47 Trendy Summer Party Ideas for 2024

These easy summer party ideas are sure to kick it up a notch this year.

Lauren Miolene


Let the party planning for summer 2024 commence! Between exciting holidays, milestone events, birthday parties, and other seasonal get-togethers, there is always a reason to celebrate with friends and family over the summer. Plan a special get-together that isn't for Memorial Day or the 4th of July with these trendy summer party ideas that are sure to be Instagram-worthy.

Keeping up with the latest trends is a full time job, and that’s why we’re here to help. Make this year’s festivities and dinner parties extra special by incorporating fun decor, new food crazes, summer party themes, and unique summer party ideas ideas to match.

1. Margaritaville Party Theme

summer party ideas - Margaritaville themePhoto: Ralf Liebhold/shutterstock.com

You heard it from Jimmy Buffett first; it's 5 o'clock somewhere. Bring the island vibes directly to your backyard this summer and honor Jimmy with the ultimate Margaritaville themed party. To get started, you'll obviously need live music and maybe even karaoke to set the tone and play Jimmy's classic hits.

Serve Margaritaville inspired food and drinks including tropical cocktails and mocktails, cheeseburgers in paradise, and crispy coconut shrimp. In addition to all the island decor, you're definitely going to want to set up a tiki bar to serve up endless frozen margaritas.

Margaritaville Theme Party Ideas

2. Amalfi Coast Theme

summer party ideas - Amalfi Coast themePhoto: Brett Taylor Photography/shutterstock.com

If you’re searching for summer theme party ideas, transport your guests to the gorgeous coast of Italy by transforming your backyard into Amalfi. Use the iconic blue and white color scheme within your decorations, serve Italian dishes like chicken piccata, seafood risotto, and fresh meat and cheese. Don’t forget to include plenty of lemon details like scented candles, serve chilled limoncello, and of course the famous lemon sorbet. To really complete the Amalfi Coast summer party theme, book a traditional Italian singer or band that will create a lovely ambience.

3. Outdoor Hibachi

summer party ideas - outdoor hibachiPhoto: Elen Marlen/shutterstock.com

Outdoor hibachi parties have been trending all over social media recently. All you do is book a mobile hibachi chef, set up seating and place settings, and enjoy the show! Guests will have a great time catching veggies in their mouth, drinking saki, and watching the traditional hibachi cooking experience. For an added touch, get takeout food containers and chopsticks so your friends can bring their leftover hibachi home.

4. Block Party

summer party ideas - block partyPhoto: Monkey Business Images/shutterstock.com

If you’ve ever thought about organizing a block party in your neighborhood, summer 2024 is the perfect opportunity. Fill your block party with classic summer party ideas like a water slide, balloon twister, and even a face painter. You’ll also want to incorporate plenty of classic summer party food ideas like hot dogs and hamburgers, pasta salad, and other grilled favorites.

Block Party Planning Guide

5. Cookie Dough Bar

summer party ideas - cookie dough barPhoto: Nick Lundgren/shutterstock.com

While an ice cream sundae bar is one of the quintessential summer party food ideas, organize a cookie dough bar at this summer party to really impress guests. For this party treat, whip up a big batch of edible sugar cookie dough to use as the base. Guests can then scoop their dough and mix in all of their favorite toppings like chocolate chips, rainbow sprinkles, or chocolate peanut butter cups.

6. Bridgerton Tea Party

summer party ideas - Bridgerton themePhoto: SeventyFour/shutterstock.com

With the latest season coming out in the spring, we predict Bridgerton is going to be a popular summer party theme this year. Organize a Regency Era inspired tea party filled with plenty of scones, champagne, and of course, tea. Encourage guests to wear floral attire and set the tone with themed entertainment. Book a string quartet to serenade guests as they enter and book a silhouette artist to recreate people’s profiles that is reminiscent of the time period.

Bridgerton Theme Party Ideas

7. Cowboy Caviar

summer party ideas - cowboy caviarPhoto: from my point of view/shutterstock.com

You might’ve tried this zesty dip from Trader Joes that uses corn, black beans, and pepper, but content creators all over social media have put their own spin on this southern favorite. Get creative by adding bold and fresh flavors including feta cheese, mango, and homemade dressing to recreate this Texas style caviar.

