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You might think Coachella is a big deal, but it’s nothing compared to the largest beer festival in the world: Oktoberfest. Every year in Munich, Germany, the Oktoberfest festival kicks off in September and runs through the first week of October—that’s right, three weeks are needed to fit in all the fun. We’re guessing you’re not trying to swing a party that goes on as long as the actual festival, but you can throw an event that captures all the highlights in one evening.

The key to a successful Oktoberfest party is hardy food, upbeat music and steady flow of different types of beer. Turn your space into an biergarten with blue and white checkered patterned tablecloths and bartenders dressed in traditional attire.

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Venue Settings


Secure a space at your favorite pub for this Bavarian bash. After all, this event is all about the beer, and you won’t have to worry about running dry at a bar. If you’re planning to host your party during actual Oktoberfest time, reserve a venue earlier than usual.

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Want something a little more low-key than a full band? A professional accordionist can supply the merriment of Munich with fun and quirky tunes. Enjoy listening to classic German polka songs and pop covers to get the party started.

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German Band

Hire a German band to play a variety of music from folk to contemporary, and perform covers of popular chart toppers.

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Provide a slew of condiments and rolls for these brats, or put a creative spin on this traditional food such as Philly cheese brats, bratwurst pasta, brat and beer cheese dip or brats in a blanket.

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Time for the main attraction: beer. Oktoberfest visitors consume more than a million gallons of Germany’s finest ales annually. Offer a range of light to dark options so there’s something for everyone.

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Creative Detail

Lawn Games

The spotlight of this event definitely shines on the beer, but there are plenty of entertaining games that deserve a moment to shine.

  • Beer stein race: Contestants fill a beer stain to the brim (we suggest subbing in water) and race through a course. Stage a few obstacle-like challenges for extra fun. The person who reaches the end with the most liquid in their stein wins.
  • Stein statue challenge: This is a last-man-standing contest where contestants fill a stein (water or beer) and hold their arm straight out in front of them.
  • Blind beer tasting: Put tastebuds to the test with small flights of blind beer tastings.

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