How to Hire a Karaoke DJ

Lindsay Megale


Hiring a Karaoke DJ can add fun and engaging musical entertainment to your event. According to GigMasters' DJ Michael Stinson, AAA DIAL A DJ Disc Jockeys & Karaoke DJs Service (Chicago, IL), it's okay for everyone to admit that it is always fun to see your friends, coworkers, or family members singing with all their heart while making a fool of themselves. A Karaoke DJ can truly liven up your event and most definitely add some laughter. 

GigMasters' Karaoke DJ's may even surprise you with some crazy dance moves and other unique talents they possess. These professionals sure know how to have fun and get the job done, that's why we asked our top Karaoke DJ's for their advice on finding the perfect DJ for your special event.

Clients Should Consider

Cat Chez, Karaoke Cat (Newton, NJ) advises to know how long the Karaoke DJ has been in business because the DJ industry has become more and more popular over the years so there are many beginners. "They make equipment for beginners along with music packages that are affordable. Problem is, the equipment is low quality and the music selection is very limited." You want to make sure you are hiring a professional who has experience with the type of event you are planning.

References are another vital aspect to look into when booking performers. Knowing the Karaoke DJ you hire has loyal customers, is happy to accommodate any requests, and is easy to work with, will make your event more enjoyable. Cathyrn Miller, Outback Entertainment Company (Yemassee, SC) adds, "A large portion of our business comes from customer referrals. Ask the Karaoke DJ for their song list and whether they are willing to add special requests for the event. Our willingness to accommodate requests has earned us a large number of loyal customers and repeat customers."

Along with references, you should view the performer's GigMasters' profile to check out their audio/video samples. Spending time on their profile will give you a better sense of the type of performances they have done.

Don't Overlook the Quality of Equipment

Ken Lewis, Karaoke Parties, We Bring 25,000 Songs to You (Setauket, NY) advises that paying a little more often ensures that the equipment is a good quality and generally offers many more songs than a rented machine or beginner equipment. This is especially important if your guests are younger and prefer more recent music. Knowing how many songs the Karaoke DJ has and how often they update their music selection is very important.

The amount of microphones the DJ can provide is another factor that should be considered when looking into Karaoke services. Often guests will not sing alone, but they will give it a try if they are with a group. The DJ should be able to provide at least four microphones advises Ken. Our Karaoke DJ's also agreed that the Karaoke monitor should be no smaller than 24" and that a large monitor will make the event more fun for all guests.

Another thing you may want to ask is whether the Karaoke DJ can provide special effects such as lights and fog. John Alden, Alden Entertainment (New York, NY) provides video and photo display screens, a dance floor and "up" lighting. So make sure to check with your performer regarding what types of special effects they offer.

The Lowest Price Doesn't Guarantee the Best

Many of the Karaoke DJ's mentioned that the lowest price is not always the best choice. "Of course the number one thing clients look at is the price. You get what you pay for and some customers are simply looking for the cheapest rate.  Unfortunately, in this business, you are going to pay a little more for a quality karaoke service.  Purchasing quality equipment, hiring competent employees, and purchasing the karaoke songs is expensive, and the price we charge is fair for the service you will receive.  Ask what you will be receiving for the money you are going to spend when you hire a Karaoke DJ," comments Leah Blakely, Totally Twisted Karaoke, (Dallas, TX).

Touch Base Before the Event

So now that you have hired a Karaoke DJ for your special event, there are some things you need to discuss with your performer. Our Karaoke DJ's provided us with several topics that you should discuss with your entertainer to ensure you are happy with their performance:

  • What time will they be arriving to set up?
  • Does the Karaoke DJ have insurance (some venues require this)?
  • Inform the performer about any unique attributes about the guests (e.g. are they shy? Will the DJ be willing to encourage them to sing?)
  • Dress Code
  • Can the DJ accommodate special effects if requested?
  • Venue and power requirements
  • What should NOT be played?
  • Do they accommodate overtime and what do they charge?
  • Discuss contract terms and make sure to get everything in writing for both parties.

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