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Fall Party Ideas

Drew Stoga


With all due respect to summer, I have to say that fall is now my favorite time of year. Once upon a time, summer was king.  It used to mean something. Basically summer meant no school. Now that summer means little more to me than having to crank up the office AC, I have a new favorite season - fall. For me fall (or autumn if you want to get fancy) means crisp air, sweatshirts, bonfires, foliage and great fall parties.

Here are a few fabulous fall party ideas to help you make the most of these next few magical months:

Harvest Party – Exactly what you picture when you close your eyes and imagine the perfect fall party.  Hayrides for the kids, spiced hard cider punch for the adults, and apple and pumpkin picking for everyone.

Oktoberfest – Try your hand at Bratwurst, German-Style Fried Potatoes and Wiener Schnitzel.   If you are really daring you can try brewing your own Oktoberfest beer.  That beer and schnitzel will go great with an authentic German band.  Prost! 

Tailgating Party – Whether or not you worship at the church of football, just about all of us can find common ground at a tailgate.  Who doesn’t love a burger or sausage off the grill?  Probably vegetarians, but you might be able keep them happy with Portobello burgers or grilled tofu skewers.

Remember, no matter what kind of party you throw – every event goes better with live entertainment and a party theme. (Find a fun party theme idea from The Bash!) Enjoy the fall and let us know your fall party ideas below.