Celebrate the Social Season with these Bridgerton Party Ideas

You'll burn for these classy Bridgerton party ideas.

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Dearest reader, with the new social season fast approaching, it will soon be time for you to whip out your newest frock from the modiste and prepare for a whirlwind of love, festivities, and of course, drama.

With the popularity of Netflix’s hit-show, many Bridgerton fans have wanted to travel back in time and experience the regency era depicted on their screens. Although there’s no time machine, we have some creative Bridgerton party ideas to help get you ready to celebrate the upcoming social season. Host a Bridgerton themed party and the society papers will be writing about you in no time!

Here is everything you need to host a Bridgerton themed party:

A Royal Venue

Banquet Hall

Banquet hall Bridgeton themed partyPhoto: IVASHstudio/shutterstock.com

What boasts opulence more than a luxurious banquet hall for your Bridgerton-inspired celebration? Crystal chandeliers, ornate molding, and gold detailing are some of the exquisite features you will find as you dance around the room. 

Make a grand entrance by walking through the double doors and transport yourself to a period of timeless elegance. If your budget allows, you could also host your party in a historical venue for that added 19th-century accuracy.


Garden venue Bridgeton themed partyPhoto: ARENA Creative/shutterstock.com

What boasts opulence more than a luxurious banquet hall for your Bridgerton-inspired celebration? Crystal chandeliers, ornate molding, and gold detailing are some of the exquisite features you will find as you dance around the room. 

Make a grand entrance by walking through the double doors and transport yourself to a period of timeless elegance. If your budget allows, you could also host your party in a historical venue for that added 19th-century accuracy.

Bridgerton Themed Party Entertainment & Activities

String Quartet

String quartet Bridgeton themed partyPhoto: Bogdan Sonjachnyj/shutterstock.com

Bridgerton is known for its iconic mash-up of classical sounds with the current chart-topping hits. You can embrace this new genre by hiring a string quartet to be the soundtrack to your event. No matter if your celebration is inside or outside, these talented musicians can add a flair of sophistication and romance to the party. 

Diamond of the Season

Diamond of the season Bridgeton themed partyPhoto: sumire8/shutterstock.com

Who do you think is worthy of being the Diamond of the Season at your celebration? Throughout the day, you should keep an eye out for the person who shows the most enviable qualities and exudes a unique charm that’s captivating.

At the end of your event, you can gather guests together and declare the Diamond of the Season who fits the title just as Queen Charlotte would. To make the moment even more special, you can also buy a tiara for them to wear.

Silhouette Artist

Photo: Emily Byrne

A silhouette artist will create a timeless piece of art, that fits perfectly as a period piece for a Bridgerton themed party. When you hire a silhouette artist, not only will they be a unique form of entertainment at your Bridgerton party, their art can also double as a take home party favor for guests.

Country Dance

Country dance Bridgeton themed partyPhoto: Pavel L Photo and Video/shutterstock.com

With the show’s impressive dance scenes, you can take inspiration by dancing the night away and laughing with guests at your formal event. One dance that the Bridgerton family is fond of, which is known to lift spirits and bring harmony, is the fun country dance. 

This routine requires a dance master who will shout out the dance moves people have to do, so participants don’t need to know it beforehand. If you would like to be the dance master and get your guests on their feet, follow this in-depth article by George Runs to get started.


Pall-mall Bridgeton themed partyPhoto: Robert Hale/shutterstock.com

Keep the Bridgerton family sporting tradition going with a competitive game of pall-mall. This game idea is especially good for an outdoor party with a lot of space. Pall-Mall was a popular game played by the higher social classes in the 16th and 17th century. 

It might be a bit complicated and outdated, so as a replacement, you could play its modern version which is croquet. If you’ve never played before and would like to learn, here’s an article by Master of Games with the rules.

Guess Lady Whistledown

Guess Lady Whistledown Bridgeton themed partyPhoto: Triff/shutterstock.com

Leave your guests wondering by playing the game Guess The Lady Whistledown. As your guests arrive, let them pick out a random piece of paper from a bowl. Most people will receive a piece that says “Attendee,” but one person will have the name “Lady Whistledown” with a list of things they must say or do to stir up the event. 

It can be fun ideas, for example, doing an impersonation of one of the characters in Bridgerton or something daring like getting people up to dance. Once everyone is settled, and the festivities are ready to begin, warn your guests that the distinguished author is near and to guess at the end who they think was acting suspiciously as Lady Whistledown.

More Bridgerton Party Ideas 

Creative Details 


Catering Bridgeton themed partyPhoto: eukukulka/shutterstock.com

Hosting a successful event and making all the food can be a challenge to juggle. To alleviate the stress, you can hire a catering company to provide delicious food right at your venue. Whether you want the caterers to serve a range of afternoon tea delights or hors d'oeuvres on a silver platter, they can make it happen. Depending on the business, they can also offer professional servers dressed in formal attire to assist in food distribution. 

Event Rentals

Event rentals Bridgeton themed partyPhoto: Andrey Nastasenko/shutterstock.com

For those who want to throw a memorable event on a budget, event rentals are the way to go. Rental companies give you the freedom to design the party you’ve always envisioned with their extensive selection of products. You can find the basics, such as tables and chairs, to more elaborate items, like signs and photo backdrops. Another reason they are useful is that you can select the pieces you want without worrying about keeping them after the celebration. 

