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Who to Hire for Corporate Events

Chelsea Pellegrino

Corporate event planning can be meticulous: from décor to dining options, you go above and beyond to make sure everything “fits.” Chances are you wouldn’t want a cheeseburger at a stand-up cocktail hour or folding chairs at a formal dinner party. Selecting a vendor is no exception! You’ll want to make sure they meld with the style and audience of your event.... MORE

Posted June 27, 2018

Better Team Building: Do’s and Don’ts from the Pros

Chelsea Pellegrino

Closing your eyes and falling into the outstretched arms of a coworker is one way to create a closer company culture. However, there are plenty of team building options that don’t risk your employees filing for worker’s comp. We reached out to some top professionals who specialize in corporate team building, and they’ve given us do’s and don’ts for your next company bonding session... MORE

Posted June 11, 2015

Do I Need an Event App?

Marissa Latshaw

The following is a guest article written by Justin Gonzalez of DoubleDutch. Whether you’re planning a 10,000 attendee tradeshow or a 20 person corporate leadership conference, you’ve probably thought about mobile event apps. When should you make the leap? What should you expect to get from the investment? How do you create a mobile strategy?... MORE

Posted April 08, 2015

Toys and Props and Coworkers, Oh My!

Chelsea Pellegrino

What do you get when you mix your CEO, the guys from Tech and the HR woman with a bunch of toys and props? Answer: Some pretty funny photo booth mementos! (Get your mind out of the gutter – we’re trying to make corporate events entertaining, but not that entertaining.)... MORE

Posted August 13, 2014

Corporate Friendly Mocktail & Cocktail Recipes from the Pros

Chelsea Pellegrino

To drink, or not to drink? That is often the question at corporate functions. In the summer months, when picnics and office parties are in abundance, this dilemma only seems to grow. Sure, you can play it safe with soda, but where’s the excitement in that?... MORE

Posted July 23, 2014

Whats Your Companys Party Style?

Chelsea Pellegrino

You’re in charge of throwing an office event. Don’t leave it to chance- plan the perfect party style for your company by following this quick quiz!... MORE

Posted July 23, 2014

Hollywood Domino 2014: Music, Movie Stars and More

Chelsea Pellegrino

Imagine showing up to work and seeing Jon Hamm, Kevin Jonas, Jared Leto and Olivia Wilde. Well, if you were GigMasters' member N8+ Jazz Band, you wouldn't have to just imagine. Through GigMasters, Nate and his band were asked to perform not once, but twice at the annual pre-Oscar Hollywood Domino Gala. On February 27, celebrities gathered for the 4th year in a row to partake in exciting games, eat delicious food and listen to the wonderful sounds of Nate and others.... MORE

Posted May 13, 2014

Hiring Elvis

Marta Block

Happy Birthday Elvis! Today would have been Elvis's 78th birthday and people across the country are celebrating. Although I've always liked Elvis and his music (and have even been to Graceland twice), I didn't always understand the appeal of an Elvis impersonator. Then, I hired one.... MORE

Posted December 19, 2013

New Holiday Office Party Ideas

Marta Block

Holiday office parties are the stuff of legends and jokes and for some people, fear. There's the fear of drinking too much and embarrassing yourself, but if you're the one planning the party there's also the fear of planning something boring. We've got some new ideas to keep your staff happy and your holidays care-free. Some of these ideas may even combat the loss of productivity that happens over the holidays.... MORE

Posted November 13, 2013

Event Planner Spotlight: D'organizer Event Planning Services

Mary Ellen Skawinski

Doris Golindano of D’organizer Event Planning Services (Melbourne, FL) knows what it takes to create a truly memorable event. Between her 30 years of experience in the hospitality industry, and the impressive number of professional relationships she maintains with other local businesses, there’s no doubt that Doris is well-equipped to plan just about any event. ... MORE

Posted August 28, 2013

Real Event: USA Today Make A Difference Day

Lindsay Megale

USA WEEKEND Magazine in partnership with Points of Light, founded Make A Difference Day to encourage people to be active in their community. For participants, that one day often becomes a regular habit after seeing the impact one person can make.... MORE

