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Kids Party Tip: The Just Because Party

Marta Block


Earlier this week we ran photos from a super sweet little girls' tea party. The party wasn't for a birthday, it was just because it's fun to throw a party. I think when children spent more time playing in their neighborhood it was much easier for them to put together their own "just because" party. But, with the way kids are scheduled today, if you want to try this idea out, it will take a little more parental effort. We have tips and they mainly involve, planning to be spontaneous! The whole beauty of a "just because" party is that it takes away the pressure of a once a year birthday party, so why not plan to throw one sometime when it doesn't have to be planned? If you keep simple craft supplies (construction paper, scizzors, glue, popsicle sticks, crayons) around kids can create decorations and invitations in a flash. Even if the only people invited are already there, making invitations adds to the creativity and fun of the party. If it's a rainy day party, creating invitations also helps you extend the time planning and throwing the party takes.

Unfortunately, live entertainment generally isn't available on the spur of the moment, but creating kid appropriate playlists for "tea party" "dance party" and "rainy day" ahead of time means you're ready to rock. Any food becomes more "party like" when served with a toothpick! Put fruit, veggies or candy on a toothpick. Make lunch time sandwiches more festive by cutting them in to tiny shapes with small cookie cutters, or again, use the magic toothpick! Use your spontaneous party as a chance to reach out to neighborhood children that your kids don't usually play with. Just like grownups, kids can get in a social rut and a spur of the moment party may give them an excuse to reach out to new kids. Join in the fun ... and allow some mess. For kids and adults parties change the social rules a little. They relax boundaries and let us interact in different ways. Whether your spontaneous party is just for your own kids or the whole neighborhood take advantage of this rare opportunity to socialize with your child in a different way.