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Valentine's Day Party

Drew Stoga


It seems there truly are only two types of people: those that can't wait for Valentine's Day and those that can't be bothered. February 14th can bring many things - an intimate night with your sweetheart, a couples dinner with a few of your closest friends or our personal favorite: The Valentine's Day Party.

There is far too much pressure surrounding Valentine's Day, both for singles and couples. Some are fearful of being alone on Valentine's Day so they scramble for a date. Others feel the need to spring for a gift or fancy dinner for that special someone - but you don't want to send the wrong message with that gift! Spend too little and you don't care enough. Spend too much and you care too much. It's a tricky game. Avoid this mess all together by throwing an amazing Valentine's Day Party.

What type of Valentine's Day Party you plan is entirely up to you.  If you are looking for a quiet night with a few close friends, then you might be best served to plan an intimate dinner party. Or just have everyone over for desert. May we suggest some mood music to set the ambience? An acoustic guitar player, violinist or other solo instrumentalist will surely set the mood. If you are looking for more of a, ahem, group thing - consider a jazz duo, jazz trio or string ensemble. Another option is the `Anti Valentine's Day' party. This is a good option if a lot of your friends are single or just don't like making a big deal of this `Hallmark holiday.'

To throw a great Anti Valentine's Day Party - avoid the color red and playing any songs about love that don't end tragically. We have heard of Anti-Valentine's Day menus with items like (black) squid ink pasta, skewered artichoke hearts (get it?) and broken heart-shaped cookies for desert. Anti Valentine's Day is a great one for you creative chefs out there! Finally, some tips for the folks on the other end of the spectrum - those who want their Valentine's Day party to fully embrace the Love.  As far as what food to serve your guests - we hear that oysters, honey, bananas, basil and champagne are all natural aphrodisiacs. Plus they are all delicious (though not necessarily together)! Then there is the most important Valentine's Day food of all: chocolate.  Oh, chocolate how we love you. Not just on Valentine's Day but all year round. Word to the wise - don't plan ANYTHING on Valentine's Day without chocolate.

Yes, some people take Valentine's Day a little too seriously. Some love it, some hate it, others just tolerate it. No matter how you feel just try to have a little fun with it but remember that February 14th is after all, just another day.