The Top Party Trends for 2019

From food to décor, here’s what’s trending for 2019.
Andrea Fowler

Andrea Fowler


Photo credit: John Cain Sargent

When it comes to trend forecasting, we have a pretty good idea of what’s about to top the trend charts. How, you ask? Because we roll deep in the party scene. That being said, we are not without journalistic integrity. We do our due diligence and tap industry professionals for their opinions and look at search data (yes, search data) to determine what’s what. We take parties very seriously.

After putting in the research, here are the top 10 party trends you can expect to see in 2019.

Party Theme Trends for 2019: Funny Over Formal

Photo Credit: Micciche Photography

You can’t go wrong with a black-tie cocktail hour, but the party themes that will be trending are light-hearted takes on pop culture moments. Like “Fyre Fest: Success Remix” (think: amazing music set to the tune of all the chic-ness Fyre Festival should have had, like pillow-filled bohemian tents and gourmet cheese finger sandwiches).

Or, how about a glow-in-the-dark “Get Lit” party? “We had a grand reveal of a glow party with the theme ‘AIS Gets Lit,’” says Chelsea Van Arnam of Lucky Day Events Co.We conceptualized and built out a custom installation with over 700 glow-in-the-dark slinkies hanging above the holographic dance floor. There was a blacklight artist who painted on a life-size canvas while guests partied all around.”

Décor for 2019: Balloon Installations

Photo Credit: James and Jess Photography

“Balloon installations started trending in the wedding industry a few years ago, and we're seeing that translated into smaller installations at growing numbers of showers and birthday parties,” says Lauren Goldberg, founder of Electric Celebrations. We’ll be seeing more creative designs that really evolve past simple garlands and into complex installations with mixed materials like florals and bunting.

Color Schemes for 2019: Pantone-Inspired Palettes

Photo Credit: Mysty and Bella Designs

Reminiscent of millennial pink, but perhaps a more grown-up version, “living coral” is PANTONE’s color of 2019 and will be incorporated into endless color palettes. According to PANTONE, “living coral embodies our desire for playful expression” and symbolizes an innate need to optimism and joyful pursuits. (If you ask us, parties and celebrations are a pretty joyful pursuit.)

Floral Trends for 2019: Garlands Over Centerpieces

In lieu of the traditional floral arrangements, people are opting for long, flowing garlands. And when we say people, we mean a lot of people. According to Pinterest’s Top Trends for 2019, searches for “flower garland” have spiked 1,154%. The versatility of a garland is what makes it such an attractive alternative. Garlands can be draped over doorways, adorn railings, dress up a photo booth backdrop, create a focal point—the options are endless.

Bonus: Garlands also mean you don’t have to rent vases. The downside? Garlands are usually priced by the foot—and depending on the greenery and florals used—can become expensive quickly.

Appetizer Trends for 2019: “Grazing Tables”

Large spread with charcuterie and cheese boards
Photo Credit: Mckenzie Coyle Photography

“This year, we'll see the term ‘family style’ taken to the next level,” says Jenna Miller, creative director of Here Comes the Guide. “Instead of individually-plated entrees or passed apps, savvy event hosts are setting up ‘grazing tables’ that invite guests to move around and socialize between bites. Think of an epic charcuterie board that's spread across the entire table—full of organic meats and cheeses, cut-up fruit, crudités, nuts, olives, crackers, assorted dips, and whatever else your heart desires. It's the perfect spread for a lively party that just doesn't want to slow down for a sit-down meal!”

Catering Trends for 2019: Vegetarian-Based Meals

According to Goldberg, catered food and sit-down meals will experience a decline in meat and poultry options. “We're expecting to see more parties featuring Mediterranean and Middle Eastern menus in 2019. The hearty vegetarian dishes of these cuisines not only accommodate various dietary restrictions of your guests, but they also provide great value for your catering budget!”

Cocktail Trends for 2019: Boozy Kombucha

Photo Credit: The Bubble Tap Trailer

Boozy kombucha is now a thing. It was only a matter of time, right? “If you're going to get a buzz, you might as well get some health benefits to go along with it,” says Miller. “Kombucha is fermented and does have a tiny bit of alcohol present, but in 2019 you'll see companies upping the alcohol ante with flavored kombucha that rivals beer in its alcohol by volume.”

Entertainment Trends for 2019: Roving Entertainers

Photo Credit: John Cain Sargent

Goldberg is also predicting a shift away from stage performances. “Roving entertainers will be popping up everywhere. Think: Portrait artists and spontaneous haiku composers that delight guests without interrupting the flow of the evening. We've also seen an increase in entertainers hired to help create a desired atmosphere, such as mermaids and synchronized swimmers at pool parties.”

Occasion Trends for 2019: Mini-Moment Celebrations

Mindfulness meets social wellness in this trend of mini-moment celebrations. There are plenty of reasons to be joyful, but sometimes smaller achievements are overshadowed by everyday stressors. This year, consider throwing a cocktail party for your friend who just launched a new business, or a dinner party to celebrate finally paying off those student loans. Celebrate moments that make you happy and connect with your nearest and dearest IRL.