Labor Day Party Ideas

Marta BlockContributor

Over the years, Memorial Day and Labor Day have come to be seen as three-day weekend bookends for the summer. Since Memorial Day comes at the start of the summer it's generally seen as more fun with backyard barbecues and pool parties dotting the landscape. But, if you think about it, Labor Day, the holiday that isn't about remembering those who died in war, should really be the party day. Labor Day began in the 1880s and is supposed to honor all the workers of the country. So, the best way to honor the spirit of Labor Day is to have a relaxing, no stress, no fuss party that requires as little work as possible for everyone. A relaxing backyard picnic, swim party or nicely air conditioned open house all fit the bill. For decorations use garden flowers, open bowls of fruit, or even just one piece of fruit as shown in the photos above from Rachael Ray. For food, again the theme is "save labor."

Grilling is the obvious choice, but a lot of people are a little burned out on hot dogs and hamburgers by this point of the summer. Why not try something new on the grill like Grilled Caesar Salad from Wicked Good Dinner or Real Mom Nutrition's idea, grilled pizza! If you can't even stand to turn on the grill again, then try an easy cold dishe like these fun looking Tuna Lettuce Wraps from Cheeky Kitchen. Who knew tuna could look so appetizing?

lettuce and tuna wrap

And for entertainment...well, obviously if you hire entertainment, someone is going to have to work. But entertainers aren't like the rest of us, they aren't happy unless they're working! Consider something that evokes the easy, no-work attitude you're trying to achieve like a Steel Drum, Reggae or Caribbean band.

What will you be doing this Labor Day?