4th of July Playlist: An Ode to 'Merica

Nicole SteegerContributor

Friends, family, and a patriotic playlist are all you need to have an amazing 4th of July. While we can’t do much about the first few items on this list, we can supply you with the perfect Independence Day soundtrack for your festivities.

We surveyed the music and America loving team here at GigMasters to come up with a grade-A, 100% genuine, ‘Merica playlist for your 4th of July enjoyment. Our selections cover the music spectrum, with tunes ranging from the soulful James Brown to country crooner Toby Keith.

Whether you’ll be enjoying BBQ fun with a red solo cup in hand, watching fireworks with the family, or simply bumming it at the beach, this playlist is the perfect accompaniment to that proud to be an American feeling that will be coursing through your veins. Enjoy and have a happy 4th of July!

Have a listen here : 

Now it’s your turn to share what’s on your 4th of July playlist. Drop us a note in the comments below.