8. Lawn Twister

summer party ideas - lawn Twister

Twister is one of the most beloved games for people of all ages but gets repetitive quickly. Incorporate this party classic and add a little twist (see what we did there?) during your outdoor party by recreating a giant Twister board.

All you need for this DIY game is different colored spray paint, a circle stencil, and materials to measure and align the spots accordingly. Break out the Twister spinner and prepare to play this larger than life game. Visit Momma Told Me Blog to create your own version.

9. Neon Sign

summer party ideas - neon signPhoto: Melissa3510/shutterstock.com

Almost every event, trendy store, or modern coffee shop displays some sort of neon sign. Who can resist posing in front of one for an Instagram worthy photo opportunity? Etsy has customizable neon signs available to put your name in lights, literally. 

Select your last name, favorite saying, or summer word to showcase during your upcoming party. Shop custom neon signs here for your perfect summer party display.

10. Live Band

summer party ideas - live bandPhoto: Cold Weather Company

Live music, especially in the summertime, is extra special. Booking a live band is a go-to entertainment option that you can never go wrong with. If you’re throwing a party with a space for a live band, the possibilities are endless. Here are some of the top categories of local live bands available for a summer party:

Hire a Local Live Band

11. Baseball Watch Party

summer party ideas - baseball themePhoto: David Lee/shutterstock.com

Summer is baseball season, so it obviously makes for one of the best summer birthday party ideas. Take guests out to the ball game in the comfort of your own home by serving a hot dog bar with all of the fixings, booking a DJ to play your favorite players’ walk up songs, and a caricaturist to draw cartoon versions of everyone in their team swag. Don’t forget to watch the game on the big screen for the ultimate baseball tailgate party this summer.

Baseball Themed Party Ideas

12. BYOB (Bring Your Own Board)

summer party ideas - bring your own boardPhoto: JeniFoto/shutterstock.com

This party trend is not going away any time soon, it makes one of the best summer party ideas! To plan this potluck style celebration, invite guests to bring their own board with whatever they want. Get creative with ideas like a sushi board, s’mores board, or even a cocktail board. The possibilities are endless.

13. Taylor Swift Theme

summer party ideas - Taylor Swift themePhoto: Ashok Kumar/TAS24/Getty Images for TAS Rights Management

The Eras Tour European leg starts this May, so can you think of a better summer party theme to celebrate the season? Whether you’ve already seen the show live, watched The Eras Tour (Taylor’s Version) on Disney+, or are patiently waiting for your show, bring the excitement of the concert to you! Make friendship bracelets, serve cocktails from every era, and you can even book a cover band to play all of your favorite Taylor Swift songs.

Taylor Swift Theme Party Ideas

14. Memorial Day Party

summer party ideas - Memorial Day partyPhoto: Deborah Kolb/shutterstock.com

Memorial Day is the unofficial start to summer and will set the tone for the rest of the season. Of course you can always host a traditional BBQ, but our ideas are sure to make your celebration the best one on the block. Bring the spirit of America to your party with a festive Americana band that will play all of the country's favorite tunes.

Consider booking a magician or face painter to keep the little ones occupied, and you're going to want to decorate your space with red, white, and blue everything. Find the ultimate Memorial Day party planning guide here on The Bash.

15. Coastal Grandmother Themed Party

summer party ideas - coastal grandmother themePhoto: oneinchpunch/shutterstock.com

A coastal grandmother aesthetic is “in” for the summer. If you're unfamiliar, it's all things beachy-chic vibes. And no, you don’t need to be a grandmother to celebrate with a coastal grandmother style party.

Stay up to date with the latest trends by turning this lifestyle into a theme ideal for a garden party or beach party. Use a blue and white color scheme, beachy decor with fresh flowers, and of course serve an Ina Garten recipe to pull it all together. 

To complete the coastal grandmother vibe, play our coastal grandmother Spotify playlist for the finishing touches.

16. Espresso Martinis

summer party ideas - espresso martinisPhoto: robertbertold/shutterstock.com

This isn’t your typical after dinner drink, espresso martinis have been dubbed as one of the most popular cocktails on social media this summer. Using vodka, Kahlua or Baileys, and of course, espresso, you can get the full recipe from Take Two Eggs to create your own. 

Incorporate this delicious cocktail into your summer party by mixing them up for guests or booking a bartender to serve.

