Desert Oasis Baby Shower Party Theme

This party aint big enough for the two of us.

About the Theme

This gender-neutral baby shower is out of a mirage. Surround yourself with friends, family, and delightful desert decor to celebrate the newest addition to the family. Don’t happen to be from Western United States? Not to worry, no matter where you live, anyone can throw this Desert Oasis Baby Shower.

Stay out of the desert sun by partying under a canopy of sparkling string lights on a shaded rooftop bar. Decorate with blooming desert florals, crochet backdrops, and more cacti than the eye can count. Embrace the Ol’ West west by hiring a Western band. Get wild with a lemonade and dessert bar. Finally, say “see ya later, parter” with cactus party favors.

VIBE: Boho

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Venue Settings

Outdoor Bar

Desert accessibility is no issue here: an outdoor bar will work just fine. An indoor/outdoor venue captures the open air (lest we not forget the gift of air conditioning) and provides a desert-like canvas, minus the sand, dirt and snakes. Pump up the desert decor with cacti, linens, pinky florals and woven tapestries.


Western Band

While a man wearing a straw hat playing the harmonica in an old-timey jail cell is optimal… these western bands are a pretty great second. Have the band play some bluesy, acoustic music ballads as guests arrive, then get everyone dancing after dinner.

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Dessert Bar

A dessert display is a great aesthetic detail, and multi colored donuts will happily support your color scheme. Order gourmet donuts, cookies and a cake for a complete Western dessert bar. Consider unconventional, desert-inspired flavors like caramel flan, chocolate and cinnamon, and citrusy lemon and cream.

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Hydrate guests at your oasis with these infused lemonade drinks. Lemonade is a thirst quencher and can easily be blended with fruits, juices or alcohol to fit any theme. For your Western wonderland, try orange blossom, rosemary, peach slush or even whiskey lemonade.

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Creative Detail

Baby Shower Cake

Presented in front of this boho woven tapestry, this cake is simple and stylish. It fits right into the theme and will easily emphasize the color scheme with its cream and fruity garnishes. Like any cake, it’s best enjoyed during the much-anticipated gift-opening ceremony.

Creative Detail

Baby Shower Games

Have guests get creative with their vocab in this game, titled “Don’t Say Baby!” Every guest gets a pin at the beginning of the evening. If you hear someone say “baby,” you can take their pin. Whoever has the most pins at the end of the night is the winner! Little one! Gem! Blessing! Tot! Child! Desert flower! Bundle of Joy! You’re welcome, now go bring home the gold.

Creative Detail

Cactus Party Favors

Make the cactus centerpieces double as party favors by attaching a "thank you" tag to each plant. Yes, this is an easy way to get rid of the hundreds of plants you would otherwise be harboring afterwards; Yes, it is extremely low-maintenance; And of course, it is completely adorable.

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