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Casino Party Theme

Go big or go home.

About the Theme

Craft a night of fun and friendly gambling with a casino party. Thanks to the endless card and casino game options, this theme is great for a guest list who may be relatively unfamiliar with each other—nothing breaks the ice like a common enemy (aka the dealer). Introduce some lighthearted competition by giving everyone a certain amount of chips as they enter the party, then have prizes for guests who have won the most chips by the end of the night.

Looking to elevate your game night into a more glamorous affair? Give it a Monte Carlo spin by suggesting a black tie dress code.

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Venue Settings

Country Club

A modern country club space will likely be along the lines of a ballroom or banquet hall, and it will have plenty of tables and chairs that can be used for tabletop games.


Casino Game Rental

You could probably handle some card decks and chips, but leave the larger scale casino-grade equipment, like roulette wheels and slot machines, to the professionals.

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All-American finger foods like burgers are a casino staple. Shrink them down to appetizer sizes so guests can easily snack and play without having to sit down for a whole meal.

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When you’re feeling a little down on your luck, there’s nothing like the refreshing bite of a mojito to pick you back up.

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Creative Detail

Card Suit Décor

Play with club, heart, diamond and spade shapes in your food, decorations and paper goods like invitations, menus and thank-you cards.

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Creative Detail

Cigar Bar

Most casinos are known for lenient tobacco rules. Of course, check with your event venue before planning anything official on the cigar front.

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