Fizz the Season For Champagne Brunch Party Ideas

Bring out the bubbly! It's time for a champagne brunch party.

Nicole Duddy


For those wanting to create a festive atmosphere at their next brunch gathering, why not add a bit of bubbly to elevate the mood with these champagne brunch party ideas? Champagne brunch parties are a wonderful way to celebrate any special occasion or just another weekend.

From adult birthday parties and engagements, to anniversaries and bridal showers, the list of special events goes on and on. One of the fun things about brunches is that there are no rules. No matter if you want to host your event at 10 pm or at 4 pm, you can still serve all your favorite breakfast and lunch goodies, with mimosas, of course.

So, grab a flute of champagne and enjoy a sophisticated party with delicious food and amazing company.

Here are 18 champagne brunch party ideas:

Host in a Garden

Host in a garden champagne brunch party ideasPhoto: Lilly Trott/

If sitting out in the sunshine, enjoying the cool breeze, and sipping on cocktails sounds like a blissful morning, then you should consider having your champagne brunch party outside! Hosting the event in your backyard will be more cost-effective and flexible, as you can do anything you want with the space. For larger gardens, you can even pitch an event tent for guests to relax in while being protected from the elements. 

Celebrate at a Cocktail Bar

Cocktail bar champagne brunch party ideasPhoto: Ground Picture/

For a more elevated setting, you can hold your festivities in a refined cocktail bar of your choosing. Hosting brunch at a cocktail bar will definitely relieve some stress, including making food and drinks for a crowd. What’s more, there are a variety of different cocktail bar aesthetics, from rustic to regal styles, so you can select one that fits the occasion.

Live Musician

Live musician champagne brunch party ideasPhoto: Mila Supinskaya Glashchenko/

Keep your guests entertained with a highly-skilled musician as their songs set the scene for your celebration. From guitar players and pianists to violinists and more, on The Bash, you can find a talented musician to play all your favorite songs. 

If your champagne brunch party is on the larger side, how about hiring a band? With a full ensemble, you and your guests can dance to their upbeat tunes in between courses.

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Photo Booth

Photo booth champagne brunch party ideasPhoto: Joshua Rainey Photography/

Give your guests a charming keepsake of their time at your brunch party with an on-site photo booth. Depending on your needs and budget, you can select one that will fit effortlessly with your champagne brunch party theme. With a few funky props and silly poses, you and your guests will have instant pictures you can cherish forever. 

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Tarot Card Reader

Tarot card reader champagne brunch party ideasPhoto: Oksistyle/

If you have ever wondered what your future might look like, a tarot card reader can help. Set up a quiet corner in your event space and allow the tarot reader to do their thing as they astound your guests with their mystical cards. 

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Food Truck

Food truck champagne brunch party ideasPhoto: Tatiana Diuvbanova/

You can never go wrong with going to your favorite local brunch spot, but you can also bring brunch to you. Consider booking a food truck that offers a variety of items including crepes, donuts, tacos, coffee, you name it! If you can’t decide to serve more breakfast or lunch inspired items, book two different trucks so guests will have options and a mix of both. That's what brunch is all about!

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Dress To Impress

Dress to impress champagne brunch party ideasPhoto: Roman Samborskyi/

Knowing what to wear for an event can sometimes be tricky to gauge. For a festivity such as a champagne brunch party, it’s best to dress in your favorite outfit that’s elegant yet comfortable. A few ideas that might spark a bit of inspiration could be a floral dress, a sleek pantsuit, or even a cute blazer with jeans. If you really want to go with the brunch’s dazzling theme, you could wear something that’s sparkly or has sequins. 

Floral Arrangements

Floral arrangement champagne brunch party ideasPhoto: MrDragunov/

Imagine walking into your event space and filling your senses with the smells of fresh florals and stunning arrangements. You don’t have to imagine it, as this dream can be a reality with assistance from local florists. 

With their beautiful flowers and products, you can adorn your venue the way you have always envisioned it. Place stunning centerpieces on tables, drape greenery over door entrances, and also put flowers in empty floor spaces.

