The Best Vendors for a Corporate Hire

You know what this cocktail party needs? An ensemble.

Chelsea Pellegrino


Corporate event planning can be meticulous: from décor to dining options, you go above and beyond to make sure everything “fits.” Chances are you wouldn’t want a cheeseburger at a stand-up cocktail hour or folding chairs at a formal dinner party. Selecting a vendor for corporate hire is no exception! 

You’ll want to make sure they meld with the style and audience of your event. We've seen thousands of corporate functions with the perfect vendors for their event. If you're trying to decide which vendor option will work best for you, take a look at our recommendations.

Here are some of the best vendors for a corporate hire based on event type. 

Corporate Event: Cocktail Party or Happy Hour

Though the dress code may remain business attire, these functions tend to be fairly casual. The fact that alcohol is involved means it’s typically safe to assume the event's style will be more laid back.

Corporate Hire Suggestion: A bartender! Who says you have to host these events at a bar or restaurant? Bartenders allow for these nights to be held at an outside venue, an employee’s home or even (if it’s approved) at the office. 

Another great fit? A clean comedian. They can complement the relaxed atmosphere and keep guests entertained without going overboard. Of course, you can never go wrong by booking a band to liven up the room. 

Corporate Event: Awards Night Party or Retirement Party

These affairs are usually more on the formal side. They involve the recognition of one or more people, and can vary from cocktails and hors d'oeuvres to a proper seated meal.

Corporate Hire Suggestion: A toastmaster. These speakers specialize in leading special ceremonies and announcements. Hiring one will ensure your guests of honor receive the professional recognition they deserve, while taking the speaking pressure off of other employees. A soloist or ensemble can also provide light background music or a performance during the meal.  

Corporate Event: Grand Opening, Community Event or Fundraiser

Events that integrate a company with the community need vendors that are friendly and appropriate for all ages. 

Corporate Hire Suggestion: A balloon twister, face painter or magician. These three vendor types speak not just to children themselves, but to the inner kid in everyone! They also differ from other vendors in that they don't have to remain stationary: They have the ability to entertain while mingling with crowds. 

Corporate Event: Trade Show or Convention

Try to hire a vendor that somehow ties into your company’s product or brand image. Your company will not only stand out, but it will also help attendees to remember who you are and what you do.

Corporate Hire Suggestion: A photo booth. Ask to incorporate fun, relevant props and your company name or logo as the backdrop for photos. It’s a great way to get potential clients engaged, while providing a take-home souvenir with your logo. A caricaturist can also take on the same task of entertaining attendees while incorporating your logo or product into the drawing.

So, who says work can't be fun? These vendors will turn any corporate function into an entertaining and memorable event.

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Published on 4/1/2021