Kids' Party Checklist - Everything You Need!

Brittany AndersonContributor

If you love party planning as much as we do, then you’re in luck! Here’s our simple kids' party checklist (along with some tips!) to help make your party planning easier:


Deciding on a party theme is the best, especially with your little one.  Click here to read some of our suggestions for creative, fun themes! Once you brainstorm and nail down the final decision you can start to collect decorations or begin making your own.  This will help create excitement leading up to the big day.

Invitations & Guest List

Creating your own invitations can be a fun activity for you and the guest of honor.  Make sure you have the guest list finalized (grab a class list from their teacher! as well as family & friends) and double check it.  Make sure to send invitations out about 3 weeks before the event date.  Don’t forget to include an RSVP date!


So much time and effort goes into finding the perfect kids' birthday party venue.  You’re out and about looking at local venues close to home (think halls, examples) and talking to friends and family for recommendations, when the best option and our favorite idea, especially for summer, is your own backyard! (Read more about our backyard birthday parties here)


You can’t have a kids' birthday party without some entertainment! Kids' party entertainment can range from costume characters to face painters, magicians to clowns.  There’s also party rentals such a bounce houses and photo booths!  You can also make sure to include some kids' party games such as relay races, scavenger hunts, or bean bag toss.  Summer parties are great for DIY crafts that the kids can bring home as well as beating the heat with a water balloon tosses!

Food & Drinks

Food & drinks for the party can correspond with the theme!  Our Pinterest Boards are full of inspiration for food and drink ideas for all types of party themes.  Don’t forget to include some special beverages for the adults! If needed - make sure to order the birthday cake or cupcakes about 2 weeks in advance.

Party Favors

Can’t forget the kids' party favors.  Each guest will leave with a special something to take home.  Whether this is a photo from your photo booth, a goodie bag or even a customized cake pop, it’s sure to have all the guests leaving with a smile on their face.  A special party favor will make them remember the party forever!

Thank You Notes

Something as simple as a handwritten thank you note may seem a bit outdated or old school, but is much appreciated by all party attendees. The thought behind a personal thank you note truly goes a long way! It’s also a great way to sit down with your young one, reflect on the party, and do one more last project together.