Entertainment Checklist: Things to Consider Before Your Event

Check these things off your list before the party begins!
Brittany Anderson

Brittany Anderson


The days just before your event can be stressful, to say the least. From the most extravagant wedding to a simple backyard barbecue, so many things go into planning a great party that the days before the event can be a truly crazy time.

You're busy worrying about caterers, the five-day forecast, the potential of your uncle giving one of his famous embarrassing speeches and any number of other possible calamities. The good news is that when you book your event entertainment through The Bash, there’s one thing you don’t need to worry about.

We're here to keep you organized and (relatively) stress free. One way in which we alleviate your stress is with a Pre-Event Checklist.   

This entertainment checklist covers the top things that you should consider in the days leading up to your event:



The Bash offers a standard contract template at no additional charge. We recommend that all party hosts and vendors sign a contract so you can rest easy. Whether you use our contract or create your own, be sure you both have copies of the dated and signed contract. We even recommend that you bring a copy of the contract with you to the event just in case!


Review and discuss your event's timeline to ensure things run smoothly. Discuss set up, start times, breaks, and break down prior to your big day.


The better directions you provide the more likely that the vendor will arrive on time. Make sure to give your vendor the address, phone number and website of the venue well in advance. If there's any kind of parking restrictions or a specific entrance for the vendor, you'll want to let them know ahead of time too.

Venue Specifics

Venue specifics such as outlet locations, stage setup, etc. should be discussed in detail. 


Nobody wants to think about it, but rain/weather contingencies should be discussed and agreed upon if applicable. No vendor wants to risk damaging their equipment, so it's important that you talk about the worst case weather scenarios, as scary as they may be. Plan for whether you can move the event indoors and if that still works for both parties.

Song List

If you are hiring musicians it is important for them to know what you would like them to play ahead of time so that they can rehearse and create a set list.


Tuxes or T-shirts? Does your party have a theme that you'll want them to coordinate with? Vendor attire should be discussed and agreed upon in advance.


Are you providing food and drinks for your vendors? Are you ok with them consuming alcohol or during the event? Plan this out ahead of time to avoid any miscommunications.


Overtime rates should be discussed and agreed upon in advance in case you are not ready for the fun to stop.

Final Payment

Final payment arrangements including method of payment (cash, cashier's check, etc.) should be discussed and agreed upon in advance. You can pay your deposit or balance on The Bash. but avoid any confusion and potential embarrassment and discuss payment ahead of time.

Contact Information

You should already have it by now, but just to be sure, The Bash sends the contact information to both parties five days prior to the event.

Download our pre-event entertainment checklist here.

Published on 8/2/2021