Mommy to Bee Baby Shower Party Theme

Mommy to Bee Baby Shower

About the Theme

Did you hear the buzz? There’s a baby on the way! Celebrate with this bee-inspired baby shower. This theme is easy to DIY and it’s trendy too, with the help of a yellow and black color palette and a touch of honey.

This mommy-to-bee theme takes a sweet, natural approach. Host your party in an outdoor area, such as a garden, to take advantage of the blooming flowers and natural, organic whimsy. If you want to kick this baby shower up to the next level, consider hiring a low-key ukulele player to strum through the afternoon while guests indulge in a coffee and dessert bar. Decorate your “hive” with a photo wall, floral decorations and plenty of honeycomb hexagon motifs.

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Venue Settings

Private Garden

If you have a backyard suited to a get-together, dress up the space with a few rental tables and fresh flowers. If not, consider booking a party space that has an outdoor garden area—a garden is pretty aesthetically on the nose for this theme, and it’s practical. There’s plenty of room for kids to run around, and a floral background that will make for some gorgeous pictures.


Ukulele Player

Make your baby shower standout with a unique musical element that guests will remember. A ukulele player will add a layer of ambience with natural, low-key background music. Plus, ukuleles are tiny, and thus objectively cute! Like bumblebees. And babies.

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Dessert Bar

There’s nothing sweeter than honey… except for a dessert bar. With different cakes, cookies, and snacks that are honey, floral, or bee-inspired, guests can enjoy a variety of garden flavors.

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Coffee Bar

Nothing pairs with dessert like coffee. Make your coffee bar stand out by adding flavors you wouldn’t drink every day—and round it out with a few non-caffeinated tea options too. The finishing touch? Add a few liqueurs to the mix, plus regular creamers like caramel, chocolate, pumpkin spice and butterscotch.

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Creative Detail

Kids Table

Keep the kiddos occupied with this interactive kids table—cover the tabletop in a roll of kraft paper and toss in a few boxes of crayons. Kids can experiment on a blank canvas while adults chatter; the perfect ecosystem for everyone.

Creative Detail

Party Favors

Thank guests with a little self-care. Beeswax is an all-natural moisturizer, and works especially well on the lips. These homemade beeswax lip balms are complete with a pun and sure to say thank you before the thank-you notes reach guests’ mailboxes.

Creative Detail

Photo Wall

Get everyone’s best angles with a little help from this outdoor photo wall. The pale yellow honeycomb pops perfectly with the slate gray, and subtly frames each picture. And after the party, this cute decor piece can be repurposed in the nursery.

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