The Ultimate Guide to Hosting a Pickleball Party

Serve up some fun with a pickleball themed party.

Lauren Miolene


Pickleball is the latest athletic craze, and we’re here for it! Whether you're in your pickleball era or a newbie to the trendy game, a pickleball party is the perfect way to bring friends and family together for an unforgettable celebration. Put on your best tennis outfit and practice dinking and volleying because a pickleball party makes a unique way to celebrate an upcoming birthday, bachelorette, or other milestone this summer.

Don’t get stuck on ideas when you’re wondering how to host a pickleball themed party. We’ve put together the ultimate guide featuring everything from pickleball party decorations and entertainers, to pickleball party favors and snacks, that will bring this popular game to life. So, game, set, match, and get ready to party pickleball style.

Plan a perfect pickleball party with these ideas…

Photo Booth

pickleball party ideas - photo booth

You’ll want to post this pickleball party all over your social media, so make it as easy as possible with a photo booth rental. Work with your vendor to include a pickleball court background and include props like paddles, balls, and visors so guests can all join the pickleball fun, whether they play or not.

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pickleball party ideas - DJ

Any successful party needs a soundtrack to complement the energetic atmosphere. Book a professional DJ to spin upbeat pop hits and throwback songs, commentate while everyone plays, or even act as an emcee between pickleball rounds.

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Magician or Illusionist

pickleball party ideas - magician or illusionist

Pickleball is taking the world by storm, so incorporate the equipment into classic party entertainment that everyone already loves. A talented magician or illusionist will be able to make paddles disappear, make pickleballs levitate, or even change the color of someone’s socks.

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pickleball party ideas - juggler

There will be plenty of pickleball paddles and balls at this themed party, so book a professional juggler to incorporate the equipment into unique entertainment. A juggler will be able to balance and perform tricks for a dynamic performance that will wow guests.

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Pickleball Food Ideas

The pickleballs aren't the only thing being served! Keep the pickleball party food options light to fuel guests in between matches.

Pickle Everything

Although pickleball has nothing to do with actual pickles, they’ll make a delicious addition to your food spread. For light snacks during your matches, serve air fried pickles and ranch, pickle seasoned popcorn, and potato chips with dill pickle dip for light bites.

Grazing Boards

Sticking with finger foods for the pickleball party ideas, you can never go wrong with a grazing board. Include finger foods like veggies, cheese, meat, crackers, dip, and fruit so there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Pickleball Cookies

Who doesn’t love biting into a delicious sugar cookie? These sweet treats make the perfect dessert for any occasion because they’re easy to customize for your theme. Find a local cookie decorator or place an order at your favorite bakery for pickleball inspired cookies guests won’t be able to get enough of.

Food Trucks

pickleball party ideas - food truckPhoto: Lindsey Garrett/Getty Images

For outdoor pickleball party ideas at the court, consider booking a food truck to serve guests. Not only will this allow people to choose exactly what they want, but this makes for a no fuss or clean up pickleball party food option.

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Pickleball Drink Ideas

You’ll need some drinks with your dinks! Stay hydrated during your pickleball party with plenty of refreshing drink options for both on and off the court.

Dirty Pickle Martinis

If you love dirty martinis and want to play on the pickle theme, make sure to have the ingredients to mix up dirty pickle martinis. You’ll need vodka or gin, jars of pickles, and vermouth for this savory cocktail. If you dont like dirty martinis, you can also get the ingredients for pickle back shots! 


The best way to refuel everyone’s electrolytes is with Gatorade. Keep mini variety packs in a cooler for a refreshing drink, but if you really want to stick with the pickleball theme, serve the yellow and green colors and flavors.

Cucumber Water

If you’re spending the majority of your party on the courts, you’ll want to have plenty of water for guests. Elevate their hydration experience by infusing ice cold water with fresh cucumbers. 


