Up, Up and Away Baby Shower Party Theme

Perfect for an explorer-to-be.

About the Theme

A little bit of wonderlust and a little bit of whimsy combine for this elegant up, up and away baby shower celebration. Decorate with mini hot air balloons, cloud-like cotton arrangements and lots of balloons. This theme is versatile for any type of gender, meaning it can be used for a boy or girl shower, or kept completely neutral.

If the parents-to-be are big globetrotters, try to weave their own experiences into the party. Each table can be named after a destination they’ve visited, or even a location on their bucket list. If there’s a guest book, ask guests to jot down travel recommendations for the family to take together.

OCCASION: Baby Shower

VIBE: Whimsical

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Venue Settings


The nice perk of hosting your event in a rented space like a ballroom is the extra furniture you’ll have at your disposal—so many tables! If you’re planning a sit-down meal, whether that’s brunch or dinner, you don’t want people balancing plates on their lap on your sofa.



A little bit of background music, anyone? Set the scene with live guitar music. The best thing about hiring a pro musician is their ability to read the crowd and play their set list accordingly, switching it up between, say, classical for background sound, then more uptempo jazzy melodies while eating.

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Self-Serve Food Station

When it comes to food, you can’t go wrong with a variety of fan favorites. A DIY-style food bar allows for guests to pick and choose whatever they want.

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Stock a mimosa bar with not only different fruit juices, but different fresh fruit garnishes too. Offer a range of different flavors, from tangy to sweet: blueberry, raspberry, strawberry, kiwi, pineapple and peach.

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Creative Detail

Baby Shower Cake

The baby shower cake is the perfect capstone to the celebration and a great opportunity to show off the theme. A hot air balloon topper is perfect for this up, up and away theme.

Creative Detail

Baby Shower Game

In addition to the cake, baby shower games are another opportunity to play up your theme. For any theme with a travel spin, this matching game is a cleaver challenge: translate the word “baby” into different languages and see who can guess the most correctly.

Creative Detail


For a lighter-than-air favor, give guests a take-home gift of cotton candy.

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