Tipping Your Kids Party Entertainer


One of the best ways to show your appreciation to an entertainer for a job exceptionally well-done is tipping him or her after the performance.  It certainly is not often expected, but entertainers report that it's one of the very top ways that customers can show their gratitude. After all, a good entertainer can bring your party theme alive for your birthday child and her guests throughout the entire party and keep everyone talking about it long after.  Entertainers often take on one of the most difficult parts of any child's party - keeping 20 or so kids busy for a significant chunk of time. When consider tipping your party entertainer, keep these guidelines in mind:

  1. Before your entertainer arrives at your party, ask yourself if your budget allows for you to tip the entertainer if you are exceptionally pleased with the performance.  If so, allocate an amount that fits your budget.  If not, consider offering to write a review of the entertainer to help him attract more customers. 5% to 20% of the overall price is appropriate.
  2. Pay attention to your entertainer - from punctuality to organization to the entertainment itself - were the kids totally entertained and did you feel less stressed due to your entertainer?
  3. If you answered yes to #2 above and have budgeted for a tip, add it on to the fee that you pay to your entertainer at the end of the party. Often, personal checks are accepted and it is easy to add a tip on to the check amount.  If you have paid in advance by credit card or will have your credit card charged, a cash tip is always appreciated.
  4. Don't feel pressure to tip your entertainer!  Yes, it is a wonderful way to show your appreciation for a job well done, but there are other ways to do so, including customer reviews.
  5. If you are not happy with your entertainer's performance, you will have to pay the fee, of course, but again don't feel pressure to tip the entertainer.
  6. Other parents may ask if you tipped the entertainer and, if so, how much.  You do not need to let people know this business if you are not comfortable.  People often ask because they want to know for their own child's party if they should do the same and how much.  It's great if you are comfortable sharing, but certainly can be kept private as well.

Although not expected, as with any service industry, party entertainers appreciate tips.  Keep these tipping guidelines mind and be prepared to tip for an exceptional job well done.

What amount do you think is appropriate? Comment below.

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