20 Solar Eclipse 2024 Party Ideas that are Out of This World

Time to plan your celestial celebration for the 2024 solar eclipse.

Lauren Miolene


In case you haven’t heard, a total solar eclipse is happening on April 8th—that sounds like a perfect reason to host a fabulous party to us! Luckily, we have all the solar eclipse 2024 party ideas you’ll need for this year. 

A total solar eclipse is when the moon passes between the sun and earth, which completely blocks the sun. Once this happens, the sky will be as dark as if it were night time. Since this eclipse is so rare and it’s not going to happen again until 2044, this is your sign to get planning ASAP. 

Get your sunglasses ready and dust off your telescope because we're here to help you host the most epic solar eclipse party ever! Whether you're a seasoned event planner or a first-time host, get ready to dazzle your guests with an astronomical extravaganza that they'll be talking about for light years to come.

Keep reading for solar eclipse 2024 party ideas…

Astrology Readings

solar eclipse 2024 party ideas - astrology readingsPhoto: vimolsiri.s/shutterstock.com

Take your solar eclipse party to a whole new level by booking an astrologer to give guests custom readings during the festivities. Astrologers are pros at using cosmic energy and celestial events to bring insight and wonder to any type of event. Stay on-theme with entertainment by booking a local astrologer, tarot card reader, or fortune teller to add to your unique solar eclipse 2024 party ideas.

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Moon Pies

solar eclipse 2024 party ideas - Moon PiesPhoto: Billy F Blume Jr/shutterstock.com

If you need themed ideas for a solar eclipse party as well as menu inspiration, you’ll definitely want to have plenty of Moon Pies on hand. This classic snack consists of two round graham crackers filled with marshmallow and dipped in chocolate. If you can’t get your hands on the real thing, this treat is simple to whip up yourself before the solar eclipse party. 

Pin the Moon on the Eclipse

For this twist on pin the tail on the donkey, hang a large sun poster on your wall. Then, blindfold guests, spin them around, and have them try their best to pin the moon on the sun perfectly so it creates a total eclipse. Not only is this a fun solar eclipse party idea but it doubles as decor.


solar eclipse 2024 party ideas - moonshinePhoto: 5PH/shutterstock.com

If there’s one drink you should have at this celebration, it’s moonshine. Whether you choose to drink this high proof liquor neat or as the base of a fun themed cocktail, moonshine makes one of the best solar eclipse 2024 party ideas. For more fun eclipse drink options, consider booking a bartender to mix them up.

Eclipse Pizza

solar eclipse 2024 party ideas - eclipse pizzaPhoto: Aleksandr Gavrilychev/shutterstock.com

Is there a better food idea for a solar eclipse party than pizza? Choose you and your guests favorite toppings like meat lovers, veggie, or even a dessert pizza covered in Nutella and strawberries. The best part about pizza is that it will start as a full moon and go through all the phases until it’s finished.

Eclipse Photo Booth

solar eclipse 2024 party ideas - eclipse photo boothPhoto: Ground Picture/shutterstock.com

A total solar eclipse is rare, so obviously you’re going to want to take plenty of pictures to commemorate your solar eclipse party. Book a photo booth so guests can pose with fun space themed props like eclipse sunglasses, the sun and moon, as well as other celestial accessories. To make the pictures even more special, make a backdrop that includes the sun, moon, and earth in line with one another.

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Moon Trivia

Put your knowledge of moon and space history to the test with a few rounds of trivia. Gather questions like, “when was the US moon landing?,""what is the distance between the Earth and the moon?,” and “what is the order of the planets from the sun?”

Cosmic Brownies

solar eclipse 2024 party ideas - Cosmic BrowniesPhoto: Saibal Ghosh/shutterstock.com

No one can resist a Little Debbie Cosmic Brownie. Plus, they make a perfect solar eclipse party idea. This sweet treat is a fudgy brownie topped with chocolate icing and rainbow sprinkles. Pick up these individually wrapped desserts from your local grocery store or easily make them yourself using this recipe from Live Well Bake Often.

Out of This World Live Music

solar eclipse 2024 party ideas - live musicPhoto: viktoriia varvashchenko/shutterstock.com

While waiting for the planets and stars to align, you’ll want music to help bring the energy. If you’re looking for more solar eclipse 2024 party ideas, consider booking live music like a cover band or DJ to play your favorite tunes. Request songs that are on-theme like "Total Eclipse of the Heart" by Bonnie Tyler, "Here Comes the Sun" by The Beatles, and “Dark Side of the Moon” by Pink Floyd for ambient space-themed music.

