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Host a Murder Mystery Halloween Party

Nicole Steeger

Nicole Steeger


Halloween is a unique holiday that allows for dress-up, make-believe and lots of fun. It's no wonder why each year, more and more adults get into the spirit of this holiday by dressing up and planning a Halloween celebration. If you are getting ready to plan a private or corporate Halloween event this year, why not try something different by hosting a unique Murder Mystery Halloween party?!

A Murder Mystery Party is ideal for throwing a creative Halloween event that will truly be something for guests to remember. To learn more about these creative and interactive parties we spoke with one of our talented Murder Mystery party performers, Todd Fluhr of The Game Plays You (Louisville, KY). In our full interview, Todd explains why a Murder Mystery party is a great option for hosting a creative and spook-tacular event:

Why do you think a Murder Mystery Dinner makes a great party choice?

TF: Most entertainment choices like bands and other stage acts restrict their audiences to a passive role of mere observers.  Not so with an interactive murder mystery! The Game Plays You is an amazing immersive experience unlike any other! Your guests "step inside" a fully interactive adventure to meet unique characters and explore detailed crime scenes in an environment of intrigue and mystery. In addition to the spectacle setting of the show, we draw each guest into intensely personal one-on-one involvement with our actors. By the end of our event, your guests will feel as if they've actually lived the adventure and been a part of something very special.

Why would you suggest hosting a Murder Mystery party as a Halloween event?

TF: Halloween is the season of mystery! We offer many shows designed for maximum scariness! Why attend a normal Halloween party when you can step inside your own adventure matching wits against a vampire or zombies?

Have you performed at a Halloween Murder Mystery Party?

TF: Many times. The Game Plays You offers several plots and themes designed especially for chills and thrills.

How does this unique sort of dinner party work?  What is the process?

TF: Our shows are designed around a "spectacle event" such as an art auction, special guest speaker, wedding reception, a civil war gala or royal renaissance feast, and other themes. Guests arrive as if participating in this special event. During this pre-show period our actors mingle with the guests and "set the stage" for what's to come. The Game Plays You includes three acts and begins as the spectacle event ramps into full action. Act 1 ends with a murder and introductions. Act 2 follows immediately as our actors draw the guests into the investigation. Guests are encouraged to examine the crime scene, interview suspects, and interact with each other as they solve the mystery. Act 2 ends with another murder! Act 3 begins with a formal emceed questioning of the suspects. Guests then submit their deductions and the show concludes when the murderer is exposed and caught! 

Can these events be hosted in any venue?  Or are there particular places that work best?

TF: The Game Plays You creates an atmosphere of total "reality" immersion where the venue fits organically with the setting of the mystery. To that end we have several plots and themes designed for any venue. We can also create special shows designed specifically tailored to a particular venue or event. The name of the game is to fully immerse your guests in the experience. To that end we treat the venue itself as an essential part of our plot and adapt to the location rather than requiring the venue to adapt to us.

How much preparation goes into a show?

TF: Event preparations include three weeks intense rehearsal for our cast as well as costuming, props, and pre-show production.

Are there different scenarios you play out depending on the guests/venue, etc?

TF: Absolutely. The Game Plays You is a highly interactive event. As a result, no two shows are exactly the same and each audience and venue presents their own unique opportunities for customizing our productions.

What tips do you have for throwing a successful and thrilling Murder Mystery Party?

TF: The first thing you need to do is to let The Game Plays You plan the mystery. We're experts. Anticipation and excitement can also be generated through our website and optional pre-show online interactive experiences customized to your event. We also encourage guests to come in costume (if you've chosen one of our historical mysteries) and to leave all inhibitions at the door. Our shows are about having fun!

What types of clients book you most frequently through GigMasters ?

TF: The Game Plays You provides themed-performances suitable to a wide range of clients. From private parties to corporate events and special marketing promotions, our events also offer unique opportunities for corporate training, team-building and alternative reality games and advertising.

What else would you like to share?

TF: The Game Plays You offers mystery, intrigue, and excitement for all occasions. We provide a unique blend of theater, game, and themed-event unlike any other. Our events are not traditional plays or stale old dinner theater shows. No, indeed! Our mysteries create a reality where guests actually "step inside" the story to become detectives, explore crime scenes, find clues, interview suspects, and match wits with a killer! We can even custom-create an event written especially for you. Special performances also include Historical Mysteries including a Civil War poker gala, Renaissance Royal Court, and a hipster 1950's Rat Pack campaign party, and a Wedding Reception where anything can happen! The Game Plays You services include Public Shows, Private Performances, Corporate Events, Team Building, Impossible Missions, Scavenger Hunts, and more!

If you would like to host a Murder Mystery party, take a look at our Murder Mystery entertainers in your area. For other Halloween party ideas, check out our Halloween Events Page for ideas and resources.    

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