No Spoilers Here: Surprise Party Planning Tips

Chelsea Pellegrino


SURPRISE – planning a party takes work, especially when you’re trying to keep it under wraps! Before planning a surprise party, you should ask yourself…does the person I’m planning this for actually like surprises?

If the answer is no, then you have an entirely different party to plan. If the answer is yes, we suggest you read on for our suggestions on entering stealth mode and putting together a spoiler-free surprise event.

  1. Skip the birthday – pick a discreet date.
    Plan the party for a time they would least expect it. You don’t have to stick to the actual celebratory date. This will help to keep the honoree from guessing.

  2. Don’t go it alone – find a co-conspirator who will help you plan.
    If you live with the guest of honor, your partner in crime can field RSVP’s and help with arrangements to get the honoree to the proper location on the day of the party.

  3. Tell everyone – except the guest of honor.
    Make sure everyone knows it’s a surprise party, including your vendors and entertainment. You don’t want anyone to spill the beans accidentally.
  4. Have a believable alibi – especially one that comes with appropriate attire.
    Create plans for your honoree that don’t seem too far-fetched, but make sure they require an outfit suitable for the party you’re throwing. Don’t tell your sister you’re going bowling and then surprise her at a 5 star restaurant.
  5. Hide the cars – plan for parking ahead of time.
    Don’t let your guests’ cars give away the big reveal. Arrange for parking near the event location, but make sure it is not visible to the guest of honor. Make sure to communicate the parking plan to all of your guests.

Crisis Control

So, someone blabbed about the party. Don’t worry, it’s not the end of the world!

  • Tell the guest of honor that yes, the plan was to surprise them, but unfortunately you weren’t able to book the venue in time. Plan an extra solid day-of-party alibi, and then continue forward with your surprise!
  • If possible, change the date! Of course, only do this if your plans get spoiled early on and you haven’t already booked a venue or sent the invitations.

You’re now armed with an arsenal of surprise party planning tools. Prepare for stealth mode! And, don't forget to find a party theme with The Bash.