Champagne Tower

Champagne tower champagne brunch party ideasPhoto: MonoLiza/

Champagne towers are all the rage right now. They provide a fun and exciting photo opportunity as the bubbly pours down the layers of glasses. This can be as graceful or messy as you want, but you’ll definitely want to capture this on camera.

Champagne Color Scheme

Champagne color scheme champagne brunch party ideasPhoto: juliachernetskaja/

While decorating your brunch space, you’ll want to stick with the champagne color scheme. Think golds, whites, and light pinks to bring the bubbly to life. Incorporate these shades into your tablescape with cloth napkins, utensils, and plates.

Champagne Balloons

Champagne balloons champagne brunch party ideasPhoto: Etsy

Another decorative suggestion to tie your theme into your venue space is a champagne balloon wall. With this balloon, you can create a lovely champagne wall for guests to use as a stylish photo opportunity for the perfect Instagram shot. All you need is a large champagne bottle-shaped balloon, like this one from Etsy. 

Stick it on your wall in a pouring motion, and then place other smaller balloons in varying colors and sizes at the top of the neck of the bottle. Thus, making a cute balloon decor item that looks like flowing bubbly!

Champagne Piñata

Champagne piñata champagne brunch party ideasPhoto: Oriental Trading

Piñatas come in all shapes in sizes, including champagne bottle designs! Not only does it go with the theme of your party, but it’s an excellent activity for everyone to join in and cheer for. Guests can gather around and watch people hit the hanging champagne piñata until it breaks apart and reveals what’s inside. You can fill the champagne piñata with anything you would like, either with candy or mini bottles of alcohol—if it’s an adult-only event.


Champagne brunch party ideasPhoto: food.kiro/

It wouldn’t be a champagne brunch party without, of course, champagne! Welcome your friends and family as they walk in with a refreshing glass of bubbly to kick off the celebrations. No matter if it’s Brut, Rosé, Blanc de Blancs, or Blanc de Noirs, every time your guests hear the sound of the cork popping, they will smile in delight.


Pancakes champagne brunch party ideasPhoto: Rimma Bondarenko/

Pancakes are a sweet brunch item that will surely go down as a treat amongst your guests. Serve them with maple syrup, chocolate spread, crispy bacon, fruit, or simply by themselves; the possibilities are endless. 

For those who want to make delicious fluffy pancakes for their event, here’s a recipe by Allrecipes.


Mimosas champagne brunch party ideasPhoto: Victor Moussa/

Mimosas are a lovely, fruity twist that you can add to your special brunch party. This classic brunch drink only contains two ingredients: orange juice and champagne, but you can use any fruit juice you like. To make it look even prettier, you can also garnish the rim of the glass with some fresh fruit. 

Breakfast Burritos

Breakfast burritos champagne brunch party ideasPhoto: AW New York/

Breakfast burritos are the perfect food option for blending breakfast and lunch together. Featuring some of your morning staples, such as pork sausages, scrambled eggs, creamy avocado, and crispy potatoes. This breakfast meal is wrapped up in a flour tortilla with melted cheese, and makes the perfect customizable brunch food.

These burritos will fit seamlessly with any other finger food, as guests can eat them with their hands. If you would like to create these yummy delicacies, you can follow this recipe by The Modern Proper.


Tea champagne brunch party ideasPhoto: Guzel Gashigullina/

To finish off a good brunch, offer your guests a relaxing cup of tea. Not only will it help with the digestive system, but it’s also a way for people to relax into the evening and feel cozy. By whipping out your finest china, you will be able to impress your guests with your event’s polished aesthetic. For further convenience, allow your guests to make their own perfect cup by arranging a tea station with various flavors of tea, milk, and sugar. The champage brunch can easily turn into an adult tea party!

Omelet Bar

Omlet bar champagne brunch party ideasPhoto: Timolina/

If you want to make something easy that most guests can eat, omelets would be a tasty choice. With a variety of omelet recipes available, you can make a few for your food spread that suits a number of preferences. For a DIY station, you can set up an omelet bar where guests can create their own!

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