Posted May 20, 2013

Real Event: Hollywood Domino & Bovet 1822 Gala

Lindsay Megale

One of GigMasters' rising stars performed recently for a celebrity insider event in Los Angeles. Beginning in 2008, the Hollywood Domino & Bovet 1822 Pre-Oscar Gala has called upon Hollywood’s elite to support numerous non-profit organizations around the globe. Over the years, these events have gained enormous support for various charities. This year’s gala benefited The Artists for Peace and Justice, a non-profit organization supporting the issue of poverty, specifically in Haiti.... MORE

Posted May 15, 2013

Real Event: Oracle Sales Kick-Off Event

Lindsay Megale

Oracle is a multinational computer technology corporation specializing in developing and marketing computer hardware systems and enterprise software products. The organization relies heavily on the performance of the sales team, having over 390,000 customers. To recognize the group’s hard work and get them excited for the next quarter, the corporation holds a quarterly Kick-Off event.... MORE

Posted April 08, 2013

Real Event: USA BMX Summit Seminar

Lindsay Megale

In 1975, the first national bicycle motocross event was held. Within one year, this new sport now called BMX racing, became wildly popular. In 2012, USA BMX supported over 12,000 national races and currently have over 380 BMX tracks running races all over the United States every weekend.... MORE

Posted March 14, 2013

Top Entertainment for Corporate Holiday Parties

Nicole Steeger

So you have the task of planning your company’s holiday party this year. Don’t worry – it won’t be as bad as it seems. Sure, you have to put together an event that will impress your boss and co-workers, which may seem like a tall order. But, it won’t be that difficult if you just follow our secret recipe for corporate event success. Ready for it, here it goes…hire fabulous entertainment!... MORE

Posted November 05, 2012

Real Event: "Woof and Wine" Fundraising Event

Nikki-Lynn Boath

The Humane Society of South Platte Valley in Colorado held its inaugural “Woof and Wine” event on May 17th, 2012. The “Woof and Wine” fundraising event drew over 200 animal (and wine) lovers to the Inn at Hudson Gardens. The evening was centered around guests mingling and having fun, while raising money for animals in need of  loving homes!... MORE

Posted July 09, 2012

Real Event: Les Miserables Inspired Spring Arts Festival


Every year the Friends of the New Lenox Public Library host a literary themed Spring Arts Festival. With this year marking the 100th Anniversary of Victor Hugo’s Les Miserables, they embraced a Parisian theme for this fundraising event, featuring French style entertainment.... MORE

Posted June 27, 2012

Real Event: The Butterfly Ball

Marta Block

The Butterfly Ball is the Annual Charity Event for The Butterfly Fund. The Butterfly Fund was started to help children who suffer from a devastating disease called EB. Children with EB are known as Butterfly Children because their skin is as fragile as a butterflies wings. The Butterfly Fund has now grown to help ANY family with a child with any catastrophic illness or event.... MORE

Posted April 25, 2012

Real Event: Unitiv's 1920's Bootlegger's Ball


The roaring 20’s a very popular theme choice for adult parties and shows like Boardwalk Empire have only increased the interest in this era.  So, when we noticed that a Georgia based technology company, Unitiv, was hosting a roaring 20s themed “Bootlegger’s Ball,” we knew this was a real event we wanted to hear all about.... MORE

Posted April 02, 2012

Real Event: Synergy Women's Fitness 20th Anniversary Mardi Gras Party


We love to feature fun, unique parties on the blog. So, when we heard about a Mardi Gras party being held at a fitness facility, we were obviously intrigued. This year, Synergy Women’s Fitness - a full-service health club, hosted a Mardi Gras themed bash for their 20th Anniversary Party, and we have all of the details!... MORE

Posted February 18, 2012

Real Event: Loudoun Hunt West Formal Hunt Ball


Here at GigMasters we love it when clients put their personality into their parties. So we were excited to see how the members of Loudoun Hunt West (a Virginia hunting club) were able to take a formal event and build a theme fit for the Virginia hunting club. This unique celebration transported guests out of the woods and onto the dance floor. When Loudon Hunt West turned to us for the entertainment needs, we decided to hunt for further details on this unique event.... MORE

