Glam Galentine’s Day Brunch Party Theme

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About the Theme

Sometimes Galentine's parties are celebrated in pajamas, sometimes they’re celebrated in sequins—have fun with it! This holiday (made-up or not) is meant to bring friends together for food and fun, whether that means a casual sleepover or a glamorous fete.

In this fancy Galentine get-together, cocktail party meets afternoon brunch, with a very impressive champagne station, dessert bar, whimsical decorations and a statement-making naked cake.

OCCASION: Galentine's Day Party

VIBE: Romantic

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Venue Settings

Cocktail Bar

For a full-on boozy brunch experience, let a proper cocktail bar take care of the menu and the drinks. (Besides, that means you get to skip the cleanup and cooking!)



Sure, there are plenty of stories of past dates to fill the time, but how throwing some predictions of what’s to come into the mix? Or maybe interpreting a romantic dream? Regardless of relationship status, everyone can participate in a personalized love life reading from a psychic.

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Dessert Bar

Don’t skip on the sweets! A small dessert station that follows brunch is a great way to end the celebration. Have to-go bags on the ready that can double as take-home favors.

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Even if you opt for a few bottles of champagne over a signature cocktail, that doesn’t mean you lose out on personalization: ask for an ice bucket for the table and bring your own DIY floral ice cubes to dress up the presentation.

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Creative Detail


A birthday isn’t the only party that gets cake. A red heart-shaped naked cake is the perfect centerpiece for a Galentine’s Day dessert table.

Creative Detail

Floral Arrangements

This DIY twist on florals is a fresh way to add color to a background. Use plant ties or garden wire to wrap a few garlands of lemon leaf or eucalyptus around a wood hoop (found in most craft stores) and add a few fresh blooms for color.

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