30 End of Summer Party Ideas to Wrap Up the Season

It's time to start planning your end of summer soiree.

Lauren Miolene


We know, they’re the words you’ve dreaded hearing all season: “end of summer.” Who says this time of year has to be sad, though? Luckily, we’ve thought of the perfect way to help cope with the end of summer blues. You guessed it; it’s to host the most unforgettable end of summer party that will have everyone talking until next year!

Memorial Day, the 4th of July, and summer birthdays have come and gone, so one last celebration is in order before Labor Day. End the season on a high note and kickstart the fall with an unforgettable get-together for all your friends and family. We’ve put together a list of end of summer party ideas, fun themes, unique entertainment ideas, food and drinks, and tons of other inspiration for your summer soirée.

Keep reading for 30 end of summer party ideas…

Beverage Wall

End of summer party ideas: beverage wallVendor: Champagne Walls Phx

You can always serve drinks in coolers, but where’s the fun in that? If you’re feeling up for a DIY project to end the summer shenanigans, try your hand at building a beverage wall to serve the drinks in style. 

The Bash has talented event professionals that can help turn this vision into a reality. Browse our site to find local vendors that will build a one of a kind display. Any bottled beverage or glass can be used, everything from Topo Chico to champagne!

Block Party

End of summer party ideas: block partyPhoto: Monkey Business Images/shutterstock.com

Do you know what will make the end of the summer season unforgettable? A good, old-fashioned block party. Invite all your friends and neighbors to gather on the street for an epic summer bash, allowing the perfect opportunity for everyone to get to know each other. 

Organize a potluck of everyone's favorite summer dish, book a dunk tank for a little neighborly competition, and spend the afternoon at a wholesome end of summer block party.

Food Truck

End of summer party ideas: food truckVendor: Yankee Doodle Dandy’s - Best Chicken Tendies Ever

You’ve probably been grilling hot dogs and hamburgers all summer, right? Take a break from being behind the grill during this celebration and book food trucks for a unique end of summer party food idea. Browse various cuisines like Mexican, Italian, and Jamaican so guests can try a little bit of everything for their own food truck festival.

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Volleyball Tournament

End of summer party ideas: volleyball tournamentPhoto: Sergey Novikov/shutterstock.com

Encourage a little friendly competition and outdoor activity by hosting a volleyball tournament. Guests can create teams at the party and go head to head in a tournament style. Make a bracket on a large dry erase board to keep track of the winning team during the games.

Frozen Espresso Martinis

End of summer party ideas: frozen espresso martiniPhoto: Brent Hofacker/shutterstock.com

If you’ve jumped on the espresso martini trend, you’re going to love the summer version. This drink is your classic espresso martini recipe featuring vodka, coffee liqueur, and espresso, just blended together with ice for a caffeinated frozen cocktail. Garnish with coffee beans, chocolate syrup, and this frozen drink will be the perfect way to say “cheers” to the end of the season.

The Parent Trap Theme

To make this backyard end of summer party different from the rest, consider choosing a theme to set the tone for decor, entertainment, food and drinks, etc. One of our favorites is a Parent Trap theme party that focuses on the twin’s time at Camp Walden.

Play a few friendly rounds of poker, snack on Oreos dipped in peanut butter, and encourage guests to dress like the characters: Hallie, Annie, Chessy, Meredith, Elizabeth, and Nick!

The Parent Trap Theme Party Guide

Slip and Slide

End of summer party ideas: slip and slidePhoto: Brocreative/shutterstock.com

As the temperature rises, guests can cool off and partake in the water activities with a slip and slide. Assemble your own with a few tarps, dish soap, a hose, and pool tubes, but of course, The Bash has plenty of vendors to help you out! Browse our site to find party inflatables near you that have everything from slip and slides to moonbounces and obstacle courses.

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Ice Cream Sundae Bar

End of summer party ideas: ice cream sundae barPhoto: JeniFoto/shutterstock.com

Ice cream is the unofficial dessert of summer, so it only makes sense to have it at the end of summer theme party, right? Gather all the favorite flavors like chocolate, vanilla, cookies and cream, and arrange them with fun toppings. Guests will love building their ice cream cup with sprinkles, whipped cream, and a cherry on top.


End of summer party ideas: bartenderPhoto: Monkey Business Images/shutterstock.com

Don’t get stuck behind the bar during the last party of the season, leave it to the professionals! These mixologists specialize in crafting the perfect cocktail to keep guests happy and hydrated. With everything from espresso martinis to Shirley Temples, a bartender will be able to mix up drinks for partygoers of all ages.

