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Vintage Tea Party Theme

Cheers, dahling.

About the Theme

Being part of a bride tribe is a big deal—it’s both a special honor and a bit of an undertaking. This vintage tea party bridal shower also doubles as a bridesmaids reveal that celebrates the bridesmaids as much as it celebrates the bride-to-be. Guests were treated to a special luncheon filled with delicious food, tasty bubbly and personalized gifts.

Give your tea party a charming spin with an antique tablescape. Go thrifting at the local antique market to dig up old teapots, teacup and saucer sets and salad plates. Don’t worry about matching pieces together (the more eclectic, the better). Mismatched tableware means you’ll end up with a beautiful spectrum of colors and textures.

OCCASION: Bridal Shower and Bridesmaids Reveal

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Venue Settings


If weather permits, tea in a garden is always fitting. You can never be too sure about weather, so be sure to have a plan B backup just in case.



The easiest and most indisputable way to make your tea party the best tea party ever is to enchant guests with the musical harmonies of a harp. Come on, what can top that?

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Slice wraps into pinwheels to make for easy—but filling—finger food. Make sure to have a gluten-free wrap alternative and a vegetarian option for different dietary needs and preferences.

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Flowers in the ice bucket? Genius. Class up bottles of rosé by adding a few fresh blooms to the presentation. And of course, this goes without saying, there should be some tea as an option too.

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Creative Detail

Calligraphed Signage

Add some whimsy to the ambience with watercolor or calligraphed signage. Sweet sayings like “you’re my cup of tea” or “let’s get this par-tea started” are even cute ways to display a party’s hashtag.

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Creative Detail

Flower Crown Bar

We love a good DIY activity. Not only goes it give everyone something to do together, but they often double as take-home favors. Two birds.

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