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Moonlight Martini

solar eclipse 2024 party ideas - moonlight martiniPhoto: Rimma Bondarenko/shutterstock.com

Shake together vodka, white chocolate liqueur, and a splash of cream until chilled. Strain into a martini glass and garnish with a dusting of edible silver glitter for a shimmering moon effect.

Photographer and Videographer

solar eclipse 2024 party ideas - photographer and videographerPhoto: Juan Ci/shutterstock.com

You’ll want to capture this moment in history but also enjoy it while it’s actually happening. To live in the moment but also make sure you get plenty of content to look back on, book a photographer and videographer for high-quality footage of your solar eclipse party. In addition to snapping shots of the eclipse, these professionals will also be able capture all of the smiles and laughs during the festivities. If you need special solar eclipse party ideas like party favors, you can send out the pictures and videos to guests afterwards.

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Crescent Rolls

solar eclipse 2024 party ideas - crescent rollsPhoto: from my point of view/shutterstock.com

While the sun and moon align in the sky, guests can enjoy biting into buttery, flaky crescent rolls as a solar eclipse party food idea. Get creative with the fillings by stuffing this pastry with ham and cheese, spinach and feta, or even chocolate for a sweeter option.

Eclipse Transportation

For special solar eclipse 2024 party ideas, make the day extra memorable by booking exciting transportation like a limo or party bus. The total eclipse has the best visibility across 13 states, so if you’re up for an adventure, take your eclipse watching crew to the best locations provided by NASA.

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Lunar Lemonade

solar eclipse 2024 party ideas - lunar lemonadePhoto: Pixel-Shot/shutterstock.com

Make a big pitcher of homemade lemonade using fresh lemon juice, sugar, and water. Add a splash of blue curaçao for a space themed color and garnish with lemon slices and edible glitter for a magical touch. Feel free to spike this lemonade with moonshine or vodka for the adults.

Starry Sky Ceiling

solar eclipse 2024 party ideas - starry sky ceilingPhoto: Lee Jung Tak/shutterstock.com

A childhood throwback all solar eclipse party guests will love is glow in the dark stars on the ceiling. If hosting at home, stick plenty of stars on your ceiling, shut the lights off, and watch the stars glow without having to go outside.

Celestial Balloon Arch

solar eclipse 2024 party ideas - celestial balloon archPhoto: Dmitry Lobanov/shutterstock.com

Create a focal point to your solar eclipse party by crafting a balloon arch filled with shades of blue, stars, and moons. Arrange in your choice of a full circle or semicircle to replicate the stages of the moon for an added solar eclipse party detail.

Tequila Sunrise

solar eclipse 2024 party ideas - tequila sunrisePhoto: Brent Hofacker/shutterstock.com

Layer fresh orange juice with tequila and top with grenadine in a glass to create a stunning sunrise effect. Garnish with an orange slice and a maraschino cherry for a colorful total eclipse cocktail.

Galaxy Goodie Bags

Guests love to take something home after a get-together, especially if it’s a sweet treat. Assemble goodie bags filled with eclipse inspired snacks that your friends can enjoy when the party’s over. Get celestial themed bags and fill them with Milky Ways, Starbursts, Sun Chips, and Eclipse gum. 

Space Movie Marathon

solar eclipse 2024 party ideas - space movie marathonPhoto: Monkey Business Images/shutterstock.com

The eclipse happens rather quickly, so keep everyone entertained before and after by hosting a spaced themed movie marathon. Watch favorites like Gravity, Dolores Claiborne, or any movie from the Star Wars series.

Eclipse Glasses

solar eclipse 2024 party ideas - eclipse glassesPhoto: Fabian Montano Hernandez/shutterstock.com

One of the most important ideas for solar eclipse party planning is to have plenty of eclipse glasses on hand. These are essential for safely watching the eclipse to prevent any potential eye damage. Even though the moon will block the sun and the sky will go dark in a total eclipse, the sun’s rays can still be quite intense. Stock up on eclipse glasses from Amazon to ensure there are enough pairs for everyone.

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Published on 3/20/2024