Ball Gowns

Ball gowns Bridgeton themed partyPhoto: AleksZ Photo/shutterstock.com

With a new social event coming up, it’s time to go to the modiste and find an exquisite dress that will fit the occasion. However, in modern times you might find a better option online or in a store. Wherever you decide to get your attire, make sure that it fulfills your regal fantasy and is something that even Madam Delacroix would be in awe of. Don’t forget your white gloves!


Florals Bridgeton themed partyPhoto: Oksana.Bondar/shutterstock.com

Transport your guests to a magical setting with beautiful flowers and arrangements. Throughout the show, there is an abundance of florals in the set’s design. From the growing shrubbery around the Bridgerton household and manicured gardens to vases of flowers in the living room and extravagant arrangements in ballrooms, they all aim to enrich the location.

If you don’t have a big budget to buy several flower items but still want the same whimsical effect, you can rent or make your own flower wall. These charming walls can be placed anywhere in your venue and make for a lovely photo opportunity.

Fine China

Fine China Bridgeton themed partyPhoto: Kondor83/shutterstock.com

At a special occasion such as your Bridgerton-inspired party, only the finest of china deserves to be brought out. By using delicate pieces of china tea cups, you and your guests will be able to sip your tea like royalty. 

With so many delightful styles and patterns to choose from, it will be difficult to select which set to use. Some people might have a collection passed down to them by a relative, but if not, you can locate a number of them online, including this wonderful set from Etsy.

Romantic Uplighting

Romantic Uplighting Bridgeton themed partyPhoto: RomeoLu/shutterstock.com

Although it would be amazing to have candles hanging from chandeliers to create a romantic atmosphere at your party, it might not be safe. Instead, why not combine the 19th century with the 21st century by having professional uplighting to enhance your celebration? 

Not only will the uplighting provide a romantic ambiance, but it will also make your event design flow better, as it can fit into any color scheme. 

Bridgerton Themed Party Food Ideas


Cake Bridgeton themed partyPhoto: fotomarisha/shutterstock.com

Besides shocking drama and steamy romance scenes, the delectable array of confectionaries shown on screen is another reason why people can’t stop watching the show. From pyramids of macarons and candied fruit to towers of profiteroles and meringues, the selection goes on and on. 

One thing that is always ready to go in every Grosvenor Square household, no matter if it’s for unexpected visitors or a wedding, is cake. Your event should be no different, as everyone loves celebrating with a big slice of yummy cake.

Finger Sandwiches

Finger sandwiches Bridgeton themed partyPhoto: SewCream/shutterstock.com

If you’re having a regal tea time and want some savory options to put on your tiered cake stand, finger sandwiches are a tasty choice. You can make an assortment of fillings and put them on your favorite type of bread. 

This type of finger food is delicate, making you feel more elegant and sophisticated when eating with one hand. If any guests have dietary requirements, make sure that there are some sandwiches available that cater to their needs. 


Scones Bridgeton themed partyPhoto: Magdanatka/shutterstock.com

If you want a British classic to go alongside your warm cup of tea, you can make buttery scones that fall apart in the mouth. Traditionally, scones would have dried fruit in them, but you can make a variety of different flavors, such as pumpkin, red velvet, matcha, and even oreo! 

To stay on the sovereign theme for your Bridgerton-inspired party, Buckingham Palace has recently released its recipe for royally approved scones. For more details, you can follow this informational recipe by Unpeeled.

Bridgerton Theme Party Drink Ideas

Bourbon Whiskey

Bourbon whiskey Bridgeton themed partyPhoto: L.O.N Dslr Camera/shutterstock.com

In the show, it is known that Anthony Bridgerton and The Duke's drink of choice is bourbon neat. Frequent visitors to the Gentlemen’s Club would appreciate a glass of fine bourbon to sip on as the evening settles in. 

However, this beverage of choice might not be to everyone's taste, so as an alternative, you could serve whiskey sours. It has a lightly sweet and lemony flavor that will definitely delight guests. You can find the measurements and recipe here by Jamie Oliver for guidance.


Tea Bridgeton themed partyPhoto: Miramiska/shutterstock.com

Would it be a Bridgerton-inspired party if you didn’t whip out your finest china for an elegant cup of tea while discussing niceties and local gossip? If not, make sure that you have a tea tray ready for guests to enjoy while relaxing in the festivities atmosphere. As well as the classic English breakfast tea, you can also serve guests Ms. Kate Sharma’s favorite Masala Chai tea. If you would like to make this spiced tea, here’s a recipe by Feasting at Home.

Pomegranate Royal Champagne Cocktail

Pomegranate royal champagne cocktail Bridgeton themed partyPhoto: Oksana Mizina/shutterstock.com

If you want to add a twist at your event that will wow your guests, this next drink is for you. The pomegranate royal champagne cocktail is sure to tantalize taste buds with its fruity flavor and rich red color. 

Made from vodka, Chambord, champagne, simple syrup, pomegranate, and lemon juice, this drink is easy and quick to make. You and your guests can also use this beverage as a chance to raise a toast and make your royal speech. For more details about the measurements, you can follow the recipe by Real Simple.

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Published on 4/28/2023