Back to School Kick-Off

Brittany Anderson

Brittany Anderson


The end of summer can be a little disappointing for us all, especially our kids. However, it can be something to celebrate: new things to learn, reuniting with friends, and a little more “me” time for parents. School should be something to look forward too! Here are some tips on how to throw a great back-to-school party:

#1 Pick a back-to-school friendly date

School typically starts again in August or September. Look up when your child’s school begins session and set the party date within the first couple of weekends from then.


#2 Invite new friends!

Send invitations to all your kid’s friends, including: best friends, last year’s class, new classmates, and kids from the neighborhood. Include parents on the invitations to get to know your child’s community; you can talk about upcoming events for the school year, coordinate carpooling and playdates, and exchange contact information for emergency pick-up.


#3 Plan activities

Base the day’s fun on school-related subjects, such as art, science, and gym class! The variety will ensure that everyone has a blast doing something they love. Make your party an A+ event by booking entertainment from The Bash.


#4 Give useful party favors

Stick to the “school” theme by handing out practical party favors - crayons, pencils, erasers, stickers and more. This will help everyone kick off the year with a smile and make your party memorable all school year long.


#5 Donate

Give any leftover party supplies or favors to your kid’s teacher, they will appreciate it!


#6 Inspiration

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