Valentine's Day & the Engaged

Marta Block


When you're engaged, Valentine's Day takes on a whole new dimension. If you're married, Valentine's Day is a great way to reconnect with the romantic side of your relationship. If you're dating, it's a great (and nerve wracking) chance to figure out just where your relationship stands and where it's going. Lots of people get engaged on Valentine's Day and lots of people break up!

If you're already engaged, you're already spending a lot of time and MONEY focusing on your relationship and the romantic side of things. But, woe to the groom of an over-stressed bride who blows off Valentine's day! As a benefit to engaged couples everywhere we provide these ideas for Valentine's Day ideas for the engaged.

Go Public

Because an engagement is public news, it's the one time in your life that people feel comfortable commenting on the state of your relationship. Don't let your  fiancé(e) down by not making an equally public display of affection. Anyone can send flowers to an office, but who thinks to send a magician to pull those flowers out of a hat? Or a marching band to um, just to be fun!

Go Private

Sometimes when you're engaged you get so wrapped up in the wedding plans you forget to focus on your relationship. Instead of a fancy dinner out, stay in (especially this year when Valentine's Day falls on a week day). Prepare a favorite meal (or, if you're like me, call for a favorite carry out). To keep the conversation from digressing in to normal wedding planning talk, hire a guitar player, violinist or other soloist to add a touch of romance!

Go Personal

There's nothing more romantic than somebody who understands you. Flowers, candy, jewelry all are great, but all could also be given by anyone. Who else knows that your fiancée has a secret thing for balloon animals? Who knows she loves Ben Franklin and the armonica? Who else knows she's always wanted to get a Tarot card reading? Don't think about commercials, think about your fiancée?

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