Find a Bartender

Mini Carnival

End of summer party ideas: mini carnivalPhoto: Enrico Della Pietra/shutterstock.com

Bring the excitement of the carnival directly to your backyard with a mini carnival celebration. Start by renting carnival rides and games, and book themed entertainers including stilt walkers and human statues. Every carnival needs treats to match, so consider booking food carts that can serve cotton candy, fried pickles, and gooey caramel apples.

Outdoor Movie Night

End of summer party ideas: outdoor movie nightPhoto: New Africa/shutterstock.com

Play your favorite film on the big screen to wrap up the end of summer party festivities. Rent an inflatable screen to ensure everyone can watch outside, book a popcorn cart for a hot, buttery snack, and have plenty of cozy seating including chairs, blankets, and pillows.

Tie Dye

End of summer party ideas: tie dyePhoto: mayNakorn/shutterstock.com

Tie dye is a signature summertime activity because it provides entertainment and a little party favor for guests to take home afterwards. Gather plenty of white t-shirts, socks, scrunchies, anything else you want to add a pop of color to. For this end of summer party, we recommend including white crew neck sweatshirts so guests can create a new sweatshirt for their fall wardrobe and the upcoming chilly weather.

Pizza Party

End of summer party ideas: pizza partyPhoto: ZikG/shutterstock.com

An oldie but a goodie, who doesn’t love a pizza party? For this end of summer party activity, prep with pre-made pizza crusts, jars of pizza sauce, cheese, and other delicious toppings. Guests will have fun creating their own personalized pizza and enjoy their finished product. Get creative with flavors like pesto sauce, chicken, or even mashed potatoes! Bake the pizzas in an outdoor pizza oven, indoor oven, or this handy pizza oven kit for a charcoal grill.

Aperol Spritz

End of summer party ideas: aperol spritzPhoto: Fusionstudio/shutterstock.com

Aperol Spritzes are the unofficial drink of summer, and for good reason! This bubbly beverage is made using three parts Prosecco, two parts Aperol, and a splash of soda water. Serve over ice with a fresh orange slice for garnish that will make a perfect slide on your Instagram story. Swap the Aperol for Limoncello, Campari, or other fruity liqueur for a refreshing summertime drink.

Field Day

End of summer party ideas: field dayPhoto: Naypong Studio/shutterstock.com

Enjoy the final days of warm and sunny weather by hosting a field day at the end of summer party. Include classic games like tug of war, a water balloon toss, and a potato sack race. Add traditional sports to the activity list too like kickball, soccer, and capture the flag. Make sure to include this information in the end of summer party invitations so guests will wear comfortable clothing for a day of fun.

Pro tip: Consider booking a DJ to emcee the events in between games. This will ensure your end of summer field day party runs smoothly.


End of summer party ideas: bonfirePhoto: Dmytro Sheremeta/shutterstock.com

Hosting a bonfire is one of those quintessential summer activities that’s easy to include during your end of summer party. When the sun goes down and the temperature begins to drop, light up the fire pit. Then, make sure there is plenty of cozy seating so guests can enjoy the warmth on the cool summer night. S’mores are not mandatory, but highly encouraged for this end of summer party idea!

Outdoor Dinner Party

End of summer party ideas: outdoor dinner partyPhoto: Jacob Lund/shutterstock.com

Keep things low-key as the summer wraps up by hosting a classy outdoor dinner party with friends and family. Have a musical happy hour featuring an acoustic guitarist, singer, steel drummer or a one man band to serenade you during dinner.

If you’re feeling extra fancy, consider booking a caterer to prepare a delicious meal to symbolize the end of summer. Many catering teams on The Bash include waitstaff so you can have the dinner party you’ve always dreamed of, without ever having to get up from the table.

Tribute Band

End of summer party ideas: tribute bandVendor: Surfs Up

Live music is always a hit at a party, so consider booking a tribute band to end the summer on a high note. The Bash has a wide range of summertime tribute bands including everything from Jimmy Buffett for a Margaritaville inspired party to ABBA for a Mamma Mia bash. Start your search for the ultimate tribute band to match your end of summer party themes.

Find a Tribute Band

Final Pool Party

End of summer party ideas: final pool partyPhoto: Sergey Novikov/shutterstock.com

One last end of summer pool party is most definitely in order, so you’re going to want to level up for this one. Invite guests to bring their own unique pool float for “Floatchella,” book a special visit from pirate and mermaid characters to mingle with guests, or add glow sticks to the pool once the sun goes down for an unforgettable glow in the dark pool party.