Hire a Local Bartender

17. The Parent Trap Theme Party

summer party ideas - The Parent Trap themePhoto: Hey Alma

We can probably all agree that we've wanted to spend a summer at Camp Walden, just like Lindsay Lohan in The Parent Trap. Bring the summer camp aesthetic to your party this summer with plenty of bonfires, tie-dye activities, and maybe fencing if you're feeling adventerous. If summer camp isn't your scene, channel Meredith Blake by including a wine tasting and a few rounds of poker at your Parent Trap themed party.

Parent Trap Theme Party Ideas

18. Wine Tasting

summer party ideas - wine tastingPhoto: NDAB Creativity/shutterstock.com

Who doesn’t enjoy a nice summer day at the winery? Bring the vineyard to you by hosting your own wine tasting for a fun summer party idea. Invite guests to wear their new summer outfit, grab plenty of bottles of vino, and make sure to have a variety of snacks to pair with each glass. If you don’t feel confident enough in your wine knowledge, hire a professional sommelier to lead the tasting!

18. Coastal Cowgirl Theme

summer party ideas - coastal cowgirl themePhoto: simona pilolla 2/shutterstock.com

Coastal cowgirl is the perfect theme ideal for summer birthday party ideas, bachelorette, or any other type of get-together. Afterall, the aesthetic did go viral on TikTok! Channel this style trend and incorporate fun western inspired ideas into your party like decorating with hydrangeas, serving espresso martinis, and setting up a DIY cowgirl hat decorating station. In addition to wearing the style and serving delicious tequila cocktails, you’ll want to book a country band to complete the coastal cowgirl party theme.

Coastal Cowgirl Theme Party Ideas

19. Chopped Italian Grinder 

summer party ideas - chopped Italian grinderPhoto: NatalyaBond/shutterstock.com

You’ve definitely come across this viral recipe on your social media recently. People all over the internet have been taking the ingredients of a classic Italian sandwich (deli meat, lettuce, banana peppers, oil, and vinegar), chopping it, and mixing everything together to place on a fresh grinder roll. If you’re looking for different summer party food ideas, whip up this simple recipe that will taste delicious on a sunny pool day.

20. The Summer I Turned Pretty Theme

summer party ideas - The Summer I Turned Pretty themePhoto: Teen Vogue

The Summer I Turned Pretty was everywhere the last two summers, so obviously, we’re anxiously awaiting season three. While there are rumors it could potentially premiere this summer, we’ll be planning a The Summer I Turned Pretty themed party in the meantime. We’re whipping up big batches of The Belly Special (pomegranate Kool-Aid margaritas), decorating with fresh flowers, and having a Cousins beach inspired bonfire.

The Summer I Turned Pretty Theme Party Ideas

21. Sunscreen and Bug Spray Station

summer party ideas - sunscreen and bug spray station

Having fun in the sun is one of the best parts of summer, but getting sunburnt or bug bites is probably one of the worst. Prevent either of these from happening by setting up sunscreen and bug spray stations throughout your summer party. You can be as creative or minimalistic as you want, but either way, this is definitely going to be appreciated by guests. Check out this setup from A Shade of Teal for inspiration.

22. 4th of July Party

summer party ideas - 4th of July partyPhoto: Monkey Business Images/shutterstock.com

What's summer without a quintessential 4th of July party? A day in the sun, patriotic food and drinks, and ending the festivities with fireworks sounds like the perfect time to us. Salute the red, white, and blue with a performance by a country band, setting up water games for the kiddos, and hanging Americana inspired decor throughout your space. Don't forget to have a fun 4th of July party playlist, too!

23. Backyard Karaoke

summer party ideas - backyard karaokePhoto: Impact Photography/shutterstock.com

Who doesn’t love karaoke? Whether you have your performance down pat or you enjoy making it comical, karaoke makes one of the best summer birthday party ideas. Start by booking a karaoke DJ, picking your karaoke song, and leave the rest to the professionals. Karaoke DJs will bring all of the equipment you’ll need to pull off this summer party idea.

24. Glow Mini Golf

summer party ideas - glow in the dark mini golfPhoto: Magnus Binnerstam/shutterstock.com

Bring the 18 hole fun directly to your next summer party! Find local vendors that offer mobile mini golf courses, putters, golf balls, and more. If your party is going later into the evening, a glow mini golf course will light up the night.

