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Kids Birthday Photos: 5 Reasons to Hire a Pro

Nicole Putorak

Hire a professional photographer for your kids' birthday photos. Why? Let’s face it…you’re not Anne Geddes. And your juggling skills are half that of the clown you booked for your kid’s party. So with all of the responsibility that comes with pulling off the perfect party, why would you even consider being the event photographer, too? We have an idea: You concentrate on the party. Our professional photographers will handle the pictures.... MORE

Posted June 27, 2018

Quinceañeras, an Entertainment Guide

Marta Block

A quinceañera is no ordinary birthday party. Celebrated in many Latin American countries and communities, the quinceañera (or 15th) birthday is a special coming of age celebration for girls. Think of it as a Sweet Sixteen crossed with a Bat Mitzvah crossed with a Debutante Ball, with a lot of fiesta thrown in!... MORE

Posted May 02, 2014

Tiffany Themed Sweet 16

Chelsea Pellegrino

If you're aiming for a party with glamour and glitz, look no further than the little blue box! Birthday girl Erica shows us that the Tiffany trademark makes for a creative sweet 16 idea. She really made the theme her own by transforming "Tiffany & Co." into "Erica & Co." The color scheme was, of course, blue and white, but it wouldn't be a Tiffany party without some sparkle! Hints of bling were everywhere, from the diamond shaped beads to the rhinestone-studded napkin holders. ... MORE

Posted December 19, 2013

5 Reasons Parents Trust GigMasters

Marissa Latshaw

Not until you're a parent do you understand what "time flies" really means - one minute they're in your arms, and the next they're driving your car. Celebrating special moments along the way gives us a chance to stop time. First birthdays, communions, bar mitzvahs, sweet sixteens, graduations -- these events bring our families together and create lasting happy memories. ... MORE

Posted December 11, 2013

Top Kids' Party Trends of 2012

Chelsea Pellegrino

Wondering what the latest and greatest trends are in the world of kids' parties? You've come to the right place! Children's parties may be for little guests, but they sure are big business! We've got the scoop on the top kids' party trends of 2012.... MORE

Posted April 12, 2013

Top 10 Kids' Party Trends of 2011

Nicole Steeger

Over the last two years, GigMasters has provided entertainment for over 8,000 kids’ parties. We happen to really love big parties for little guests. And it’s obvious that you do too – despite issues with the economy, the average amount spent on children’s party entertainment hasn’t changed over the past few years. It’s great to know that parents are still focused on creating amazing events for their children. ... MORE

Posted March 06, 2012

Sweet Sixteen Playlist: Top 10 Party Dance Songs

Nicole Steeger

Extravagant Sweet 16 parties are all the rage these days. Shows like MTV’s My Super Sweet 16 have made it cool to host huge parties that become the talk of the high school social scene. One of the key ingredients to throwing a Sweet 16 blow-out, is picking the right entertainment and music.  Selecting a great party DJ and creating a playlist that will keep guests dancing is crucial for party success with the teenage contingent. We have put together our top picks for party dance songs that should be on any DJ’s playlist for a Sweet 16 bash.... MORE

Posted August 24, 2011