Summer Olympics Party Ideas

Drew Stoga


The Summer Olympics are right around the corner and the entire GigMasters staff has come down with Olympic fever. No, that doesn’t mean that we’ll be calling out sick to watch the games, it just means we’re really really excited for the Summer Olympics. So excited that we’re planning our own Office Olympics and dreaming up some awesome Summer Olympics party ideas…because if watching the Olympics is fun, throwing a Summer Olympics theme party is, well, funner.

The date of the Opening Ceremony of the London Olympics is Friday, July 27th so you still have some time to plan your own Olympics party. Lucky for you we’ve racked our brains and scoured the web for some great Olympic party ideas and themes for you to try out at home. Check out these Summer Olympic Party Ideas and tell us what you think:

International Pot Luck One of the great things about a Summer Olympics party is that you can incorporate cuisine and refreshments from all around the world (or just from your home country if you want to be patriotic). Why not get your guests involved in the cooking by asking them to bring dishes from all over the globe? Love French food? How about Mexican, Jamaican, Italian, Spanish, German or good old fashioned American? Now is your chance to have it all! It’s a great way to teach the kids about different cultures plus you get to sample food (and maybe refreshments?) from all around the globe!

Office Olympics As we’ve mentioned, we’re planning our own Office Olympics in and around GigMasters HQ to coincide with the London games. We’re still finalizing the list of events but here are a few cool ideas to choose from:

Waste BasketBall – As explained in this awesome video. Ping Pong – Probably GigMasters HQ’s favorite pastime. Darts – Probably our #2 favorite pastime. Synchronized Office Chair Dancing – Just like synchronized swimming but in office chairs. See if you and your co-workers can top this Thriller video. Coffee Cup Races – Race around with cups of coffee and see who spills the least. CAUTION: Let’s not use hot coffee for this one, OK?!

Beach Olympics What’s better than Office Olympics? Beach Olympics - by a mile! If you can get out of the office we highly recommend you pack up the gang and head for the beach. A few beach game ideas: beach volleyball, bocce ball, badminton, bean bag toss, sack race or just build some sand castles. Check out the beach photos from this Olympic post. But you probably don’t need our help to have fun at the beach so just go for the gold!

Olympic Beach Party

Entertainment From Around the World

You may have noticed that we’re all about live entertainment here at GigMasters. We believe that entertainment is the life of any party and Summer Olympics parties are no exception. Just like with our International Pot Luck idea the key here is to go international. GigMasters has musicians and entertainers from all around the globe – think Reggae Bands representing Jamaica and Mariachi Bands for Mexico. Or maybe Flamenco or Salsa Dancers would help liven things up? You get the point. With GigMasters, your entertainment choice can and should support your parties theme and your home country!

Of course you don’t need any fancy party themes to have a good time this Olympics season. Just gather your friends and family around the tube and get ready to watch the world’s greatest athletes represent their countries. Let us know how you are celebrating by leaving a comment.