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Hosting a Valentine's Day Party for the Kids

Mary Ellen Skawinski


Can you believe Valentine's Day is already right around the corner? Not to fear, PartyPail writer and web representative Jenny Franklin is here to share her advice on throwing a themed party for all your little sweethearts. Her main suggestion: keep it simple. Don't go overboard with your spending. The kids will have a blast just getting together after school for some quality playtime! Here's what else Jenny had to say...  

We may not always celebrate Valentine’s Day with our significant others as elaborately as we used to, but that’s no reason to overlook the holiday when it comes to celebrating it with our children. For one, Valentine’s Day lands on a Friday this year, the perfect day to throw a modest get-together after school. Let’s go over some of the necessities you’ll need to throw a fun party for your kids:

Creative Crafts


Start the party off with a hands-on craft. Have everything set up on a table with a disposable cloth (because we all know by now how unavoidable messes are at kids' parties!) Let them use their independent creativity on any of the following crafts:

  • Create heart-shaped bean bags for a fun game to play later (Note: Adult supervision will be necessary if they’ll be using a hot glue gun!) Try this easy, step-by-step guide from Make and Takes.
  • White paper cups to decorate with stickers or cut-and-paste Valentine’s Day shapes.
  • Decorate a shoe box for storing their Valentine cards.
  • Create a card for a special someone or member of the family.



Before having the kids sit down for a snack, get them up and active with a fun game. One of my personal favorites is a game called “Catch My Heart”. It's similar to "Hot Potato", where the children stand in a circle, throwing-distance apart. One player starts out with one of the heart-shaped bean bags (which is always extra exciting if they made the bean bags themselves during craft time). The child calls the name of another and tosses them the bean bag. This continues until everyone has gotten a chance to throw and catch. Once this is completed, add another bean bag into the mix. The number of children will dictate how many bean bags enter the circle. It’s a fun and low-maintenance game that the kids will enjoy playing.  

Sweets and Other Treats

After playing a game, it'll be time to rest and have a snack. There are many options to go with here, but some of the easiest and least messy include heart-shaped Rice Krispies treats, chocolate chip cookies, and sugar cookies, which the kids can decorate themselves with sprinkles and icing.


In the end, throwing a Valentine’s Day party is a great excuse for kids and parents to get together. Best of all, if you plan ahead and purchase party items like craft supplies, snack foods, and party favors in bulk, throwing one doesn’t have to break the bank. In additional to your child’s classmates, it’s always nice to invite the other children in the neighborhood. It’s a small gesture, but hosting a holiday party can really go far when it comes to forging solid relationships within the community. Not to mention your kids will love it, too!