Posted January 03, 2012

Real Event: Victory Junction's Wish Upon A Star Gala


‘Tis the season for holiday events that give back, which is exactly what GigMasters client, Victory Junction did during their fabulous Wish Upon a Star Holiday Gala. This truly remarkable event sounded so amazing that we just had to share the details of this wonderful party with a purpose. The Wish Upon A Star Holiday Gala was an event hosted by Victory Junction - an organization that provides life changing experiences for children ages six to 16 with chronic medical conditions or serious illnesses.... MORE

Posted December 19, 2011

Booking Corporate Holiday Party Entertainment

Nicole Steeger

Corporate holiday parties can be a lot of fun, or they can be terribly awkward. So, how do you make sure you plan a great party that makes everyone happy? You book fabulous entertainment. Booking corporate holiday party entertainment can be easy; all it takes is envisioning how the entertainment will fit into the overall event.... MORE

Posted November 14, 2011

Event Idea: Brunch & Boogie

Marta Block

Has having kids turned you into a homebody in stretched out sweatpants? Families in the Loop is out to change that, at least for Chicago's families! This ultra-cool group hosts a Brunch & Boogie every three months at Chicago's Lincoln Hall. Families come together for an awesome morning of music, delicious food, family friendly entertainment (including music, face painting and more) and goodies galore from local and national sponsors. ... MORE

Posted November 02, 2011

Boardwalk Empire Season 2 Kicks Off In Style

Marissa Latshaw

LivingSocial Adventures partnered with HBO to throw a fun, lavish night out on a yacht to celebrate Season 2 of Boardwalk Empire. Kate Levenstien, the Chicago Manager for LivingSocial Adventures, turned to GigMasters when it came time to book entertainment for this casino-themed event.  Kate took time out of her busy schedule (she plans 30 events every year!)  to share her fabulous photos and tell us more about this unique, swanky affair! ... MORE

Posted October 24, 2011

Booking Variety Entertainers For A Corporate Event

Nicole Steeger

Corporate events are a vital part of any company’s social calendar. Some corporations host events for prospective or current clients, while others may host a party for their employees. When planning these professional events, it’s important to keep in mind that booking entertainment is a great way to add an element of fun to a corporate gathering.... MORE

Posted October 17, 2011

A Plumbing Party, hosted by TOTO USA

Marissa Latshaw

We cover lots of unique parties on this blog, but never before have we seen a party centered around plumbing fixtures! So, naturally, when we saw that TOTO (the largest plumbing manufacturer in the world) used GigMasters to book caricaturist, Neal Portnoy, we had to plunge deeper. ... MORE

Posted October 10, 2011

Google Searches GigMasters, Finds Jumpstart: the Life of their Party

Drew Stoga

It turns out that even Google uses GigMasters to search for live entertainment. Google has a legendary reputation for treating their employees exceptionally well. Googlers are expected to work hard and in return they get some amazing perks (feeling tired after a long day of coding? How about a massage?). I've always imagined that Google throws some pretty awesome parties. Now we have photographic evidence to prove it!... MORE

Posted October 02, 2011

Event Spotlight: Forever Darling Fashion Show

Nicole Steeger

The world of fashion is an exciting, fast paced industry full of beautiful models, gorgeous clothes and lavish parties. But it is also a highly competitive community that can be tough to break into. Lucky for aspiring designers, there are people like Fallene Wells in this trendy society that look to help others who are also trying to make the cut in the world of fashion. ... MORE

Posted August 31, 2011

Help! I Volunteered to Plan My Company Picnic

Marissa Latshaw

Corporate events are a unique breed of parties, different in many ways from a family or friends gathering. And, since we're right in the heart of the company "picnic" season, I thought it'd be a good time to talk about these fun, yet potentially awkward events.... MORE

Posted July 27, 2011

Why Corporate Event Planners Choose GigMasters

Marissa Latshaw

Corporate event planners know there are no less than a million details and decisions that go into producing an event. Each decision requires thought, creativity, and organization – lots of organization. Décor, entertainment, food, signage, day-of logistics, even portable toilets are just a few of the elements that often fall under the responsibility of the event planner.... MORE

Posted June 25, 2011

Boost Company Morale With A Dynamic Themed Event

Nicole Steeger

With the economy taking a plunge two years ago, companies were forced to reevaluate spending. The initial reaction by many was to cut out any extras that were not absolutely vital to the business. So when companies looked to “trim the fat” out of their budgets, that also meant cutting out the fun.... MORE

Posted June 06, 2011