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10 Best Sweet Sixteen Venues in NYC for Every Type of Teen

The top spots for an epic teen birthday celebration.

Alice Prendergast


Photo credit: Crave Fishbar

Ready to start putting together a birthday bash for your sixteen-year-old? The first step is finding a sweet sixteen venue in NYC that suits their personality, fits the guest count and works within your budget. Whether they love the look of a gritty Brooklyn loft space, dream of partying on a rooftop terrace, or want to indulge in delicious eats, we’ve got you covered with these fabulous locations. No matter what size or style of event you want to throw, there are sweet sixteen venue ideas on this list to make your teen's birthday celebration even more epic. 

Here are some of the best sweet sixteen venues in NYC for every type of teen.

The Main Hall of Whyte Hotel, 80 Wythe Ave, Brooklyn

Let’s kick things off with a bit of a lavish sweet sixteen venue in Brooklyn: The Main Hall of the Whyte Hotel in Williamsburg. It has exposed brick walls, factory-style windows, and a marble bar, making it the perfect mix of industrial and elegant. It’s 2,100 square feet and has room for up to 140 guests. If the space doesn’t do it for you, but you love the hotel, it’s also home to five other venues: Lemon’s, the Garden Terrace, the Screening Room, the Cooper Room, and the Lofts.


Aqua Azul Yacht, Pier 60 Chelsea Piers, New York

Take in panoramic views of the city skyline as you cruise down the Hudson River on the Aqua Azul Yacht for an amazing sweet 16 birthday bash. Enjoy an evening of top-notch food, dancing under the stars, plus add fun features like casino tables and a DJ booth. It’s 14,000 square feet and can fit up to 350 guests.

The Love Shack, 161 Stockholm St, Brooklyn

The Love Shack in Bushwick is a whimsical birthday party venue with some real Alice in Wonderland vibes. The space takes inspiration from a dollhouse layout with each room showcasing its own theme and design. These include a parlor, an office, bedrooms, and more. There’s also a patio and garden available for bookings. It’s 800 square feet and has enough space to host 50 guests.

Tribeca Rooftop, 2 Desbrosses St, New York

On the hunt for a sweet 16 party venue with a view? Check out Tribeca Rooftop. It features paved flooring, planted pots, and can easily be transformed to fit any theme. The space covers 14,000 square feet and can fit up to 300 guests (though it’s great for smaller celebrations, too!). There’s also an indoor space available if the weather isn’t exactly your BFF.


Everyday Athlete (One Brooklyn Bridge Park), 153 Bridge Park Dr, Brooklyn

If you want to throw an activity-based birthday bash, Everyday Athlete is the ideal sweet sixteen venue in Brooklyn. The indoor climbing gym will keep you and your guests busy with its 17-foot climbing walls, or you can stay on the ground and celebrate without any bouldering at all (it’s a cool space regardless!). In total, it covers 4,600 square feet and can accommodate up to 140 guests.


The Purl, 535-547 West 28th St, New York

The Purl is a great option for anyone who loves that industrial-chic style that’s oh-so-trendy ATM. It’s contemporary, minimalist, and is a great option for anyone who’s really looking to customize a space (the blank canvas style lends itself well to all types of themes, color schemes, and entertainment). The space itself is 5,000 square feet and can fit up to 100 guests making it a perfect sweet sixteen party venue.

Casa La Femme, 140 Charles St, New York

If you’re planning a stylish, intimate event, Casa La Femme will be right up your alley. The Greenwich Village offers authentic Egyptian cuisine and entertainment, and is drop-dead gorgeous with its Middle Eastern-inspired decor. Thanks to its beautiful furnishings, you won’t have to invest a ton in decor, either, which is a total win for your bank account. It’s 120 square feet and can fit up to 20 guests.


Michelson Studio, 163 Bank St, New York

Michelson Studio is a blank canvas loft space in the West Village with endless possibilities. It’s 8,000 square feet and can fit up to 300 guests, so it’s great for larger events. Because it’s so bare-bones, you can decorate it however you want, making it an awesome choice for those who really love planning every aspect of any event, down to the smallest decor details. P.S. this one’s also great for weddings and more elaborate celebrations.

Crave Fishbar, 945 2nd Ave, New York

If you’re looking for a more casual, laid-back NYC party venue, Crave Fishbar is definitely worth checking out. The space is chic, trendy, and requires minimal decor thanks to its already stylish furnishings. Their Octo Room can accommodate up to 80 guests, but also works for super-intimate parties with around eight guests.

Celestine Restaurant, 1 John St, Brooklyn

Celestine Restaurant is a gorgeous eatery with plenty of birthday party potential if your teen is a foodie at heart. It’s tucked right beneath Manhattan bridge, giving you and your guests an awesome view, and has both indoor and outdoor seating options (perfect, for when the weather is nice). As for decor, it’s stylish, woodsy, and very plant-forward. It’s 5,500 square feet and can accommodate up to 120 guests.

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Published on 5/22/2020