25. Wine & Popsicles

summer party ideas - wine and popsiclesPhoto: Oleksandra Naumenko/shutterstock.com

This is probably the easiest and most delicious cocktail you’re ever going to make. All you need is your favorite wine and a box of ice pops—that’s it! Here are 8 Unexpectedly Delicious Wine and Popsicle Pairings that will keep you cool and refreshed this summer.

If you don’t have wine glasses big enough, you can always serve these in mason jars.

Pro Tip: For patriotic holidays like the 4th of July, you can use red, white, and blue rocket pops in white or sparkling wine.

26. Henna Artist

summer party ideas - henna artistPhoto: Nina Lishchuk/shutterstock.com

Henna is an intricate art typically applied to the feet and hands used to celebrate special occasions. Make your summer event even more memorable by allowing guests the opportunity to take part in this tradition with their own temporary tattoos. 

Hire a Henna Artist

27. DIY Pizza

summer party ideas - DIY pizzaPhoto: ZikG

Ordering pizza from your favorite restaurant and having a pizza party is a guaranteed good time, but it’s much more enjoyable to make it yourself. Make or buy individual pizza crusts for guests to dress up their own and bake in a pizza oven, kitchen oven, or on the grill. 

Use traditional pizzeria colors to decorate, include a variety of toppings, and have pizza boxes ready for leftovers.

28. Sangria

summer party ideas - sangriaPhoto: Cabeca de Marmore/shutterstock.com

Sangria and the summer go hand in hand. Plus, it’ll pair perfectly with your summer dinner party menu ideas. The best part about this cocktail is that it’s delicious, easy to make, and is completely customizable for your event. Use your choice of red, white, or rosé, and then your favorite fruits, that’s it! Of course, you can look up tried and true sangria recipes, but it’s always fun to venture out and get creative with flavors.

29. Moana Theme

summer party ideas - Moana themePhoto: DisneyMovies

If you’re looking for summer birthday party ideas for the kiddos, you can’t go wrong with a Moana theme. The beautiful Polynesian setting will translate into an exciting theme that the little ones will love. To truly bring the movie to life, book special appearances from the characters like Moana and Maui and you could also book professional fire dancers.

Moana Theme Party Ideas

30. Pool Party

summer party ideas - pool partyPhoto: DisobeyArt/shutterstock.com

You can never go wrong with a classic pool party on a hot summer day. Whether you plan this event weeks in advance or throw it together the morning of, guests will love to lounge on funky pool floats, eat hot dogs and hamburgers from the grill, and sip on refreshing drinks. Play our awesome playlist of the top summer party songs, choose an unforgettable theme, and get ready to celebrate the summer.

31. Bounce House

summer party ideas - bounce housePhoto: Paul Velgos/shutterstock.com

Bounce houses are known to add excitement to any party or event. They are perfect for all ages and are sure to be a hit with guests. This summer, switch things up with an inflatable obstacle course, water slide, or even an inflatable screen for an outdoor movie night.

Find a Bounce House

32. Dip Night

summer party ideas - dip nightPhoto: Elena Veselova/shutterstock.com

No one likes getting stuck on kitchen duty during a party, and that’s why dip night is an ideal alternative to a summer party. Hosting this finger food themed meal is extremely simple—each guest brings their favorite dip for others to enjoy. For inspiration, try your hand at whipping up buffalo chicken dip, spinach artichoke dip, or Dunkaroo dip.

33. Beach Ball Arch

summer party ideas - beach ball archPhoto: kosmos111/shutterstock.com

Party decor with classic summer materials is a win-win. During the summer, you can easily find beach balls at the store, which gives you an excellent opportunity to create an adorable  and festive arch. Using a large pipe, drapes, and dozens of beach balls, you can customize the colors to match your unique theme.

34. Paint and Sip

summer party ideas - paint and sipPhoto: Ira Lichi/shutterstock.com

Unique summer theme party ideas can be hard to come by, but a paint and sip is sure to be enjoyed by guests. Easily plan a paint and sip themed summer party in your backyard by setting up a long table with individual painting stations. Include canvases, paint, and of course a wine glass at each one. Guests can let their artistic juices flow as well as the wine.

