‘Twinkle Little Star’ Gender Reveal Party Theme

How we wonder what you are...

About the Theme

We love a good play on words, and this creative theme for a gender reveal party may be one of our favorites. The lyrics from “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” inspired the décor for this celebration. (More specifically, the line “...how I wonder what you are.”)

“This was less of a ‘reveal’ and more of an ‘experience,’” says the couple. “From the time we arrived we were immersed in excitement and infectious anticipation of what gender this baby would be. Music permeated the entire party and literally everyone was having the time of their life. This emotional rollercoaster-of-an-evening even turned into a dance party at the end of the night!”

OCCASION: Gender Reveal

VIBE: Whimsical

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Venue Settings

Outdoor Bar

This celebration transitioned from a seated meal to an impromptu dance party after the gender was revealed, so an outdoor party space had the perfect amount of room for tables, chairs and mingling.


Fortune Teller

Since a gender reveal party is all about seeing into the future, lean into the fun with a psychic who can give readings and predictions to all the guests, too.

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Food Truck

Food trucks are a casual alternative to passed hor d'oeuvres, and a great solution for a small space that doesn’t have room to set up a large food station.

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Frozen Cocktails

“Pink and blue frozen cocktails set the chill vibe for the evening,” says the couple. And not to be overlooked: those hilarious cups. (Custom cups are a perfect décor moment to show off a little personality.)

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Creative Detail

Gender Reveal

“When it came time for the reveal, everyone gathered in the front yard and were part of the display as a confetti cannon filled the sky with pink confetti,” says the couple. “There was pure joy in the air and everyone cried happy tears!”

Creative Detail

Gender Reveal Cake

The cake is a show piece of its own. As if the cake topper wasn’t enough, the two-tier confection is covered in metallic gold dots and pink and blue stars.

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