Something about pickleball screams mimosas, so why not? If hosting a pickleball birthday party brunch or late morning get-together, mimosas make the perfect sip. All you’ll need is champagne or Prosecco and your favorite fruit juices for this pickleball party idea.


pickleball party ideas - bartender

While planning your pickleball party ideas, it’s important to keep in mind who will be serving the drinks. Don’t get stuck behind the bar at your pickleball party, leave it up to the professionals. Book a bartender to whip up signature drinks to ensure you get time on the court too.

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Pickleball Decorations

Set the tone and add to the pickleball party aesthetic with fun and sporty decor to match.

Green Color Scheme

Decorate your pickleball party with an athletic green color scheme. The best part about using green as the main color of your event is that you can customize it with accents. For example, use a pink and green color combination for a bachelorette party, yellow and green for a birthday party, etc. Green goes well with everything!

Pickleball Floral Arrangements

If you’re not actually hitting the courts and just want to celebrate with the pickleball aesthetic, you’ll love this pickleball decoration idea. Add a few pickleballs to a clear vase, fill with water, and add summer flowers like hydrangeas, peonies, or other fresh greenery to match your color scheme.

Score Sign

Not only will this pickleball decoration add to the aesthetic, but it’ll also be useful in keeping track if your guests are competitive. Grab a large chalkboard and some markers to keep a tally of the score. 


The easiest way to keep track of who’s slaying on the pickleball court is with a bracket. Order a custom pickleball tournament bracket banner, tie wrap it to the chain link fence of a pickleball court, and fill in with team names so everyone knows their standings.

Pickleball Party Games and Activities:

Pickleball Games

Of course you’ll need to play a few rounds of pickleball at this party! Go head to head with your friends and play singles or 2 vs. 2. For more pickleball social ideas you can always play in a tournament style, have a serving contest, or host a dinking war.

Paddle Painting

For fun pickleball social ideas, get all of the materials you’ll need to paint your own paddles. You’ll need pickleball paddles, painter’s tape, paint brushes, and acrylic paint for guests to get creative. Not only is this a fun party activity, but it doubles as one of their pickleball party favors.

Custom Visors

Any pickleball player knows that the sun can be your worst enemy on the court, so put together a craft station for people to customize their own visors. Include plain visors, fabric markers, rhinestones, and other crafting supplies so guests can prepare to dominate the court.

Bracelet Making

For a fun pickleball party Friendship bracelets are all the rage, so add this craft to your list of pickleball party ideas. Make sure to have plenty of beads and bracelet string so guests can customize their pickleball outfit accessories and their own pickleball party favors.

Other Creative Pickleball Party Ideas

Pickleball Outfits

One of the most important parts of a pickleball party is the preppy and colorful outfits. Put on your best athletic dress, skirt, or polo shirt with sneakers to channel the pickleball aesthetic.

Pickleball Tableware

Pickleball is absolutely trending, so it won’t be difficult to find pickleball decorations for your celebration. Browse Amazon for pickleball inspired tableware like plates, napkins, and utensils that will add to your tablescape perfectly.

DIY Court

Pickleball courts can be challenging to book with the game’s growing popularity, so host your pickleball party at home! Using chalk or tape, mark off a makeshift court in your driveway or backyard so everyone will be able to play in the comfort of your own home.

Custom Cups

pickleball party ideas - custom cupsPhoto: Etsy

The details are everything for a pickleball party, so go all out! Keep the preppy aesthetic for a pickleball birthday party, even in the servingware by ordering custom cups on Etsy for guests to sip out of. You can also do custom drink koozies or even hats!

Pickleball Party Themes


  • Dinks and Drinks
  • Serve, Smash, and Celebrate
  • Big Dink Energy


  • [Name’s] Pickleball Club
  • Paddles Up for [Name’s] Birthday
  • Court [Name]


  • Last Swing Before the Ring
  • The Perfect Match
  • The Last Dink
  • Paddles and Pearls
  • Pickleball and Prosecco

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Published on 6/13/2024