35. Jersey Shore Theme

summer party ideas - Jersey Shore themePhoto: Page Six

If you were a fan of this hit reality show, this is the ultimate summer party theme for you. Invite all of your favorite meatballs, grab the tanning oil, and party like the stars of Jersey Shore. Although Pauly D won’t be in attendance, you can always book a professional DJ, photo booth, and a bartender to get the good times going.

Jersey Shore Theme Party Ideas

36. S’mores Station

summer party ideas - s'mores stationPhoto: Olga Miltsova/shutterstock.com
Every summer party needs s’mores, we don’t make the rules. Set up a fire pit, and have a table with different flavors of graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate candy for guests to assemble their own. Instead of plain chocolate, elevate your campfire treat with a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup, York Peppermint Patty, or even Butterfinger for a delicious dessert.

37. Slip and Slide

summer party ideas - slip and slidePhoto: BluIz60/shutterstock.com

Looking to take your slip and slide to the next level? While you can always lay out a tarp with dish soap and water, try incorporating foam or paint for an exciting twist. For inspiration, check out Coffee and Confetti Mom’s giant rainbow slip and slide.

38. Water Balloon Pinatas

summer party ideas - water balloon pinatasPhoto: Valerii Gomeniuk/shutterstock.com

Water balloon fights are a classic on a hot summer day, but the mess they create can be a pain to clean up. Keep the aftermath contained by using water balloon pinatas instead! Hang up overfilled water balloons and have guests take turns hitting them with a stick or plastic bat to keep everyone entertained and cool. 

For more information on this party activity, visit Scrappy Happy Heather

39. Air Fryer Pasta Chips

summer party ideas - pasta chipsPhoto: Brent Hofacker/shutterstock.com

You’ve probably attended hundreds of parties that serve chips and guacamole as an appetizer. Although a delectable party staple, it gets repetitive very quickly. Swap this party classic with a trendier “chip and dip” option using pasta. 

Boil pasta until al dente, season to your liking, and then pour into the air fryer to bake until crunchy. This delicious snack dipped in marinara or pesto sauce is a unique appetizer for a summer party. Visit Eating Bird Food for the full recipe.

40. Friends Themed Party

summer party ideas - Friends themePhoto: Krzysztof Stefaniak/shutterstock.com

It’s the one where you host a summer party! With over 230 episodes in the series, there are hundreds of details to incorporate into your next event. To achieve this theme, instruct guests to dress as their favorite character in the party invitations, create Central Perk inspired coffee drinks, and decorate the space to look like Monica and Rachel’s apartment.

No matter how big or small your summer event is, a Friends theme is a fun summer party idea everyone will love. 

Friends Themed Party Ideas

41. Pool Noodle Letters

summer party ideas - pool noodle letters

Can you believe this cursive letter backdrop is made from pool noodles? Using noodles, tape, floral wire, and fishing wire, you can create your own custom backdrop that is adorable for your summer pool party. Find the full instructions from The Pretty Life Girls.

35. Drink Buckets

summer party ideas - drink buckets

Cocktail buckets have become an extremely popular summer drink of choice. The best part is that you can customize it however you want! We love this sweet recipe from Lake Life State of Mind using Malibu rum, orange soda, and Bud Light Seltzer, but you can quite literally add anything. 

Pro Tip: Skip the alcohol completely by using juice blends, sodas, and fresh fruit so everyone can enjoy.

36. Mobile Axe Throwing

summer party ideas - mobile axe throwingPhoto: Vjacheslav Shishlov/shutterstock.com

Did you ever think people would throw axes for fun? One of the latest entertainment crazes has been getting together with friends to take turns aiming axes at a target. Find a local axe throwing vendor that will bring this exhilarating party activity right to your own backyard.

37. Watermelon Pizza Dessert

summer party ideas - watermelon pizzaPhoto: Olga Miltsova/shutterstock.com

If you’re on the hunt for new summer dinner party menu ideas, take inspiration from your social media feeds. Watermelon pizza will make a refreshing and healthy dessert option to cool off at your summer party. To make this recipe, you’ll need to cut watermelon into round slices and spread your choice of yogurt on top. Garnish with fresh and seasonal berries as well as a drizzle of honey.

