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Coachella Party Theme

Good music, good food, good vibes.

About the Theme

If you want great music, Instagram-worthy food and good vibes to be the pillars of your event, get inspired by one of the trendiest music festivals on the scene: Coachella.

After all, the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival is one of the nation’s hottest events. This extravaganza spans two weekends in Indio, California, where music lovers flock to see their favorite artists take the stage. But this festival offers more than just music. There’s a whole artsy vibe that encompasses the experience, from the Coachella-themed outfits to the whimsical elements.

Transform your next party into this dreamy art and music festival. Using bohemian influences, decorate with mismatched dreamcatchers, macrame elements like hanging planters and create a laid-back lounge area with vibrant blankets and cushions for guests to relax.

Don a flowy dress and tuck some flowers in your hair and you’ll be all set to host the ultimate Coachella-themed party this side of the desert.

VIBE: Bohemian


Venue Settings


Warehouses have “party” written all over them. The vaulted ceilings and massive windows create a naturally-lit, nature-adjacent atmosphere for this event. The space also has plenty of room for festival-like shenanigans like hoola hooping and dancing.


Why stay indoors when you can host your own Coachella-themed party right in your backyard? Set up an assortment of mix-matched pillows and blankets and even some hammocks where your guests can lounge around and sip cocktails. You can also set up a tented area or two for some shade. And don’t forget to make plenty of room for dancing. But if you don’t have outdoor space of your own, no need to fret. Simply head over to your local park, waterfront area or beach to claim your own party spot.


Body Painting Artist

Self expression of personal style is as important as musicHire a body painter to capture the free-spirited nature of this event with designs for everyone.


You already know everyone is going to look their best in their Coachella-themed outfits, so be sure to get it all on film. Hire a local photographer to capture all your special moments as you and your best friends dance and laugh the day away. After your party, you’ll be so glad you have photos to remember this party forever. Not to mention, your Instagram feed is going to look incredible.

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Music should be the focal point. The Coachella lineup is always an eclectic mix of rap, alternative bands, EDM artists and more. A DJ can spin all the hits from different artists and genres.


Another option is to hire a local band to perform hits you would hear at Coachella. Go with a lively, energetic band or a more laid-back acoustic set. You’re sure to find a musician who will give off Coachella vibes.


If you don’t go the DJ or musician route, you’re going to want to make sure you have a jammin’ playlist and a good sound system. Make your own playlists or browse Spotify for Coachella-inspired mixes. You can also ask your guests to queue up their favorite tunes to ensure everyone gets in the mood to dance.

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Food Tent

Coachella is famous for its outrageous food options; the kind of food you thought only existed on social media. Set up a couple different food stations in a tented area (or use a low maintenance canopy for a faux tent setup) to recreate this Californian desert experience.

Offer light snacks (street tacos, vegan ramen, acai bowls), hearty dishes (hand crafted burgers, wood-fired pizza), and a decadent dessert or two (ice cream-filled donuts).


Coachella is all about food trucks. Instead of spending all day cooking up grub, leave it to the professionals. Hire a local food truck to serve your guests. It’s easy, convenient and most importantly, delicious.

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Shandy Cocktails

Whether you mix your beer of choice with lemonade, ginger ale, or juice, this shandy cocktail is a refreshing crowd pleaser.


To master your Coachella theme, kick your cocktails up a notch by adding a whimsical element to them. Pour some sparkling wine into a champagne glass and top it off with some cotton candy. As the cotton candy melts, it’ll bring a pop of color to your cocktail. Another fun option is to place a frozen popsicle upside down into a glass of white or sparkling wine, giving your drink fruity and colorful flair. And the best part? They make the perfect props for your Instagram photos!

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Creative Detail

Flower Crown Bar

This floral party favor became widely popularized because of music festivals, so it’s only fitting to have them at this event. Have pre-made crowns or set up a DIY station where guests can customize their own look. A flower crown is the ultimate way to top off your Coachella-themed outfit.


Half the fun of attending Coachella is planning your outfit. So when it comes to nailing the Coachella theme, you’re going to want your guests to dress the part. On your invitations, request that everyone shows up in their best boho-inspired Coachella-themed outfits. Think loose, flowy outfits and plenty of fringe. Girls love pairing crop tops with maxi skirts or showing up in peasant dresses, while guys can’t go wrong with cut-offs, funky shirts and a handkerchief. As for shoes, skip the flip-flops and go for something more rustic like cowboy or ankle boots.


The best Coachella-themed parties feature light, airy and whimsical decorations. String twinkle lights around your venue for an ultra-dreamy feel. You can even hang macrame wall hangings from the ceilings or walls to embellish the bohemian aesthetic.


The famed music and arts festival takes place in the desert, so add some desert elements to make it feel like you’ve been transported into Coachella Valley. Pick up some real cacti and succulents as decorations and then give them to your guests as party favors at the end of the night. But if you don’t have much of a green thumb, go with cactus cut-outs or paper plates and napkins with cactus designs.


Set up a station where your guests can get tatted. No, we’re not talking about real tattoos, but rather temporary tattoos. Stock up on a variety of metallic temporary tattoos that come in silver, bronze and gold. You can find all kinds of designs that will match your Coachella theme, such as arrows, feathers and armbands.

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