Coastal Cowgirl Vibes

From Coastal Grandmother to Coastal Cowgirl, The Bash has everything you need to stay on top of the latest TikTok aesthetics. For the newest Coastal Cowgirl trend, book a country band to play your favorite tunes, have plenty of rosè, and wear your favorite summer outfit with a cowboy hat and boots to match!

Coastal Cowgirl Theme Party Guide

Picnic Party

End of summer party ideas: picnic partyPhoto: loreanto/shutterstock.com

Break out the basket and blankets for an end of summer picnic party! Keep the get-together intimate with friends by hosting this party in your garden, local park, or your favorite beach. Serve the classics like sandwiches, salads, and fresh lemonade while enjoying all of the outdoor vibes.

Photo Booth

End of summer party ideas: photo boothPhoto: Danielle MacInnes/shutterstock.com

Capture the smiles and laughs as the summer season comes to a close by booking a photo booth. Guests can pile into the camera frame with funny props and pose with friends as a special summer keepsake. The best part about photo booths is that the pictures can be printed immediately or sent electronically so you can post to your Instagram feed ASAP.

Find a Photo Booth

Seafood Boil

End of summer party ideas: seafood boilPhoto: P Kyriakos/shutterstock.com

Nothing says summer like a seafood dinner, so you might want to end the summer on this nautical note. The star of the show is obviously seafood, so choose from the classics like lobster tails, shrimp, mussels, clams, and crawfish. You’ll then want to add a few veggies to the pot like potatoes and corn. Boil these ingredients together with your choice of seasonings for a New England style seafood boil.

Line a table outside with newspaper or a plastic tablecloth because things are going to get messy! Order bibs on Amazon to stay on theme and protect guests’ clothes while they enjoy their butter soaked seafood feast.

Barbiecore Theme

End of summer party ideas: Barbiecore themePhoto: Cast Of Thousands/shutterstock.com

2023 was the official summer of Barbie, so stay up with the latest trends by leaning into all things pink. Dress up for the end of summer soirée in your best pink outfits, serve pink food and drinks, and consider booking a hair and makeup artist so everyone can feel like a Barbie doll for the day.

Barbie Theme Party Guide

Camping or Glamping

End of summer party ideas: camping or glampingPhoto: Moise Sebastian/shutterstock.com

Whether you enjoy the great outdoors while camping or would rather sleep in an air conditioned RV, glamping style, the end of summer is the perfect time for a trip. Pitch your tents in the backyard or set up camp inside close to all the amenities. No matter how you choose to partake in the activities, a camping party is the perfect way to wrap up the summer.

Jersey Shore Theme

Invite all your meatballs and prepare to fist pump the day away for a Jersey Shore themed party. Throwing things back to 2009, celebrate the end of the summer, Jersey Shore style with an Italian feast, jello shots, and plenty of space to get the final tan of the season in.

Jersey Shore Theme Party Guide

Soda Floats

End of summer party ideas: soda floatsPhoto: Julie Vader/shutterstock.com

Keep the drink options fun and refreshing at the end of summer bash by gathering all the materials for soda floats. Get creative with different flavors to discover delicious combinations like lemon sorbet with Sprite, raspberry ice cream with ginger ale, or of course the classic vanilla ice cream with root beer.

Summer Playlist

End of summer party ideas: summer playlistPhoto: Jacob Lund/shutterstock.com

End the summer with a bang by listening to our ultimate summer party playlist. We put together over 12 hours of songs including oldies classics and today's top hits that will bring all the good vibes to your end of season bash.

Fortune Teller

End of summer party ideas: fortune tellerPhoto: Tilted Hat Productions/shutterstock.com

See what the fall season has in store by inviting a fortune teller to join the end of summer party festivities. The Bash has other magical entertainment options including tarot card readers, psychics, palm readers, and more that will wow your guests.

Find a Fortune Teller

"Aloha, Summer" Theme

End of summer party ideas: aloha summer themePhoto: 4 PM production/shutterstock.com

In Hawaiian culture, “aloha” means hello and goodbye. So, one last tropical themed party will end the summer in style. Invite guests to wear their favorite floral print shirt, grass skirt, and coconut bras to help channel this summer aesthetic. To set this party apart from the rest, book hula dancers, fire eaters, and a ukulele player for a luau celebration.

Find more summer party ideas here on The Bash.

Published on 7/13/2023