38. Mermaid Theme

summer party ideas - mermaid themePhoto: Sergmam/shutterstock.com

Mermaids are all the rage (shoutout to the mermaidcore aesthetic). Dive into unique summer theme party ideas and plan a magical and mesmerizing mermaid party this year. Whether you decide to incorporate an Aquamarine themed 2000s vibe or want to go the traditional mermaid route, you’ll definitely want to book mermaid characters to interact and take photos with guests. Serve seashell spritzers, sand dollar sandwiches, and sushi to stay on theme.

Mermaid Theme Party Ideas

39. Seafood Boil

summer party ideas - seafood boilPhoto: Brent Hofacker/shutterstock.com

Seafood boils are a staple for a New England style summer. If you’ve never taken part in a seafood boil, all you’ll need is a large pot or seafood boil kit, tablecloths and napkins (maybe some bibs!), and plenty of stomachs to feed. 

A boil typically features lobster, shrimp, potatoes, and corn on the cob, but customize the menu to your liking depending on your guests’ preferences. 

40. Outdoor Movie Night

summer party ideas - outdoor movie nightPhoto: Shaiith/shutterstock.com

There's something about watching a movie outside on an oversized screen that screams summer. Set up a projector, hang a white sheet, and pick your favorite movie for this lowkey summer party. Get together after work for a casual happy hour turned movie night that is sure to be a good time. If you want to channel the ultimate summer vibes, take a pick from the classics like Jaws, Mamma Mia, or 500 Days of Summer.

Outdoor Movie Party Ideas

41. Animals for Parties

summer party ideas - animals for partiesVendor: Twins And Jungle Friends
An outdoor summer party is the perfect opportunity to invite interesting wildlife, especially if there will be kids in attendance. Find professional animal handlers that are extremely knowledgeable and keep safety top of mind for all guests.

42. Tropical Theme Party

summer party ideas - tropical themePhoto: 4 PM production/shutterstock.com

Transport guests to the beaches of Hawaii or Aruba with your own slice of paradise, your backyard! You don't need sand and palm trees for this party theme (bonus points if you do), all you need are good vibes, great people, and our tropical theme party planning guide. Take the luau to the next level with fire dancers, plenty of outdoor games and activities, and refreshing piña coladas.

43. Ice Cream Truck

summer party ideas - ice cream truckPhoto: OlTarakanov/shutterstock.com

Summer and ice cream go hand in hand, but serving quickly to prevent it from melting is more of a hassle than anything. Avoid the mess during your next ice cream social by booking a food truck to keep things cold. If ice cream isn’t your thing, you can find food trucks that offer cotton candy, donuts, coffee, and much more.

Find a Food Truck

44. Glow in the Dark Ring Toss

summer party ideas - glow in the dark ring toss

This late night party activity by The Krazy Coupon Lady is way too simple and fun not to try this summer. All this activity requires is a few packs of glow sticks that you can purchase at your local dollar store. Stake a few glowing sticks into the ground and try to aim the circular ones around them—it’s that easy!

45. Tomato and Feta Recipes

summer party ideas - tomato feta recipesPhoto: Geshas

Another trend inspired by TikTok, are we even surprised? A tomato and feta cheese pasta video went viral in 2021, and people have put their individualized spins on the recipe to create dips, chicken dishes, and much more. Take inspiration from this trend by featuring some sort of tomato and feta recipe at your summer celebration.

46. Mamma Mia Theme

summer party ideas - Mamma Mia themePhoto: Playbill

The love of the hit movie and musical, Mamma Mia, isn’t slowing down anytime soon. This bohemian and 70s inspired story combines classic and trendy details for an unforgettable party theme. Put on your disco pants, book an ABBA tribute band, and spend all night on the dance floor to channel your inner Donna and the Dynamos for your next theme party

There’s no better time to take a chance like Donna did, than choosing a Mamma Mia theme for your summer party. Transport your guests to the beaches of Greece, complete with a sing along to classic ABBA songs, blue and white decor, and themed costumes.

Mamma Mia Theme Party Ideas

47. Labor Day Party

summer party ideas - Labor Day partyPhoto: Ground Picture/shutterstock.com

End the summer with a bang by hosting one last final pool party for Labor Day. Fire up the grill one last time, dive into the pool, and choose one last party theme that screams summer. Some of our favorite summer send-off parties include wine tastings, a poolside champagne brunch, or host an extra special dinner party.

Find more summer party ideas here on The Bash.

Published on 6/11/2024