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Midsummer Night's Dream Party Theme

Meet by the moonlight.

About the Theme

For a whimsical summertime celebration, recreate the magical garden setting described in Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. This aesthetic is meant to feel earthy and fanciful, so think about nature-inspired decorative accents, like tablescapes with succulents and lush moss garlands. To really get your guests into the “merry wanderers of the night” mood, submerge them in the experience by including Shakespearean language wherever you can: on invitations, food menus or labels and a creative signature cocktail name.

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Venue Settings

Botanical Gardens

A botanical garden is the most picturesque location for this lush summer party. Let Mother Nature do the decorating, the mix of flora and fauna lends itself to the magical decor your party requires—no fairies needed.


Acoustic Guitarist

Set the ambiance with subtle background music for this enchanted Midsummer night. An acoustic guitarist will lend to the whimsical theme by strumming classical favorites throughout the event.

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This light and sweet meringue confection is a satisfying, delicate dessert suitable for the summer season. Play around with fun flavors like chocolate, rose petal, pistachio, passionfruit and more. With so many to choose from your guests will certainly find the one of their dreams.

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Absinthe Drip Cocktail

Is any cocktail more fitting than the green fairy? Nicknamed for the visions and dream-like experiences that were associated (but were eventually disproved) with this green sip, absinthe is a licorice-flavored liquor that can be spun into a variety of different cocktails.

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Creative Detail

Alternative Seating

Create the ultimate laid-back woodland vibe with a low communal table. To warm up the space pull in cozy elements: oversized floor pillows, ottomans and a plush rug will tie the space together while providing lux comfort for your guests.

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Creative Detail

String Lights

Light up your garden at twilight with a simple, yet statement-making decoration. Weave string lights into the garden greenery to create a DIY chandelier and create a sense of consistency by using smaller lights around the perimeter.

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