Super Bowl Party 2021: A Step-By-Step Guide

Getting ready for this upcoming Super Bowl? Same! Check out this guide to help you plan.

Brittany Barber


Believe it or not — February is right around the corner, along with NFL's Super Bowl 55! You know what that means? It's time to start planning a killer 2021 Super Bowl party.

As we continue to navigate through COVID-19, we've got to make sure we're taking the right precautions when it comes to parties. With smaller guest lists, safe food handling, and social distancing to think about, it can be hard to imagine how you could sit back and actually enjoy the celebration.

That's where we come in! If you've been waiting all year for the Super Bowl, you can still have your party — you might just need to prepare a little differently this year. Even if you don't have Super Bowl tickets, we guarantee that you can still have a blast! From hiring virtual party entertainment to setting up your space, we've prepared a step-by-step guide on how to plan a super fun (and safe!) Super Bowl party.

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Here's how to throw a stellar Super Bowl party on February 7, 2021:

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Be Informed about COVID-19

The best thing you can do while you plan for your Super Bowl 2021 party is to stay up to date with COVID-19.  Organizations like WHO and CDC can help you figure out what's safe and what isn't — and whether or not your Super Bowl party should be celebrated virtually.

Guest List

Depending on the size of your party space, whether or not you'll be partying outside, and the rules in place for COVID-19 — expect your Super Bowl party to be a little smaller than years before. Don't worry, you can still have a bash with your current bubble! 

Send Invitations

NFL Playoff Bracket Super Bowl 55

Once you've figured out your guest list, it's time to send invitations! Now, don't be afraid of channelling some uber cheesy energy here — in fact, we encourage you to go over the top. This is the football game of all football games here! DIY football inspired paper invitations? Ridiculous football-themed e-cards? A flippin' singing telegram letting your pals know they're invited? Why! Not! Also include this 2021 NFL Playoff bracket for your guests to predict the winner.

Pro tip: Make sure to ask your guests to RSVP. Knowing an exact number can help you properly prepare — as well as ensure you're abiding by any COVID-19 regulations that may be in place. 

Party Snacks


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Along with the usual chips and dip, get a few football-inspired snacks onto the table too! Take a look at these football-shaped oreo treats, or this football rice crispy recipe for inspiration. 

In terms of social distancing, you'll want to skip any big sharing platters and opt for individual servings instead. Making a few dishes and plating them ahead of time will help to avoid any unnecessary food handling. Even asking your guests if they can bring their own containers can help avoid any confusion and cross-contamination. 

If you need help organizing and handling all the food, consider ordering from a local restaurant or caterer instead. Doing so will help manage individual servings, as well as support local businesses.

Party Drinks

If there's one thing you'll want to have plenty of on game day, it's beer. Easy to drink lagers seem to be the go-to for football watching, but feel free to stock up with an assortment. Don't forget to get some non-alcoholic beverages you can offer to guests who are underage, pregnant, or simply not drinking alcohol these days.

If you plan on doing cocktails (like Bloody Marys, for example) — make sure you're not playing bartender the entire time. Consider prebatching and storing the mix in pitchers, or hire a bartender to make sure your drinks are handled professionally. 



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Get your Super Bowl party space ready by hanging banners, streamers, and busting out the foam fingers! You can find awesome "Super Bowl Sunday" banners, decorative appetizer toppers, and other hilarious Super Bowl themed decor on Etsy. If you don't already have a pair of pom poms, try making your own with this DIY pom pom tutorial.



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Once your guests have RSVPed, make sure you have enough seating to accommodate everyone around the television. We recommend using whatever you have, even if that means bringing the patio furniture inside (or indoor furniture outside, if you're hosting in the backyard). If you're worried you won't have enough, consider renting a set or asking your guests to bring some portable, collapsable chairs! 

Sanitizing Stations

Set up a station at each entrance into the party area to make sure hands are clean all around. That means stocking up on sanitizer bottles and disinfectant wipes, and making sure you leave out a few trash bins for easy disposal. Keep a few smaller sanitizer bottles handy throughout the space too, so people always have easy access. 

Plan for Entertainment 


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Even though the big game (ahem, and the Super Bowl halftime show) are the main source of entertainment, it's never a bad idea to plan for a little extra fun. If the weather behaves, games like Cornhole or Bocce Ball are great options for people to play before the game actually starts. 

Consider even hiring some entertainment, like a caricaturist to draw portraits that your guests can take home. If kids will be present, a balloon twister, magician, or even a costumed character are great options too. Check! Them! Out!

Get Outside


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If the weather is temperate where you live in February, a great way to host your Super Bowl party is to have it outside. You can even watch the game outdoors if you have space and a projector. Check out our advice on how to host a party outdoors if you're interested in an in-depth guide. 

Take Photos

Don't forget to commemorate the big day with lots of photos! Whether that means pulling out your phones for selfies, hiring a photographer to snap some shots of the whole event, or even renting out a photo booth — make sure you get some good ones. 

Make it Virtual

Virtual Super Bowl Party

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Depending on the COVID-19 situation in your area, you may want to throw your Super Bowl party on Zoom, Google Hangouts, or whichever online platform you prefer. You can still watch the game, enjoy a few drinks, eat plenty of snacks, and have lots of fun with virtual entertainment (like a virtual caricaturist or magician). We have tons of tips on how to throw a virtual event —  if you're interested, go and check them out! 

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Require Guests to Get Tested

Ask your guests to get tested for COVID-19 a few days before the event. This will help ease any pre-party anxiety, and make sure no one inadvertently infects anyone else! 

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Published on 1/8/2021