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How To Host A Chinese New Year Party

Chelsea Pellegrino


If you are looking for a reason to celebrate in January, why not throw a party for the Chinese New Year which starts on January 31st? This is the most important holiday in Chinese culture and this year you too could welcome the Year of the Dragon with a fabulous party. The Chinese New Year focuses on bringing luck for the coming year and looking forward to spring’s arrival - both are great reasons to celebrate!

If you aren’t that well versed in Chinese culture, we can give you a crash course in planning a great Chinese New Year party.

Decorations: Party supply places like Oriental Trading will have everything from dragon decorations to chopsticks and paper lanterns. You can also visit your local Chinatown to find all sorts of goodies. These areas are always rich in culture and full of great shopping (especially when you are planning a Chinese New Year party). Picking up authentic decorations and Chinese décor would really add great flair to your party.

Food: You can’t host a Chinese New Year party without some Chinese dishes. Of course, you can keep things simple and serve your favorite Chinese food dishes, or you can branch out and try your hand at serving guests something new. For example, pork and ginger pot stickers would be a great party option, as would traditional Mandarin fried rice. Displaying and serving tangerines and oranges is also a good idea – doing so is said to bring wealth and luck. And of course, no Chinese New Year party would be complete without offering your guests some fabulous fortune cookies.

Activities:  If you are planning a gathering that involves the kids, it’s always a good idea to have some activities on hand to keep them entertained. Oriental Trading has a few different ready-to-go crafts that would be perfect for the little ones.  Color your own dragon masks, color your own Chinese calendars, and these Chinese New Year activity books are all great activity ideas for the kids that fit this theme.

Entertainment: It’s always a good idea to add entertainment, no matter what you are celebrating. Hiring a DJ or live band always livens up any festivity. If you want to include something special for the kids, you can hire a variety entertainer to show your tiny guests a great time.

We are wishing you luck and good fortune during the Year of the Dragon. Happy Chinese New Year!