Aprés Ski party themed inspiration and ideas

Aprés Ski Party Theme

Embrace the winter with this festive party theme.

About the Theme

Aprés ski is defined as the social activity after a day's skiing (usually at a ski lodge). We didn’t even make that up—that’s the true definition as provided by good old Merriam-Webster. The dictionary is telling you to let loose, so you must oblige.

Re-create ski lodge vibes with winter decorations. Hang up paper snowflakes, serve warm cocktails and food that help partygoers get cozy, and advise guests to come in their best snow bunny attire. Most importantly, don’t forget the fireplace. Even if you don’t have one, there are plenty of animated fireplace YouTube videos you can play on a TV.

VIBE: Whimsical


Venue Settings


Host your party in an elevated space like a penthouse or rooftop bar so you can at least fake like you’re up high in the mountains. A penthouse will provide a rented accommodations feeling, while a rooftop bar will have vibes more similar to a ski lodge.


Cover Band

Get people up and moving with a live musical performance. A cover band is sure to hit on all the crowd favorites.

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Soup and Grilled Cheese Bar

Is there anything more comforting than steaming soup and a melty grilled cheese while you’re surrounded by snow?

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Mulled Wine

Often infused with cinnamon and orange, this red wine cocktail has a soothing spice to it.

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Minibar Delivery

Creative Detail

Shot Ski

That’s right, aprés ski would not be complete without one of these entertaining shot vessels.


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