthday to host a family reunion. Send invites out to relatives from all over the globe, wherever they may be.

If there are youngins on the guest list, make sure to prepare kid's entertainment for them, too. Try setting up a face painting station or get a balloon twister to come join in on the action! 

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Weekend Getaway

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Whether it be a spa retreat, a quaint bed and breakfast stay, or a wine tour, plan a weekend vacay for the 70th birthday celebrant's big day. Invite their closest friends and family for a mini adventure and enjoy a fun lil' getaway.  

Cooking Class

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Learn something new together by setting up a cooking class for their 70th birthday celebration. Hire a professional chef or culinary instructor to lead the class, and set up individual cooking stations with all the necessary ingredients and tools.

The birthday celebrant and their guests will get to enjoy a hands-on cooking experience followed by a delicious meal they prepared themselves! 

Spa Retreat

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Treat your beloved 70-year-old-to-be on a rejuvinating spa day. Make a reservation, and don't hesitate to book a variety of treatments, like facials, mud masks, and massages.

Invite their closest friends to join them for a luxurious day of pampering, and allow the birthday celebrant to feel refreshed, renewed, and celebrated! 

Dinner Party

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When it comes to 70th birthday ideas, you can't go wrong with a dinner party. Good company and delicious eats? Foolproof.

If you want to make it extra special, hire a caterer or get a chocolate fountain to accompany the 70th birthday cake. Alternatively, you could always turn it into a potluck and assign courses to each guest to keep things budget-friendly. 

Boat Cruise

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Sail off together on a scenic seabound journey, surrounded by gorgeous views and the company of loved ones.

Enjoy refreshing drinks in the sunshine, along with lively entertainment — most cruise ships will offer a variety of shows, including live music, comedy acts, and dance parties.

Golf Outing

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So your guest of honor likes to golf, huh? Well then it's a no-brainer, really: Gather fellow golf enthusiasts and celebrate on the green!

If going to a golf course isn't a viable option, you could always host a series of outdoor games in the birthday celebrant's backyard or celebrate at a park instead.

High Tea Party

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When it comes to hosting a high tea birthday party, think fine china, finger sandwiches, scones, and the guest of honor’s favorite pastries and cakes. As for decorations? Florals galore! Consider hiring a florist if you really want to take it to the next level. 

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Family Photo Session

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Hire a photographer or rent out a photo booth to properly capture this milestone birthday. Gather together in a picturesque location, like a park, garden, or the birthday celebrant's favorite outdoor space.

Pro Tip: Coordinate outfits so everyone is on the same page. Go as far as picking a color scheme to avoid clashing! 

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Costume Party

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Add a fun twist to your 70th birthday celebration by throwing a costume party. Whether you choose a theme or allow guests to wing it, make sure the dresscode is clearly stated on the 70th birthday invitations — you don't want anyone to feel left out of the festivities!  

Private Concert

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Wish the celebrant a happy 70th birthday by organizing a private concert at their party. Whether you hire a rock band or flamenco duo, make sure you take the guest of honor's musical taste into consideration. 

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Rock 'n' Roll Party

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So you want to kick off the birthday festivities with a rock 'n' roll theme? Set the stage with vibrant decorations, like guitars, records, and music posters.

Play classic rock hits, and even encourage guests to dress up as iconic rock stars. Consider hiring an Elvis impersonator if you know the birthday celebrant has always been a fan! 

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Helicopter Tour

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For an extra special 70th birthday gift, book a helicopter tour and take your celebrant on the ride of a lifetime.

It'll give them spectacular views that can't be replicated on the ground, and provide them with an experience that maybe they've always wanted to check off of their bucket list. 

Nautical Party

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If the birthday celebrtant is into sailing, celebrate together with a nautical-themed 70th birthday party! Incorporate charming decorations like brass candleholders, marine signal flags, stripes, ropes, and anchors.

Set the dress code to navy, red, and white to complete the maritime ambiance, and serve nautical-themed beverages like dark 'n' stormies.  

Fishing Trip

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Gather close family and friends and plan a 70th birthday fishing excursion for your loved one this year. Depending on where you live, you could do a day trip, go camping, or make it a weekend getaway at a cottage by a lake.

It's a great option for 70th birthday ideas for summer celebrating, but you could just as easily replicate it in the winter with an ice fishing trip, too! 

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